Heaven Sent

I entered a give-a-away, on Colette Copeland's blog "A Bird In the Hand. You will recognize her work; she has
been published a lot in the  Stampington publications.   She is full of surprises; she will take simple mediums and combine them to create sheer loveliness.   I won the angel wing; I was thrilled!!!   She included this wonderful little card and some various other goodies.    The card is gorgeous; Turquoise is my fav color!
The sheer luminescent quality over the image,  the velvet turquoise ribbon, and vintage velvet flowers...can you hear me, I oooooooo'ed when I opened it.   I have the angel wing near my bed, but I think I am going to buy or make a shadow box type arrangement to put this card with it.  It is just too beautiful, it needs to be displayed.

Thank you so much Colette!  When I found out I won, how fitting I thought, only 1 wing. I need to do a lot  more to earn another wing.   We all portray angelic qualities, helping a stranger, a random act of kindness or a smile to someone who seems down.  We can do more, though....go read Colette's blog today.  She sent an angel wing to an amazing woman...you need to read this story, very touching.    I think I was touched by an angel, (Colette).    I need to do more to help those who are lost, hurt, or in pain.

Thanks for touching me; I will somehow turn my win into a touch stone.   I was going to volunteer at the hospital, once my back was better.     If I can't volunteer in the way I planned, perhaps I will go volunteer in a crafty way.  I'll keep you posted!


Angelique said…
Oh my goodness Ellie your art is coming along fantastically, I am so happy for you. Your stuff looks super cool. Wishing you love and happy art making.
Ellie said…
Hi Angelique,
I will stop by and visit you; Thanks,love n' art back at you!
Ellen, YOU are an angel!
Becky Shander said…
How wonderful to see inspiration being passed along this way.
Ellie said…
Colette is the angel; i'm in training~
Hi Ellie,
You visited my blog and sweetly left me comments, thank you so much! I will look forward to visiting your lovely blog again.
Happy Tuesday!
Angela Harris said…
Oh how lucky to have received something from Colette! I love the chair images on your background!
Thank you SO much for coming by to wish us well!
It means so much!
Angela Harris