I love my Calendar (Girl) Journal

My 2nd post today, this is what happens, when you are having your roof done and you hear pounding all day.

I am taking a Wall Calendar Journal class over at Rambling Rose.  Patty is a great instructor, with a multitude of tips.  Her class is addictive; I made 3 pages and could of kept going, but the bobbin ran out and then
the roofing guys, kept knocking.  I will get back to it later today, when my family settles in for the night.  I can't sew yet in the evening, but will work on finding scraps for my pages.  Spring is all over my pages; this
class is so much fun, I already have 5 more calendars folded and ready to sew.  Do I have enough random
scraps..not sure, but I will be hitting Lowe's tomorrow, can always grab some paint samples.   If you ever see a 5'1 ethnic looking woman, lingering too long in that section, it might be me...lol.

After I finish my calendar journals, I may trace my genealogy.   I have been asked if I'm Spanish, Indian, Italian, Eskimo, Mexican and Hawaiian.   Have you watched  "Do you know who you are?" Lisa
Kudrow's new show.  I have only seen 1 episode, Emmett Smith was on his search, it was touching and unique.

I am thinking of making a calendar journal with family, vintage photos, and recipes.  This one will take time and a lot of sorting through.  I have been wanting to do a family cookbook, but struggled gathering all the photos. When I went home, last summer, I tried to get quite a few pics, so I could do this.  I wasn't sure
how I was going to make it.  I kind of what to make 4, one for each of my kids and my 2 nephews.  I might do fabric or sew with vinyl covers.     Quite an undertaking...  

Check out Patty's site, she has other classes and lots of inspiration on her blog.  She has been published in several Somerset products.  The first Somerset Apprentice magazine and the Journal calendar and I bet there is more.


Gabriela said…

This calendar is fabulous!

~ Gabriela ~
Ellie said…
Thanks Gabriela,
I loved your story over at Crescendoh!
Patty suggests you work intuitively, as you pick things out to go on each page. This is how it has gone; Once you begin you are so hooked. I already have 4 more pages laid out.
I can see a theme for this journal, very Spring
4ward! Thanks for visiting me, I will stop by your blog~