Ideas, Insight and Inspiration

I felt inspired, when I visited Crescendoh, yesterday. My creative self was happy to see how art had touched so many people in various ways.

I feel stuck, but in reality it isn't that I'm out of ideas, i have too many. I am trying to fish through them and catch the one, that feels right. I really want to gather my supplies and go rent a hotel alone to sort it all out. I am alone briefly, so this is my attempt. Perhaps I need to walk, do my moving meditation. Have you ever noticed, when you walk, ideas or problems can be resolved in your head. When you have too many ideas do you feel clogged, everything is trying to get through the drain, I mean brain. I need Braino...they don't make it yet...mmh, maybe I should invent it. I think I am to late; I think Julia Cameron has with her exercises: morning pages, walking and a weekly artist date. I guess I need to continue on my journey so i can keep my drive.

It feels like I'm the car and Julia's giving me the tools to do my own tune up.

"If you want to work on your art, work on yourself"~Chekhov


Jenny Lee said…
Let me know when you've invented some braino, I could use some.:) I know how you feel Ellen. I'm so close to the coast and sometimes I think I'd like to have an artsy weekend all by myself looking out over the ocean. I will have to check out the crescendoh website. Happy Tuesday!

chrissy said…
so clever.
all your ideas in your running shoes.
i feel the very same way EVERY SINGLE day dear ellen.
it.s hard huh.
sometimes i think when we "surf" all over the web, we get ourselves overwhelmed.
i think you SHOULD go to a hotel.
i did that all by myself last spring.
just took off to LA alone.
took all my art books and pencils and stuff and went to watch a viewing of the movie..."who does she think she is."
a very wonderful documentary about mothers who are also artists.
simplify today.
cross ONE thing off your list of creations until next month.
you.ll feel better.
and i have NEVER read wacky wednesdays.
going to have to now.
i already have breakfast for dinner on mondays.
i guess im half way to wacky.
Ellie said…
If you are a mother, yes, you are 1/2 wacky!
We borrowed this book at the library then later
found a copy at a 2nd hand store. Wacky Wednesday is a fun read,you look for wacky items while you read it.

Thanks Jenny and Chrissy, it is nice to know you aren't alone. Braino, would be part caffeine, a bit of ginseng and a touch of Omega 3, in a delicious drink, that comes with a pad of paper and a pen. Once you drink it the ideas will flow, but in formation, not all at once, lol. Then clarity comes.

I would love to see this documentary; i wonder if they have it on netflix. I will go look!

Thanks you two!
Angelique said…
Oh Ella you so funny girl. When I am feeling like that sometimes I put on some jamming music and shake it off!!!! But I am reading writing down the bones by natalie goldberg she writes about writing. She talks about going to cafe's or restaurants to write and how the change of scenery is helpful. I think it's the same with mix media art. I think we do need to change the scene a get charged with something new. I think we crave it? so I say the same maybe find somewhere interesting and give it a night and day. That shouldn't be too expensive. Funny I just got a visual of the movie Gone in 60 seconds where before they start lifting cars they turn on the music and find the rhythm and then put on the glasses and go. I think I am going try that, because we have such an overload we just need to find the FLOW.... That is my favorite word. Anyhoo.....sending the love. Hope all is well.
Ellie said…
Hi Angelique,
I have in the past, glanced at that book, it was good, but at the time, I wasn't writing anything, other than in my journal. Thanks for the description, I love to drive the back roads, I have to be careful, i have a heavy foot, sometimes. It is a great escape...

I love your word and you are so right, we need a transition, like in Star Trek when they are beamed to another planet. We need to be transported, our energy beamed elsewhere
so we can regroup and find our flow.

Thanks for visiting me,