Makit and Bakit

These are women, that influenced my baking skills, top one is my Grammie Ruth She made wonderful bread, pies and cookies. ( I was fortunate that both my grandmothers loved to bake).  My Mom is on the left, she use to win cake decorating contests. My Auntie Bev, was known for her chop suey and her quote, "Eat something you' ll feel better".  I don't think we are Italian, but my ski bump nose, tells another story.
(*I add oregano and basil to my pizza dough, it gives it a lot of flavor and interest)~
My soon to be released cookbook, will be called "Just Bake It".    Okay, someday cookbook, after culinary school or  perhaps I should do a craft/cookbook? 

  Do you remember those Makit Bakit kits.  You could make your own sun catchers with the metal frame of your choice and the magic plastic crystals.  You arranged the colors; I used tweezers and then baked it.

I was thinking how my husband compares his wood working to me making cards and various crafts.  He
just goes out in the garage and leaves everything draped everywhere for a few days a week. Every free
chance he gets, he works on it, measure once, cut twice, drill, saw, paint or stain.   I think of what I  attempt to do, more like cooking.  I have to set everything up and clean up when done.  I don't have my space, yet.

  There is something for everyone's taste.  I need to set supplies up, re arrange or maybe paint over something, or rip out a seam.
 It is like making bread dough. You get all your ingredients out, you mix and knead and let the dough, rest.  It needs to rise; it needs to breath.  My crafts need this to,  be set up and left alone.  This way, I can come back to it, knead it and add items. Then let it set and rise again.
 I like to walk away and come back, when I can, sometimes the dough cooks into a beautiful loaf, heavenly light and other times it is a doorstop.   I don't give up, I try, try again.  I love bread; I love art.  I love leaving it; letting  my ideas bubble up, like yeast.     I love handling the dough, I mean  the paper, the paint, and the tiny touches.   I love a lot of flavors;  so many ideas, never enough time.   I love
the aroma of the bread baking, I mean the smell of  paint, glue, and gel medium.  I love how it rises and how making art raises my spirits.

So, I will keep trying to make bread(art) til I get it right or the way I think it should be.  Sometimes dough takes another shape and ends up cinnamon rolls( I mean, writing, photography, and wit, etc.)

Bread is a staple in my life(art is a part of me) and I will continue to bake up another project soon.

Art, it has to be made; like bread...   I'm craving art!  I don't think my family will be thrilled when I bake that up for dinner.


I've been considering making bread, I used to bake it when the kids were little. Now that we have a grandbaby around, I was thinking of taking it up again. Your lyrical description of the process makes it all very tempting!!
Ellie said…
Hi Karla,
Kids love to knead the dough or shape it into balls, etc. Then you can make the clover shaped dinner rolls. You take 3 balls and put into a well greased muffin tin. It is nice if they are uniform in size, close is good. My son and daughter have had so much fun playing with play (bread) dough. Pizza is a big hit at our home. I will call mydaughter if in route and have her make the dough.
It will rest, til I get home to shape it into our dinner. You will have sooo much fun! Just bake it~