Root Bound

I was playing with my house plants when I found my cyclamen has become root bound.   It needs a new home(pot).   I have moved 17 times in 25 yrs and don't think I ever, maybe once, felt root bound.  I became accustomed to my home, my environment, my job, my friends,...didn't want to leave.  I didn't want a new pot, new soil, new everything. I think the only time I craved a new home, was when we lived in Florida. It was too humid for me, I have sinus issues, then there is all the hurricane evacuations.   It seems like most of  summer, is spent, stocking up supplies, long lines at the store, and getting ready to evacuate.  I can remember when I was 8 months pregnant with Angela, we were evacuated, it was a stage 4 hurricane then turned into a 5.   I slept under my husband desk at Corry Station Training Center in Pensacola, Florida.
 When Hurricane Opal arrived, Pensacola took a direct hit, it did end up being a 3, when it made land fall.
We were fine, it was the beach front that was damaged.  This is probably when I was root bound.  You know that word never; We had been in Pensacola, years before in 1986, I said, I would never be pregnant in Florida, too hot. Ten years later, my husband has orders to go back to Pensacola, FL and I end up pregnant..   Never say never...

I use to think it was a privilege to stay in one place  have roots and not be a transplant.  I would look at people and think  they don't realize how fortunate they are.  They would think my life was interesting...well, it isn't dull.     I think you can be fortunate no matter if you are root bound or not, the trick is to remember we need to shock our roots, once in awhile, try something new.  Everyone needs to loosen their soul, every so often.  Sarah Ban  Breathnach compares it this way, "Leaf, Stem, Root=Mind, Body, Soul".

  I love these quotes:  "Bloom where you are planted"  and remember "Every path has a puddle" these quotes both originated from Proverbs~ I'm loosen my roots, for some regrowth, not a new pot.


Becky Shander said…
What an original expression of thoughts and feelings. And I love the quote "Bloom where you are planted" - thanks for sharing it. Making the most/best out of any situation or circumstance requires having faith and determination. Keeping this up can be challenging, but so well worth the effort. It's great that you're pushing through the soil.
Ellie said…
Thanks Becky, There is a quote:

" A weed is a plant that has mastered every survival skill except for learning how to grow in rows". ~Doug Larson

I think all artist could be weeds or wild flowers, trying to find their path, wild n' free.
I'm in the growing stage, we will see(d) what I become...

Thanks for stopping by; I know life is busy, for you! I hope you can prune back and plow forward...maybe I should say Spring4ward, that is what my blog banner represents!

Take Care of your soil!