Soulful sketch

Sketch, sketch again...this time I wrote notes off to the side,  reminding me what to add, take away, what needs work.  I have
ordered supplies, so far, all i am using is a mechanical shading is difficult.   It is a work in progress.   I can't wait to add color, but you know that from my
previous post.  I am on a color kick.  I do think black n' white and the scale that blurs to gray is soulful.  It is like black n' white
photography to me.  You see it for what it is, no room for distraction.
I have taken my pics of my kids, this way, there is a mood with this medium, color can sometimes distract the eye and lose the mood, the heart of the photo.  
 Color filters the image, pulls your vision up, over or down.  Black n' white draws you to faces, clues of action or lack there of. 
Scaling back, sketching and shading, all need to bring out dimension, distract and  allow the eye to dance over the image.

I'm learning how to make eyes dance.  I just need to find the right music, so the eyes will be pleased when the song ends.


Thanks Ellie for posting a note on my blog. Glad you did, because now I can follow yours! Love this sketch, obviously you have had some drawing training! I have a design major from MANY years back and had portrait and figure drawing, but have not done it since. As I recall, I was not very good at it then either. I would love to pull out my pencils and charcoal again sometime, looks like fun:)
Ellie said…
Cindy, just do it, for fun! I signed on to
an online class and I am inspired and awed by the talent. I seem to have an internal battle inside lately. My yin and yang are fighting, lol. I am taking a class called Goddess n' Poet; Suzi Blu is the artist. There is so much support over there and even after the class ends, you remain part of the blog and comments over there. I was hesitate, but now I'm glad I did. Thank-you!
If you do sign on, let me know! It brings out a playful side of art, you can watch free
vids, if you are curious.
Ellie, way to go! It's looks really good! You did this with just a mechanical pencil? I'm glad you're having fun with it!

Ellie said…
Hi Jenny,
Yes, I got my supplies today; I had to run to Dr, yesterday was ortho for my daughter. I just opened the box, from Dick Blick...I am
anxious, but now, is not time. Time to
get dinner/supper. I am hopeful this evening, I can is it going for you?! I
think color will be fun, but also not as easy.
Time will tell~ This wasn't easy, either, but I just think shadows n' highlights, will be difficult to stop. I will probably over or under sketch it.
Yeah, glad you got your supplies! I still need clear gesso and colored pencils. I may have to wait a bit since I just got my son outfitted for baseball. I'm a bit nervous about the shading with color too, but I figure we will learn from our mistakes. Hope you do get a chance to play tonight!