Does your art go in stages, or do you take random blocks of time and just do it, or do you allow yourself a certain amount of uninterrupted time? I am trying to figure out what works best. I did morning chores and then after lunch " this is my time", for a few hours. I found it didn't always go as planned. I am a stages girl. I think I can get more done, if I begin it and set it up, let it dry, or sew a portion and walk away and come back. I can weave through what I have to do, so I can come back to the joyful interruption of creating, in my day of laundry, dishes and speed bumps.

Lately I feel like Alice, I know she was between being a girl and entering adolescence Me, I am trying to find my identity, too. I am military spouse, a daughter, a sister, a Mom of 2, a Type 1 diabetic, a pretty good cook, wanna be chef, a college graduate. I have worked at a movie theater, worked in retail, been a switchboard operator, at a hospital, later a hotel. I have been a fitness instructor, an artist assistant, worked for a CPA, been a Red Cross
volunteer, gone to school and did art with my daughter's class, and I have walked for a cure, etc. These facts really don't tell you who i am. They are just tags, like the ones you see on flowers, water often, thrives in shade, or full sun. They give you a clue about my identity.

Alice shrank and grew, I think creative people do this, also. One day we feel great about something we made, the next, some little comment or lack of comments, causes your
confidence to waiver. In reality, don't we do art, as an expression of feelings, sometimes we fumble and drop the ball, the work isn't up to par, but don't we need to create to get out our personal angels and demons.

Alice found a lot of strange characters in Wonderland or Underland. This is true for us, as well. Creating sometimes isn't always wonderful; Sometimes you have to just get it out and move on, a release. Other times, it is magical and fun! Then sometimes it is a deadline and obligation. How do you exercise your demons, as you go through the stages of finding yourself or is art, just sheer joy for you, a vitamin for your soul?!

(Alice here, is in stages, I need to paint the polka dots on the Foxglove flowers and a bit more detail)


Jennifer said…
I work in stages too, I search for ideas, or develop new ideas and I get everything out and work for an entire day or weekend. Then I have to pack it all up and store it. I work full time, take classes and have a small Cape Cod with animals that are shredders. But my minds always runs toward design, color, other artists, nature. It's part of me! Jennifer
Ellie said…
Hi Jennifer,
I work, pack it up and deal with the family stuff and start over, again and again. I am going to try to take some classes, soon. What are you studying?!

Me, is like your hair color, there is a genetic pull towards those creative outlets.
Thanks for stopping by, how many animals?!
Your tags are even better in person! I'm glad you joined the swap. Thanks!