The Sun is playing peek-a-boo

Today the lack of sun is playing with my mood. I enjoy the brief glimpses of sunshine, but really long for a bright, bright, sunshiny day.  (Yes, I can see clearly now the rain will fall, that is today's forecast).  I went for a walk in the neighborhood and around my yard to see if I could see some signs of spring.

Yellow, isn't a favorite color of mine, but lately I'm drawn to it.  The experts, say paint your guest room yellow,fake yellow, makes people uncomfortable. Your guests, won't over stay their welcome.   I had a yellow room growing up;I know this is true.   I had white paneling with yellow streaks, yellow n' white curtains and matching bed spread, with touches of blue, orange and turquoise. (it was the 70's).  I was uncomfortable in this room and never knew why, til i read what the Experts said.   Sorry, I don't remember the mag that shared this wisdom. 

I'm craving yellow whether it is fake or real.  Don't we all crave color this
 time of year?! 

The weather is warming up and I can  see green signs of hope. My daffodils are behind this year, by now they would have bloomed and faded.
  I am happy to see them, even if late, their arrival cheers my mood.   As the season awakes, don't you feel a shift in your mood, your soul, and an ease in your heart.  I think I see more people smiling, as we start digging out and buying spring fashions.   Soon, the flowers will be dressed in their best spurring us to shop for ours.


Jenny Lee said…
It's been similar weather here. The sun is shining brightly one minute and the next it's a dreary gray downpour. Somebody came into the dentist office the other day wearing a bright yellow top and it was like a little sunshine walked right into the office. I was instantly in a better mood. I'm so excited for spring weather! Hope you have lots of sunshine soon!

Love, Jenny
Ellie said…
Hi Jenny,
Wow, I bet, everyone noticed her; Color really does affect our moods! I am looking forward to all the changes, the leaves, flowers and green grass.
I know we can always paint our space to brighten our mood. I think wearing color is much more fun and we can change it when we don't like it or it doesn't suit us or our mood!

How is your class going? Glad you stopped by!