Well, I came up with this tag, funny, I really wanted to do the Cheshire cat or the Mad Hatter,
but flowers seemed to keeping coming up; I know I could say, everything was coming up roses, lol. I had a clocks to put on a few, some clocks were transparent, some weren't. Nah...
I found W stickers at Michael's and thought they would add a nice touch with the map
tape. Anyway, they will be off to the mail, soon...
My daughter's birthday is tomorrow and we are going to try to see the ALICE movie on Saturday and go out to dinner.

This is a swap, that Karla Nathan put together and I really wanted a memento for my daughter's birthday! A book of tags, based on Alice in Wonderland.
I have a few more to finish up and then head to the kitchen to bake a french vanilla birthday cake! Time flies doesn't it, she will be 14 tomorrow! Well, I will reward myself with a cup of tea
before I turn the house, upside down further. It will be a miracle if I can get this place tidy for tomorrow. I have piles of paper, colored pencils and paint on the table. I have a tendency to be a messy cook,floured, hand prints on my jeans and powdered sugar ends up snowing in my kitchen. At least the house will smell wonderful!


chrissy said…
loving your tags dear.
my art, my creativity, my life...everything goes in stages.
happy birthday to dear daughter.
i have a 14 yr old daughter too.
much fun.
loves to you and her.
Ellie said…
Hi Chrissy,

When I think of stages, I think of theater and
the next performance to come. I need an intermission, lol! Thank you, I hope it is a special day! I hope this age, is as much fun as
13 was. Thanks for your kind words!
love 2u~
Jenny Lee said…
Yay, I love the tags! Doing a swap is a great way to spark your creativity. I'm the same way in the kitchen, mess all over the place. A special occasion is always a great motivator to clean up though. I always have music playing and turned up loud when I clean. Hope your daughter has a great birthday! Let me know what you think of the movie!

Ellie said…
Thanks Jenny,

I do the same thing, loud music gets me moving! I am so bad; I had the trimmings spread into the living room..oh, well! Yes, a special occasion is a great motivator to tidy up! She is really excited, but we probably won't go to the movie, til Saturday. I will let you know! Cake, ice cream and presents tomorrow. Then Saturday we go to her fav restaurant with boyfriend and then Alice movie. It will be a fun weekend; Thanks!

Love 2u~
Hi Ellie! The tags are magical! Happy Birthday to your daughter! Thanks so much for your sweet visit! I really appreciate your interpretation on my art journal entry. Have a great time with dinner & watching Alice on Saturday!

Lisa :)
Ellie said…
Hi Lisa,
Thanks for visiting me; my birthday girl, just
left with a bounce in her step, I always say
Happy Friday, today was Happy,Happy Friday!
She is bubbling over with excitement!

So, Lisa will you ever tell us, what you were thinking when doing your entry...just a hint ;~)

I need to try adding drawing to my morning pages. I use to sketch a lot, time to get back on the bike.

A map of Wonderland!? How cool! Love these tags, I'm so glad you joined.
Ellie said…
Hi Karla,

Thanks, I can't imagine the Postman or lady
bringing parcels to your door! How fun...

I love all the tags you made and the ones that you showcased today. I can't wait to see how magical the tag books, will be! Thanks so much for doing this!!!
Becky Shander said…
Happy birthday to your daughter and enjoy this special day together. Movies, dinner, and the sweet treats sound like a great way to celebrate.
stephanie said…
Thanks for visiting my blog! How fun that we are both in Karla's swap. I really like the Alice tags that you have created...
Ellie said…
Hi Stephanie,

Thanks for stopping by, would you like a spot of tea? I wish we could all meet and have
a tea party, perhaps, we could do a virtual one?

Thank you, I really like yours, I wish we could have a book with all of them. Karla had a great idea! I am glad you signed on!
Ellie said…
Thanks Becky

The day was magical, the movie hasn't happened, yet.
We are hoping this Friday; My daughter has
the day off, a teachers' workshop day. It will be mall shopping, thrift shop, movie and out to lunch. I always loved it when I was young and my birthday lasted longer than a day!

We had a birthday weekend; a great way to mark the ocassion!
Marilyn said…
Hi, Ellie...your tags are so fun and creative! I wanted to stop by to say how excited I am to have received one in my Alice tag book--I just love how much attention you gave to both sides:) This was a great swap--thanks for adding to my fun!!
Ellie said…
Hi Marilyn,
Thanks for stopping by; I wish (we) my daughter and I had received one of yours! I love the extra ones you made as well, especially the tea one, so creative!

You are welcome; Thanks for visiting me!