Time makes Sense...

I bought pansies today and found this cute little angel at  Dollar Tree; I thought I would get some wrapping paper and see what they had.   I bought a couple to re do.  I love to hang stuff in the garden.  Who can't use a Guardian I mean Garden angel.
  I think she will be an indoor angel in my sunny bowed out window, all my plants love it there.
I am thinking ledger paper and some vintage fabric and few vintage  flowers.

It is wonderful to see all the pretty colors, since the Easter items have arrived in retail.   Art really does reawaken the soul.   I love how words can also paint a beautiful scene or memory.   How music can transport us through time, to that dance with that special someone, or our wedding, or when our child was born, etc.  .
Whether we are baking grandma's coffee cake or playing a tune, or holding a special blanket, quilted with love.
  Creative moments from the past permeate our brain and stimulate our senses.    A quilt a relative made, or knitting or crocheting, who taught you?   It all ties into  rare moments frozen in time....

Time travel does exist, if one is willing to reawaken their senses and conjure up moments made with heartfelt fragments, from our past. 


chrissy said…
dear ellie...
your writing is getting so brave and bold...i love it.
i love seeing you emerge.
like spring.
can.t wait to see how this little angel turns out and to order dim sum next time i have the opportunity.
you keep soaring friend.
(thanks for all your heartfelt comments on my blog. you lift me)
Ellie said…
Thanks Chrissy, You always make me smile!
Don't be discouraged if your dim sum, isn't delic sum... We had to try a couple of places, before we found the ones, we liked. It is best if you can taste them at a China buffet restaurant, then you will know. I love all the fun on your blog; you are like the Discovery Art channel lately, love it!
Gina Lee Kim said…
Ellie, thank you so much for your kind comment on my Reader's Share story.
I'd never have guessed that was from the dollar store!
Ellie said…
I know, the only thing I don't like is the feet, they look like big dangly flip flops. I think I am going to go get a few more and finally get the kinks worked out in my etsy store. Worth a try..right!