Twinkle, Twinkle....

Tonight is the Academy Awards, the stars will be dazzling us, in their bling, blinding grins and brilliant wit.  I love this award show; I enjoy most of them.  The Oscar represents the artistry of the movie industry.   This medium inspires so many, touches us in various ways.   The customs, the colors, the set design, the make up, the tone of the film; then the storyline, characters and plot development, the actors n' actresses that bring their own unique flair to the part.     I was thinking about this art form and stars lately.

My husband and I watched "HURT LOCKER" last night, not really my kind of film, but all movies,
whether great, good or bad, give me pause to ponder. I almost always come away from a movie, with
an idea, a different view or inspired. " Hurt Locker" made me think of the stars in everyday, the unsung heroes that do so much for our world, our armed forces, teachers, and people part of our everyday. They rarely
or never receive any praise; it is their job.

  Who is your everyday star, someone that brightens your day or inspires you to do better or you just think is a remarkable, giving human being?  Perhaps it is one person or many...

I think it would be great if we could honor these people in our daily setting.  A small reminder or token of
appreciation.    After watching Hurt Locker, I wanted to do something for the people fighting for our country,
no matter how small a token.   There are  many ways to donate, time, money, and various acts of kindness.

Any solider  is a site where you can sign up to send a package to any solider, you can pick the
branch of service.  Some may think it is a shot in the dark, but isn't that where most of the stars reside.  They do random or huge acts that go unnoticed.   I bet most stars are diamonds in the rough.