A is for Angela's Adventure

In blogland, there are various themes; One blog is about Tossing It Out, I found this and thought, this would be interesting, I am a bit late.  I also follow this blog(A) ...and this time, concentrate!  I figured, I would unofficially attempt the alphabet from this point on...should be interesting.  In her middle school, there is a prom type event for the 8th grade, called "Formal".   It is a ways away, but there are a lot of schools and I figured we needed to go shop now.

Monday morning, we took off to Virginia, a huge mall and various shops. We hit some of the major stores first, Dillards and Macy's.  I had seen Dillard's dress section before, i knew she would find something.   Rainbow brite had decorated this area, gowns and cocktail type dresses in every color canary yellow, mermaid blue and fuchsia, to a muted champagne color..that was really stunning.   I gathered a selection as did she.   It felt like an episode of "What Not To Wear?"...trying to find for a young lady a fabulous dress that she loves and I approve of.  Most of the styles, were strapless or halter style.  She looked great in a lot of them, but the comfort factor wasn't there.  The grace of a gorgeous dress, without wrestling it all evening long.  You know, tug here, tuck, pull up, pull down hemline, etc.   I could see her fussing with her dress all evening.  I said, let's go elsewhere; we put one dress on hold, just in case.  We hit the mall, there is a place all the girls gravitate to, yes like a hive of bees. Gorgeous flowing gowns, elegant, sheer and  hip ( I mean cool, sick) dresses.  Something for everyone in this place, Fashion.com  (no website).

 We find several there, but one stands out...same royal blue color of dress on hold, but a better fit.  It looks
like it was made for her.  She is thrilled and so am I (not strapless) yeah!     We then run into one of her best friends and Mom.   This girl isn't going, but played along and tried a few gowns on.  They had lots of laughs
and fun!  Mom takes me aside and mentions that Daughtry is coming to town.  Her daughter has chosen
Angela.  I discuss details and see big grins from across the rainbow glow of shimmer and sheen.    Great!!!

We then now need to get going, ran into Icing to get some accessories, rhinestone earrings.   Now off to find shoes.   I use to sell shoes in college, I worked in retail and was assigned the shoe section. We discuss heel height, boyfriend's height, color choice, black or silver and I'm off.  She sat down as I loaded her up.
 When she finished with a stack, i put them all away and went back for more.   It was a shoe factory outlet, DSW.  
These are the final pick....they are classy and elegant and will stand the test of time.
We still need a few more basics and accessories, she laughed at me, when I looked in the children's section of purses...hey, it just needs to hold, a cell phone and some lip gloss.   I have seen some gorgeous ones; Can't hurt to look. The day felt like Fashion runway  not Project Runway.

We get home and it is hot, 88, didn't hear it was suppose to be this warm.   Don is passed out sleeping; our son is gaming, our beagle is outside.  It is 82 in my house, huh?   No one had turned on the Air?  I closed up the house and then later discovered AC not working.   You knew, I'd put those A's in here.

Angela is talking to her boyfriend; his Mom wants to talk to me.   She  then explains, the dilemma. Her son's birthday is in April and they bought him front row tickets to Daughtry.  A ticket also for Angela.
Yikes...  Angela already told her friend, I need to call the Mom..  Her friend won't speak to her.    DRAMA, but that is for letter D another post.  (I need to get back to  my artistic endeavors soon...I will be aggravated)~


arlee bird said…
I've added your site to the blog roll on my sidebar and I have become a follower of your site. Good first A post, now hope you can catch up to the rest of us. And as much as you can try to visit other participant sites and comment on their posts and follow their blogs. In doing this you should get commenters to your posts and rapidly increase followers.
Glad you found us and have fun.
Blogging From A to Z April Challenge
Ellie said…
Hi Lee, thanks, I glanced at the calender and think I will do combined to catch up the next few days. This is fun...happy I found you(all of you)!
Becky Shander said…
So much goes into getting all of the dress-up pieces together. I hope that your daughter will feel extra-special in her new gown and heels. What a big step for you both.
Lisa said…
Thanks for stopping by! I love your A post. You're really on top of things with your daughter and I think that's awesome. Gorgeous dress and shoes. She'll be the belle of the ball.

Welcome to Blogging from A to Z!
Ellie said…
Thanks Lisa, whoah, surprised how many are involved, but so fun to visit and see what
other people come up with! I need to play
catch up! Thanks, she is sooo excited~

Yes, Becky, it is a rites of passage; We are excited for her, reminds us of those special moments in our lives..the only way to be young again!
I'm glad to see another person doing the challenge. I totally dig the dress. Can't wait to see what you come up with next.
I can't wait to take my daughter shopping for formal dresses. So much fun! Sounds like you had a great day :)
Shannon said…
Nice post...so glad you are in the challenge...following you now!
AchingHope said…
Very cute shoes :) I like.
B. Miller said…
Nice post! Good luck on the A to Z challenge, I look forward to reading your entries!

Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment today. You've got a new follower in me!
Raquel Byrnes said…
Thanks for visiting my blog. Love the dress. I hope you have a wonderful time...takes me back.
Thanks for visiting my blog. I love the dress, and hope your daughter has fun wearing it- I am sure she will.

And it is wonderful that you are doing it, even if you started a week late.

~ Rayna
Great that you've joined us and welcome.
Loved the post, look forward to reading more.

Watery Tart said…
Hey, welcome to A to Z! (I'm ahead because I have guest bloggers coming, so I figure it is all just the spirit of it anyway)

And love the adventure! My own daughter is 15 this month and much more miserable to shop with, but that might be because I hate shopping and she wishes we were rich. Great dress though! Success on the mission is always good!
There is always plenty of DRAMA with teenage girls!! I raised boys, and didn't realize just how early the drama begins until I had a grand daughter.

Glad she found the perfect gown, that one is beautiful!
Beautiful dress Ellie, she'll look beautiful! Wishing you good luck with the A-Z challenge!

Ellie said…
Wow, Ladies, thanks for all the wonderful well wishes! I look forward to posting trying to stay still inside my guidelines of what I want to share and the new A-Z challenge. Welcome
new friends, I look forward to seeing how this
inspires you!
Karla, girls really do have a different spin on everything; it is great you have a wonderful granddaughter! Glad she is better~
Jenny, Thanks for coming to visit and wishing me well! You must know how this experience can be. You n' your daughter seem like you have a wonderful bond! Thanks everyone (((HUGS)))
Ellie said…
and Gentlemen~!