April drool

I mean fool, perhaps not...did you see the easy peasy cheesecake on Today show this morning.  They used Ricotta cheese, whipped in blender or food processor til it was the consistency of sour creme.   It looked good, a little heavy on the citrus.  A light and fluffy dessert aerated with whipped stiff egg whites.

The Easter thieves have been back; I see more Cadbury eggs missing in my stash. Whoah, this link has 3 huge bags I believe...I am thankful there aren't that many in my house.  Yikes!

I have an online friend, that has had surgery, she is doing a swap for ATC cards.   I thought I would put it out there.   It is nice to receive mail, when you are in recovery; Her mailing address is down on her Mar 20th post.
Don't we all love mail and the little unexpected parcels, random acts of kindness!

I know no one has April Fooled me yet, those are expected acts of goofiness!( is that really a word, guess so)

Here are  7 statements and you have to figure out which one is the April Fool:

A.  There was a huge spider in my garage, not too long ago, that was so huge, it was the size of my dinner
B.  I just recently found out, I have 12 screws in my back, I was told only 3, yeah, 3 in each quadrant.
C.  I was in London, England, when I was 17, it was Easter time and gorgeous.   I wore
     London fog, but never saw any fog...
D.  I partied in a WW11 Quonset Hut, when I lived in Alaska.
E.  I have been in every state in the U.S. states.  We either drove through as we were moving to our new      
     home or spent the night.   (I'm a military spouse, for those who don't know, I have lived in Alaska 2x and
     lived in Honolulu, Hawaii.)
F.  I use to work at this hotel in Anchorage, Alaska; I was the hotel operator.  We had famous people stay with us.
    One of the driver's was spooked by David Copperfield. He said, he disappeared before his eyes, when
    helping him to his room.  I talked on the phone to the famous Smother's Brothers...the silly one(Tommy)
G.  I was in a Health magazine feature in March 2001; I was flown to NY for a day to do the shoot.  We
      drove around Manhattan and did a fitness story.   

One is an April Fool, figure it out......(this is my first ATC)  visit Shona Cole she has a great tutorial!  Thanks Shona~


Hello Ellie!

I love the card, it's beautiful! I will have to check out the site.
I'm gonna guess that E is the April fool.
Happy Day to you my friend!

Ellie said…
Hi Jenny,
I will post the answer soon, was hoping a few more people will guess. Hope you had a great day! Angela starts her spring vacation tomorrow.

Thanks, I hope you get a chance to draw later this week. I hope, to try tonight. I was so into it and then projects and life got in the way. I want Angela to try, as well...
Does your daughter like it?!
Becky Shander said…
Your atc came out terrific. I especially like the pink pom-poms (even saying the words "pink pom-poms" is fun.)

Enjoy your holiday weekend.
Pixie said…
Yikes! I hope it's A because I don't like spiders at all! lol

I would have said B but when my sis had her hysterectomy a few years ago, the doc came out and said "I thought you said she had only 1 ovary?" lol..apparently when they said they took one out at 16 due to issues, they didn't. She wants to know what DID they do in the surgery.
Ellie said…
The answer is E; Jenny you are correct! The spider was a fisherman's spider, which freaked me out. My husband found it and had to share. He loves to fish and one of the characteristics is the W on it. I married
a Wilson. Pixie, I know, I have heard of odd
stuff, being left in the body, during surgery, sponges and instruments. I was told 3 screws; I recently had a x-ray and the guy said, he had back issues. Then after he showed me, I was shocked...thankful, but still
shocked. I hope your Sis is okay?!

All the rest is true; I worked at the Best
Western Barrett Inn in Anchorage, AK. I did
party in a Quonset hut on Adak Island. I did go to London, England, school trip; Seriously, there was no fog. I did talk to Tommy Smothers. I saw a writer on a fitness site, www.videofitness.com she was doing an article on women that weighed 140 lbs.
I googled her, she had written for Weight Watcher's and other mags.
I emailed her, she was in MASS at the time. I sent her 2 photos and some info and she contacted me weeks later and I was chosen. The sent me an e ticket and I flew to NY Dec 2000, after 911..it was scary and exciting, but I'm glad I did it. My daughter loved taking the mag to school, for Show n' Tell.
I thought I would see all 50 states, but not yet. Maybe someday...
Ellie said…
Thanks Becky, Yes saying pink pom poms is fun~