Art Date Downtown

Jenny you guessed correct, the April Fool was E.  Someday, I hope to visit all 50, I  think I have
10 left to go.  I need to go back and find my journal and glance at photos to be sure, which ones.   I explain more in the comment section of April Drool post.   You were the first person to guess and you nailed it...very clever of you     ;-D   Send me your address and I'll mail you a little something, for being the winner~

Well, my husband took Ben n' Jerry, bass fishing today. Yes, they are really people.  It makes me think of ice cream, too.

My daughter and I took off and snapped some pics of downtown:

The gerbera daisy(Siamese twin) I love to find this circus type blooms.
I spied these in a floral section, downtown.

Here is a plaque,  near the waterfront, that explains
how it was back in the 1900-1950's.  The shopping area was
called the "Chute".
This little place is for SALE, it is called the Gingerbread house;
the Chocolatier in town, wanted to purchase it, but it needs a lot of work inside.   I love the patina and the details.

This is the vintage door to this little shop I love to frequent. Inside a mish mash, homemade soap and amazing candles, in this historical bureau. The proprietor was not allowed to remove via the historical society!   Shop's name is FireFly~

 Can you see it, white with the draw open with the candles inside.  I bought Oceania candles, they are amazing.  The have the scent of sea breeze, a really clean scent.   The shop was closed today or I would have taken better pics.  This is as you can tell, me snapping through the store front windows. 

She is going for an Anthropologie vibe, I couldn't capture all of it...the door blocked the bureau with her homemade soap. Then there is a section of homemade aprons and felted items.

The outside of the shop is a faded turquoise blue with great the details.  The red brick really makes it pop!

Here is the end of the building, a grayish turquoise blue in photos, it is gorgeous!

Walking back to the the distance is the Albemarle
Museum...perhaps next time I will take you inside with me!


chrissy said…
i WANT to live in the gingerbread house with the blue door.
my girlfriend ALLISON DAYTON..(her link is on my blog under STACKS OF STYLE...has a house with a rounded BLUE door just like this!
i LOVE it. so quaint.
arizona track houses....not so quaint.
loves to you.
thanks for sharing.
Ellie said…
Hi Chrissy,
It is so cute, but inside a train wreck. I knew
an artist in Maine, he lived in an old train caboose. He was talented, but also worked for the railroad and then bought an old caboose and made it home.

This place would make some a cute candy shoppe or florals or gingerbread cookies/bakery in a closer location and bring the goodies in town to sell. It is quaint...
My daughter and I love to walk downtown and see some of the homes, with the huge pillars.
I will go check out your friend's place!