B for Basil, C for Cilantro, D for Dill, E for Exercise, F for Fountain, G is for Grow

I went to buy some herbs yesterday and thought this would be my way to catch up on the A-Z blog challenge.
I will start with G is for Growth and tie it all in.   This time of year, I love to plan my garden, window boxes and cedar containers.  I love to try something new every year.  No, I don't have a big garden it's a small railroad ties type, but good enough to grow some amazing veggies and herbs. When I plant, I think about how I also need to grow; I need to make some changes.  Lately, I have found when I do things I love, it frees me, allows me to  rediscover my passion.  Some of these are: baking, cooking, drawing and exercise.  My ideas feel like creative seeds, that I need to plant and allow room for them to breath and grow.  It takes time to change, as it does for plants to flourish.  We need faith to try; We grow, when we try something new,  even if the results aren't always the desired ones.

I love basil's variety, a staple in my garden, I love the bite that cilantro adds to food,

Dill, love the pickles, dill sauce on salmon, dilly beans.
    E is for Ellen(that is my real name, nickname Ellie, Ella) It is also
for making time to exercise and rebuild back my energy(had an injury).
F is for finding myself, the freedom to do my hobbies and this beautiful fountain, I found while browsing flowers n' herbs.

G is for growing, for my garden and giving to others.  I need to plant more of my creative ideas(my seeds) see what will bloom.  If they don't bloom, then I will find a new direction to grow in. We need to try to reach the stars(sun) and by allowing a little hope, sharing ourselves, we just may get our wish.  Plant a dream, if it doesn't bloom, you can always plant a different one~


Gregg Metcalf said…
Great post and a good way to get caught up!
Lisa said…
I love this post, Ella. I agree that you and I have A LOT in common. I honestly thought that before you even left the comment on my post yesterday. Neat, huh?

I like the way you creatively brought everything together and got caught up at the same time. That's the way to do it!

And btw - cilantro is one of my FAVORITES!

Have a wonderful day!!
May I congratulate you on an excellent blog and the way you caught up with the challenge.

Take care.
B. Miller said…
Cool post! I love fresh basil and put it in everything I can. YUM! Good luck on the A to Z challenge... I look forward to reading your entries!
Anonymous said…
I love it! I have been thinking about starting an herb garden -- basil and cilantro are two herbs I want to grow. I love cilantro but my husband hates it so I don't usually buy it. I love your idea of needing to plant your creative ideas... that is one reason I am blogging is to finally get some seeds thrown out and see what will bloom... :)
Kelly said…
Awesome catch up post! I love herbs also. Cilantro was actually an acquired taste for me, but now I love it. Love this post!
Juan Velez said…
I love the picture you chose for grow... it speaks to me and wow... you are on a roll with arlee birds challenge...
Linda said…
Great photography - great way to catch up on A-Z!
Becky Shander said…
I'm happy to see that you're
blossoming...embrace it all. This post is full of many good thoughts that make me smile.
Unknown said…
Mmmm, this post is making me hungry. I love fresh herbs. I'm so excited for summer with all the local produce and the bounty of my own little garden. Thanks for your friendship Ellie, you are a great friend too! ♥

Ella said…
Thanks everyone for your kind comments and visiting me! Gardening is such an act of grace, especially if you share you bounty, flowers, herbs and veggies!

I'm grateful for all of my friends online and otherwise! ((((hugs))))
Beth Zimmerman said…
Excellent catch-up post! Welcome to the Challenge!
Lisa said…
I LOVE herbs, Ellie! When I was a new gardner they were so fun and easy to grow. And I could use them in cooking which made them even more special. This is a great post - thanks!!