H is for Handmade or Homemade(heartfelt)

Homemade or Handmade whichever you prefer; gifts that are made when the mind, heart and soul merge and speak through, one's hands.  I love receiving creative gestures of kindness; a gift from the heart.    I love to make homemade gifts, cards, treats and give them away.  Every Christmas we try to make a few homemade gifts, it reflects, the message of the season,  giving of oneself  to others.  We also try to give in other ways, donations and time.    The rules are handmade and something the recipient would like.  I suggested one year, when our son was into the" Matrix" to make an enclosed frame and put in the TV guide collector's editions.  My husband created this; It matches the dvd stand, he also made him.

        Sometimes we have photos enlarged and add special details to the frame or make a photo collage.

           I wood burned this years ago, when money was tight, it was my first wood burning project.

I know several online artists, that make heartfelt gifts, Becky Shander is one. Here is a journal she made, that I just love.    Becky loves to use practical, everyday items to make unique gifts.  Her Believe necklace is a favorite of mine.  I wear it often and it reminds me, we all need to believe in ourselves and our dreams!

                                    Colette Copeland, makes heartfelt art,she makes angel wings, beautiful
                           cards and many other unique gifts. 

                     Colette , takes her heartfelt gifts literally, she recently opened a heart shaped store.

  Karla Nathan,  uses vintage items, treasures from the past, to elevate the ordinary. You would enjoy her heartfelt adventures, with her granddaughter.

  Ingrid, is a friend I  met a few years at a local craft show. She uses eco-friendly materials for most of her art. Her gift represent using what you have and saving the Earth. (very heartfelt)

 Here is a purse with a coat hanger handle; she also makes scarves, wallets, jewelry and other OOAK items.

These are some of her eco friendly pouches; she also make wallets.  Great to tuck a gift card in, later can be used for jewelry and other various items.

  Two new friends, Chrissy and Jenny practice giving from the heart.  Chrissy has painted words of wisdom to share; she also inspires with words and photos! She also features a lot of other artist's work.  Jenny has started doing mixed media and makes beautiful cakes.  She is making a wedding cake for a friend, now that is truly a great gift from the heart!

 I'm off to the kitchen, my friend's son is home from being hospitalized.  I am going to make him some brownies as a welcome home gift~

Hope you like  "H" ;   "I"   will be really unique tomorrow, stay tuned~


Linda said…
Love H! When you have time, please look at my "other" blog: www.patternofgrace.blogspot.com. I am not doing the A-Z on that blog. I think you will like some of the handmade/homemade that you see. I love your featured ideas!
There are some wonderful homemade/handmade things here. someone is very clever.
Have a wonderful week-end.
B. Miller said…
Wow, these are beautiful! Thanks for sharing... I love handmade stuff like this!
Raquel Byrnes said…
Loved the woodburning. You are so talented!
Lisa said…
I love handmade things, too. Isn't it wonderful when one of our children make something? Those are the best gifts of all!
Lady Jayne said…
I'm with you on this one - I always prefer to give/recieve handmade gifts. My kids too. They can (and do) spend hours colouring pictures, making trinkets or baking treats to give to their grandparents and their friends at school.
Belbin9 said…
Hand made things are my personal favourite. I don't like cards that you can buy in the store. I would rather a card that tells me what they are truely thinking or feeling. The Matrix framing you did for your son is awesome! I wish my parents would do something like that for me relating Chuck. Awesome post
arlee bird said…
Nice examples. A personalized gift that is unique and has the labor of love beats some mass produced item.

Blogging From A to Z April Challenge
These all all so beautiful. You and your friends are so talented.
And you will be hard pressed to top this post with your I.

~ Rayna

What a great post, you're on a roll sister. Thank you for mentioning me in your post, what a nice surprise. I'm wishing that you lived close by and we could go out for breakfast or something. :) Good Luck with your next post.
Becky Shander said…
It looks like there's a whole lotta heart out there. Expressing ourselves through art with heart...well, there's nothing else quite like it.
I have met a lot of new bloggers from Arlee's A to Z challenge but I love the look of your blog template, I loved the homemade things you made for the holidays, I make things homemade for many members of my family but too very materialistic members informed me that they aren't really into homemade, can you believe it, you should sell on Etsy if you are not already.I always wish someone would make me something but it never happens, I guess I dont' have many artsi friends.
following you now.
Hmm, why didn't I read your post before?

I love homemade and have made it a point to always give and purchase handmade items as gifts, and just to have! Just now, I have started buying homemade soap instead of from the store.

How lovely for you to be able to share this love with friends and family too!
Watery Tart said…
It's so true, isn't it? Those are ALWAYS the presents people who love you appreciate most. My most successful Christmas was the one I was on maternity leave with my son and managed to sew satin lined Christmas stockings for my family AND my parents.--velvet and satin seem decadent but I KNOW the reason my mother loved them so much is I made them.

Last year I 'made' (read: put together) a photo album for my father in law who is in mid-stage dementia and I know for a fact that TIME meant more to him than anybody else's purchase.
Thank you for including me!!! Ingrid
Thanks for including me in this list of handmade pretties!
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