Hope Springs Eternal

I always think of spring as the season of growth, color, rebirth, re charging our batteries, home projects, and
gardening, etc.   It is time to clean the nest, hear the birds again, see the green blades and buds of hope.
  The onset of Spring brings more sunlight which makes most everyone more optimistic.   I tend to have more
spring in my step, but as i spring clean, i want my heart lighter.   I have been in limbo with an injury and I want
to redirect, focus on others and volunteer again.   I worry is it too soon.   I think I am going to go back to the hospital and  volunteer.  I would like tto go back to college....dig deep and forge a different path.
I have had many adventures as a military spouse, but in a few years, this journey will end.   I know art has
helped me  many times;  I'd like to use it to help others cope.  I grew up wanting to be an art teacher,
but somehow, ended up on other paths.  I still don't know if that is the path I will take, but it will have a creative direction.
 I really need to make and take the time to find out.  No, i'm not going to stop blogging...I am
just going to meet career counselors, volunteers, take some classes, put myself out there.  

If this post sound odd, pardon me, I'm cooked.   It is warm here in the south, 88 yesterday and today.
We have never had to turn central air on in April, we have lived here 7 yrs.   Last night, we had to..but it didn't work.  I found out this morning, that when the roof was done, they shot a nail and harpooned copper pipes and the freon unit.
  Our unit was replaced last summer, so it should be under warranty, but not when you hire
a major company to do your roof and they use nails that are too long. The maintenance man, said, it was like a 1 in a million shot, that a nail would go through.   As he is giving me this news, the town decides to drain the water lines and shuts the water off....on a hot day like today, with Spring Break and kids home from school.  HUH?!    I didn't sign the projected contract to fix the unit, even though we will suffer.  I called my husband to contact the company, they need to pay for this.  What are the stipulations......also will our  unit still be under warranty, if this company hires someone else to fix it...not likely.  Hopefully in a couple of days, the weather is going to cool.
Just now I hope not too cold;I can't turn on air or heat.    If I seem off, I am, I'm fried, tired, and irritated.    My daughter's glasses broke, so what is next..that is 2, things for me always come in 3's.  (maybe the water was 3).
I should rename this post(When it rains it pours)  I know April Showers bring May flowers...we will see.


Sophia said…
I really love the idea of 'going to meet career counselors, volunteers, tak[ing] some classes, put[ting] myself out there'. I followed you over to your blog after you commented on my post about Finding Myself (so important and scary it deserves capitalisation) so that section really speaks to me. I think the hardest part is probably admitting that something is lacking from your life currently, despite the joys of family and friends, and making that first step towards doing something to bring the pleasure of creativity back. Good luck to both of us in discovering a new creative direction to take!
Ellie said…
Hi Sophia, Thanks for stopping by, I know it is difficult to go back out into the world, when you haven't been. I need to find my footing.
I will come visit you, again...perhaps we can
help each other, at least motivate each other to keep trying! Good luck to you and let's take some risks! You can email me~