I is for Intuition, Iyengar (yoga) and Indulge

Intuition is a strong sense, that I listen to.  I ignored it once in college and was in a car accident.  No one was seriously hurt, but years later, it  is a part of the reason, I have so many back issues.  I see signs and  pay attention.  I am aware this is a tool  I can use, to be aware, pay attention, and listen to my inner voice.

Iyengar yoga, is one type I have tried, it helps me stay focused and calms the eye of the storm.  It also quiets self doubt , stretches me and helps my back.

Indulge, yeah, I made the brownies, I feared my family would get into them and perhaps I need to make a double batch.  (I did).  I made them and my daughter and I delivered them to the happy recipient.

Here is the recipe, no salt, no baking soda or powder, really basic.  The only thing I do,  that isn't part of the recipe; I add diluted coffee.  I put 1 heaping teaspoon full of coffee in a coffee mug and
add 2 teaspoons boiling water.  I add this to the batter, at the end.  I do it first, so the coffee can cool.
Then add a few more tbsp of flour; the batter will be thick. You could add chocolate chips, if you like that Starbucks mocha type brownie.  This is what the recipe reminds me of~

So, how do I tie this all together, you may wonder, just a random thoughts post...but No, I can pull it off.
See, doing yoga helps tune your third eye ;  The 3rd eye is your intuition.   When you do yoga you are giving your organs a massage, stretching ligaments and keeping limber, this helps avoid injury.
The poses are also called ansanas,  different ones,  stimulate certain glands in your body.   There is one gland called the thyroid gland, it is the master gland of the metabolism.  When you do certain poses in yoga, it helps
the thyroid.  This then can help your metabolic rate.  This can help you lose weight or avoid gaining weight if you choose to indulge.   When you do yoga for a certain amount of time (it varies, just like runner's and runner's high). It is subtle, but gradually you want to be better, eat better, you'll sleep better, be calmer, small things won't rattle you so much.  It is an internal exercise; You won't want to indulge like you did before, you'll still  want to, but the urge won't be as strong!      Yoga Journal has several articles that confirm this

Check these out:   chakras, metabolism, thyroid, and intuition.   For more intuitive yoga, you might want to try
Kripalu or Kundalini,  but that is another letter, for another day.


Raquel Byrnes said…
That is so crazy that you had some sort of inkling that something was going to happen. Good thing you are okay. Great recipe! I tried yoga once, but decided the guy wasn't a cute enough trade for the pain. I married a bookworm, a cute one, instead. =)
Ellie said…
Hi Raquel, love your name! You are funny, nothing wrong with bookworms; is he the strong, silent type? Some types of yoga are a difficult; Power yoga can really take a lot out of you. Thanks, the recipe is great; I have requests from neighbors to bring them, when we have gatherings. The plate is always empty, when we get ready to leave.
Elizabeth West said…
That's really interesting. My sister does the hot yoga. She says I should try it, but I'm an ice skater, and I think I would melt in the hot room!

I might try it sometime. I have an easy DVD. It sounds awesome. Nice brownies, btw!
Yoga just looks so painful. But those brownies! They're my weakness.

If you have the time, I like to ask you to come visit my entry in the murder scene blogfest. It's from my historical fantasy, RITES OF PASSAGE, set aboard a transatlantic steamer bound for Paris with more than one killer stalking for prey.}


Thanks for putting up with a cyber-wanderer, Roland. Man, those pictures of those brownies. At least there are no calories to photos. Are there?
Stephanie said…
Yoga and brownies. On your way to Nirvana!
There are certain excercies I can't do owing to past back surgery, but I do the ones that are in my comfort zone.
Those Brownies look delicious, must try the recipe.

Have a lovely Sunday
Pixie said…
ohh, yoga is awesome! I do Power Yoga and it kicks my butt many times, lol. I have found though, that my stamina is better as is my balance. and I have TERRIBLE balance.
Wanda said…
Those brownies sure look inviting. Good i-post.
Lisa said…
I am really going to look into Yoga, now. I'm always on the quest for things to do to improve my health, so thank you! Also on the quest for the perfect brownie. I post the recipes I try from time to time.

Have a blessed day, friend!
Ellie said…
There are many different kinds of yoga,
http://yoga.about.com/od/typesofyoga/a/yogatypes.htm Some of these I have not seen before. I am familiar with the 8 limbs of yoga. I have tried, power, Hatha, Ashtanga, Kundalini and Iyengar. I love power yoga, but I have had a back injury and haven't done a lot of fitness in the past 6 months. Perhaps I can get back into it. If you have the OXYGEN channel, Steve Ross has a yoga show on at 6am, called INHALE.
We are having a debate at my house, hot or cold brownies which are better. There are 4 of us, it is a tie.

Thanks friends for stopping by; I will visit you soon! Pixie, happy yoga is helping you,
Lisa wow, the perfect brownie quest, sounds fun, Yvonne, I can appreciate where you are coming from, Yes, Roland, these virtual brownies are calorie free(I will visit soon), Elizabeth, yoga would make you more flexible and possibly prevent injury. Ask your coach, what type they would recommend, i think
Power yoga(Ashtanga) you won't melt as quickly
as Birkam. Thanks Wanda,Raquel, and Stephanie for stopping by...Nirvana, interesting theory! ;~D
Alyice Edrich said…
Those brownies look heavenly!
Bud Ezekiel H. said…
if this one did yoga his body would fall apart! now then, as to those brownies... adding coffee to them sounds great!!! i envy the recipient. REALLY!!!
Lisa said…
What would you recommend to a beginner - Yoga-wise?
Bud Ezekiel H. said…
btw Ellie...i left comments on your previous posts but they didn't appear for some reason. my PC is giving me lots of grief and is ready to crash. in regards to cilantro? it's definitely an "acquired taste!" hate the smell of it no less then the taste! my wife uses it in her meals nearly every day too. i ask her constantly to put it on the edge of the table/counter. far away as can be!

as to your creativeness? wonderful!!! thanks for your encouragement too!
I do hatha yoga, and I always listen to my intuition.

Thanks for the little story! How cute, and a very good lesson yes.

Can't wait to read more of your posts!
I'm currently taking a yoga class. While I enjoy it I don't think it is the type of exercise I need. I guess I get bored but I'm the type that has to keep moving! LOL great post.
Ellie said…
Yoga wise, the Am/PM yoga dvd for beginners has a lot of variety. If you have Netflix or Blockbuster online account, you would be able
to try before you buy. Yoga is funny, sometimes
it just doesn't strike you and other times it does. I think to see results it is best to build up. I think you should start out 3-4x a week and see how you feel. It takes time and
experimenting. I am an Exercise type B personality, this means I get easily bored and have to mix it up(lots of variety for me).

Thanks everyone for stopping by I will visit you again, soon! I didn't like cilantro at first, it is an acquired taste. Now I buy or make Pico de gallo and use it to make a really
great salad dressing my family loves. Perhaps that will be my "P" post~

I think yoga helps us tune into ourselves and calms our nerves, if one kind isn't your cup of tea, try another flavor(kind).
Ellie said…
Happy to hear some of you already do yoga!
i really want to talk to you about the poses for thyroids- seriously- I am writing you back from what you wrote me, we are reading Oscar it's about a nursing home cat? have you heard of it, it might have a longer title I will look later- I want to be a party planner so badly but I have no "real" training and not sure how to market myself, I have a creative brain not a buisness brain, I wish you lived closer LOL
if you want to join the book club virtually let me know LOL
Ellie said…
I have thyroid disease; meds and yoga helps keep
me functioning! I will email you!

Thanks everyone for visiting me!
Watery Tart said…
I envy you being intuitive. I seem to get no communication signals whatsoever from the universe... not sure why that is.

Your brownies look AMAZING! A little coffee is a perfect addition!
Ellie said…
Thanks, yes, the coffee, really makes the chocolate richer. You don't need a lot, just a hint or more if you like mocha. Really, no signs...open a book, at random 3x's and see if there is any thing that speaks directly to you.
Try it and see...