J is for Journey

You have heard the expression it is about the journey and not the destination; don't you think it is true, I do.
 I have started journaling to find myself...I am a military spouse,  trying to find a career path.  I have 2 paths that interest me, but I have a back issues. This is causing one of them(culinary school) perhaps not be an option or delayed.  My Dr has to fill out a physical so I can attend.  I had an injury, 6 months ago, that left me tilted..Yes, think leaning tower of Pisa.  I have ruined 2 pairs of shoes.   I am better, but not back to 100% yet;  exercise is difficult for me, but I function better mentally n' physically when I do it.  I also have to apply the JUST DO IT mantra, get it done and over with or somehow time escapes and I can't fit it in.   I started to journal, it helps open doors and releases stress, it is a way to let your soul speak to you and through you. It reveals creative things; I want to make and do. Journaling helps reveal my feelings, helps me figure out options to a new path.
Another J is for Jenny Doh; she use to be the editor of several magazines at Stampington &Co.  Her
latest project is merging the meaning of heART n' soul, how Art Saves people.  Her project is called
Crescendoh It is an amazing community of artists in many facets of life.  The common thread being passion and finding one's path.  Jenny gathers and knits these purls to share with others.  The message is of hope, inspiration, and sharing how Art Saves.


Wanda said…
Ellie, we were difinitely thinking along the same path. Journaling has so many benefits. Hope the right path to take will be illuminated for you b/c the Master certainly has a plan for you.
Kelly said…
I just started doing a prayer journal. It really does help when I can write things down.
Shannon said…
I have been on a journey the last 9 years or so...the last two with cancer...now in total remission..Praise God! Thanks for sharing this post today, great one :)
Raquel Byrnes said…
You know, someone gave me a prayer chest. It had to sections, prayers/answered prayers. When I felt overwhelmed, it was nice to open the latter and see how many times I was answered...yes or no, it didnt' matter. I didn't feel alone.
Thanks for sharing this post it was awesome to read.

Take care.
I have back issues too, I can really relate to how debilitating they can be. Sending you lots of hugs and wishes for a complete recovery and a return to your passion.
B. Miller said…
Nice post! Thanks for sharing - you and I definitely see eye to eye!
Bud Ezekiel H. said…
we're in the same boat, in a manner of speaking. in 2003 i began a new career as a leather artist doing juried/non juried art shows selling home and office decor. then rhuematoid arthritis and ostreo hit me.i ask myself over and over again...what's my purpose for even being here. but, after this A to Z is over with i'm going to begin writing again. you've only seen the tip of the iceburg
arlee bird said…
After reading the comments, I guess one could do many types of journals for one's own life: prayer, daily life, business, writing, dreams, and many more. Journaling is an excellent idea.
Blogging From A to Z April Challenge
Anonymous said…
Journaling helps me so much as well. I haven't done it in a while... I think that my blog the past couple of weeks has been a reflection of the lack of written reflection I've done lately. I can think about things so much more clearly by writing them down.
Trudy said…
Sorry to hear about the bad back...I hope you are able to do everything your heart desires and it doesn't stand in your way!

Blessings to you!
Watery Tart said…
Ellie, maybe the injury just makes it a longer term plan. I've worked in restaurants and it is VERY physical--I'm sure culinary school is no different, but some concentrated time of physical therapy might get you back on track so it's more reasonable, if it's what you really want to do.

The Journey IS the important thing, isn't it? It's why I love Paulo Coehlo's The Alchemist so well. Good luck to you with your decision and process!
Lady Jayne said…
Ouch! I can see how a back injury would make it hard to pursue a career in the culinary arts. Hope you feel better soon.