K is for Kindness

K is for Kindness; when I think of where I have lived, the most kindness I have witnessed was in Hawaii.
My husband went ahead of us(U.S. Navy) on a USS Destroyer, the O'Kane.   We arrived a bit later in October; gorgeous weather, people very friendly, business meetings were laid back, people wore Hawaiian wear, not business suits.  You are welcomed to the island with a lei(necklace of real flowers).    There are gangs and you are warned to not be in certain locations in the evening, but I never saw anything other than the spirit of Aloha.
                              Akahai, kindness to be expressed with tenderness;
                              Lokahi, unity, to be expressed with harmony;
                             Oluolu, agreeable, to be expressed with pleasantness;
                             Haahaa, humility, to be expressed with modesty;
                             Ahonui, patience, to be expressed with perseverance.

 There is a more relaxed vibe, more smiling, more kindness, perhaps it is the beautiful beaches(kahakai) and the ocaean (kai).  The weather is gorgeous and affects everyone's mood.
Many cultures make up the Hawaiian's background; this is reflective in the food, language and spirit of the people. I remember we were at Sam's Club in Honolulu, HI, my husband was looking for some type of coffee(kona).  He made the comment, well, if we were home in the U.S.  I said, "You are in the U.S."   There were so many locals and they weren't speaking English around us.  In Hawaii, there are 2 languages, English and Pidgin-local language.   There alphabet is different than ours, all words end in a vowel.  It is very crowded, this is the one thing that was hard to deal with.  Every time we went shopping, no matter where or when,  there was the Christmas vibe: too many people, long lines and crowded!  The island of Oahu isn't that big with a lot of people living on it, you had the feeling of too many ants on a rock.   There was also volcanic fog called -vog, it would give you allergies and cause your eyes to swell.  (volcanic ash+fog)

There are 2 officially holidays there honored and celebrated for Hawaiian royalty, Prince Kuhio and
King Kamehameha.

My daughter couldn't say macadamia nuts, but her cousins were Matt n' Dana, so she called them, Mattn'Dana me nuts. She was 4 when we arrived and turned 5 while we were there.   We were suppose to be stationed there, 5yrs, but it ended up being 5 months and on May 5th, we left the island.  (yeah, I have this thing about fives).
My son was released from school, every Wednesday early, it was part of their program, so you could have that day to take them to dentist, Dr's appts, or go enjoy the sunshine.

Some interesting K words:
Kahunakah-HOO-naa priest, or expert in a profession
Kaikighthe sea
Kala mai ia’uKAH-la my e-ouexcuse me
KaluaKAH-loo-ahcooking food underground
Kama’ainakah-ma-EYE-nelong-time Hawaii resident
Kanekah-nehboy or man
Kapukah-pooforbidden, taboo; keep out
Keikikay-keechild or children
Komo Maikomo-m)come in
Konakoh-nahleeward side of the island
Kuleanakoo-leh-AH-nahconcern, responsibility
*Wahine is woman

Kapu is mentioned, I always think of that episode on the  Brady Bunch, when they go to Hawaii on vacation.
I think it is Peter, that finds a strange looking totem, a tiki god,  at his Dad's work site.   This is shrouded with  Kapu; Then all this bad stuff, starts happening.   I never saw anything Kapu, while I was there!  

If you have a chance to go...Go, by all means, it is unique to see, such a diverse culture.  A state within our
country with it's own alphabet.... kool!

When I took my daughter to the dentist today I thought of the Hawaiian spirit and tried to smile more and
be relaxed! 


A wonderful write and all those "K" words.
most enjoyable to read.

Lisa said…
I would LOVE to visit Hawaii. Very cool that you got to live there, if only for 5 months!
Becky Shander said…
We've been to Maui and you're right, the folks there were very kind. And we loved the food too, especially the fresh tropical fruit in luscious colors galore.
Melody said…
Beautiful (and informative) post about Hawaii!
Wanda said…
Maybe I'll be lucky enough to go to Hawaii one day. Great k-post.
chris weigand said…
We were able to go there for a week two years ago and I can't wait until 2012 when we can back. We were supposed to go back this year but didn't get our reservations in in time. Until we went to Hawaii, Hilton Head was my favorite vacation spot. Now Hawaii has nudged into first. Just can't get enough of Hawaii.
I believe all the Kapu stuff is happening to you and yours right now, Elle, judging from what you wrote in your post to "Knock-Down Drag-Out." I pray that the good Hawaiian Spirits who meant so much to you will blow all the bad luck away. Hang in there. Roland
Gregg said…
I have always wanted to go to Hawaii. We have a river and a city here in WA named Kalama. They were named for John Kalama a Hawaiian transplant to the Oregon territory in the 1800s. He supposedlh was descended from royalty there on the Islands. Every year Kalama has Kalama Days to celebrate his life. First time I saw it I was blown-away, a NW WA city going all out Hawaian.
Thanks for the post. You make me want to jet there right now. Kindness is such a gift. I wish you kindness!!!! Thanks for the visit.
Jen said…
What a wonderful way to celebrate the letter K! I love it I was going to originally use Kindness but I knew another direction was better for my idea. I think I need to incorporate the Hawaiian lifestyle in my everday life to just sit back and enjoy every moment be relaxed and kind. My sister lives in Hawaii she is stationed there (NAVY) with her Husban (also NAVY) they just had their first child and definitely were shown Kindness on the island of Oahu!
Watery Tart said…
Oh, what a wonderful Hawaii tribute. I LOVE it there and am thrilled your longer term experience meshes with my two week-long ventures. It is a 'perfect' place in my opinion.
arlee bird said…
That was kwite a kollection of K words. Very interesting information. Hawaii is one of two states I have not been too-- you can probably guess the other one. Someday I hope to go to both of them.
Blogging From A to Z April Challenge
arlee bird said…
By the way I will be mentioning your blog on my post for Thurs. 4/15
Ellie said…
Thanks everyone for your kind comments; Thanks
Yvonne, Lisa, Melody! Becky, I missed going to Maui, the ship was doing a family cruise there, but Angela was too young, I couldn't go. Wanda, I hope it happens, someday! Chris, I need to go
to Hilton Head, I have heard wonderful things!
Roland, yes, Kapu has been at my door lately; I'm hanging in there, not 10, though. Gregg, that is fascinating and how fun; I love it when they have unique celebrations where you live! Debra, I wish you kindness, as well!
Jen, you are an Aunt now, no excuses you would have a place to stay in Hawaii...you need to visit your new niece or nephew! I lived in Oahu! Thank you Watery Tart, I have fond memories! Lee, I love your comments; I look forward to being a mention on your blog...Thanks!!! I hope you get to go to those 2 unique places, it is worth the trip!