L is for List

I always have a laundry list of stuff to do. Then there is the wish list, want list, and need list; You get the idea. I  think people who make lists have certain characteristics, not sure what, but note, not everyone makes them.  I like checking it off, it's done, I like to clear my head of the circle of scattered thoughts, don't forget this or that.     I have often been asked "why do you write it down?"  It frees my mind, I now have a list, I rank the top 5  and get it done.  There is satisfaction in crossing things off.  This To Do book, looks interesting, I don't own this one, but I do own,   List Your Self...many ideas  inside, but it is interesting and it gets your
thoughts down, frees your mind.   This author has also written another book....I find the concept fascinating.   List your fears, what you are grateful for, your regrets, your loves,  your bucket list, etc.

  For example:

List 5 things that give you goosebumps:

1. huge spider in my garage, last summer  2. a bat that was in my bedroom, flying over my bed(long time ago, no one believed me, they caught it with a fishing net, tons of fun)  3. Someone following you a little too close, when walking home in the dark(growing up, walked uptown, it ws getting dark)  4. the huge black snake with the pink belly that was in my yard this past weekend.  Our beagle, Buster was some worked up.  5. A stranger stopping to ask directions, I think of all the scary movies I've watched.

 List 5 things you never thought you would do, but did:

  1. hike a glacier  2. ride a roller coaster, scared of them 3. buy a home in the hot, humid south(I love it here, but I'm from Maine) 4.Drive and take a ferry to Alaska, drove from Maine to Washington state in 7days with a 2yr old in December, very crazy, Al-Can hgwy is very scary then!   5.share my art saves story on Crescendoh.

List 5 crazy things you have done for love:

  1. went fishing in a pond, when the black flies were bad, wearing baby oil mixed with tar on my face, arms and legs...(gorgeous look, should be a new spa treatment)  2. I attempted to clean a fish   3.  I went halibut fishing, the next day after flying from Maine to Alaska, with jet lag.
(you see the theme going on here)  4. I went 4 wheeling(ATVs) in a mud bog(another spa treatment, highly recommended)  5. I sacrificed  my career, to marry and follow a sailor for the past 25 yrs.; One crazy adventure after another.    I have worked on and off, wearing many different hats, wish I was Jane of all
Trades, but I'm not.   I have worked n' done things I never thought I would do.   

List 5 things that always make you laugh:

  1. Jim Carrey  2.  my kids  3. memories of my father, he was a rig 4. Martin Lawrence  5. stories my husband tells me about work  (lately the Marriage Ref )

  Off to make a list of books, I'd like to read...

*by the way, I'm not selling any of the products, I mention( residents of NC are not allowed to via Amazon)


chris weigand said…
Interesting lists. I'm not a list maker except for maybe in my head and commend anyone who does make them. My husband is a list maker, but I just can't seem to get in the habit of doing it.
unnamed lad said…
i make check lists quite often. maybe not to the extent that you do... i also make a (GET IT DONE-BUD!) list too and prioritize it Four star down to One star. the problem is my one star list keeps growing:)

from Maine, eh? i drove once for 3 1/2 hours to get to Short Sands beach, swam for two hours...then drove home. waters too cold now for these old bones:)
Lisa said…
Very impressive list! And my goodness - you've had all kinds of wildlife visit you, huh? :)
Unknown said…
Those are some great lists! I wish I were more of a list person...I just lose them and become frustrated. I'm very unorganized, perhaps I could train myself to be a list person?

Don't like spiders or snakes either!

Have a blessed day!
Natasha said…
My mother is a list maker, but I never really inherited her genes :-(
I do attempt to make to do lists, but often end up losing them.
And I so like that you never intended hiking up a glacier, but did. I would love to do so someday.

~ Rayna
My Grama's Soul said…
I use to make lists......no more, I'm afraid. They just made my life more stressful....sounds like they have worked well for you, tho.

Thanks for stopping by,

Unknown said…
Hi Ellie~ thanks for all the compliments you made about my blog, I wish you did not live in NC so far away. My mother lives in wilmington is it near you? I have not been to visit her yet. I am a list maker I do it everyday and I get such a feeling of satisfaction every time I check off something done. I think you should do the culinary you would love it, friends have done it I heard it's very demanding- physically an d mentally I wrote down my 5 goosebumps I will do the rest later LOL 1.a bat flying around my bedroom( read my pollination post for more info)2. the supernatural 3.I stepped on a snake when I was 5 or 6 and when I think of it i get goosebumps- I was BAREFOOT.4.water bugs UGH 5.Men who make the hair on my neck stand up- like your strangers asking for directions, I have an overactive imagination.
Raquel Byrnes said…
I really liked this post. I am a list maker, outliner, sticky-note putter onner. It does free the mind indeed...great post.
Arlee Bird said…
I am not a list maker-- if I started a list, the first item maybe would be "start making lists". Sometimes I make a grocery list, but usually not and I come home with a lot more than I set out for and usually forget at least one thing I went for. Instead of lists I usually have piles and stacks-- much more untidy.
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Fifi Flowers said…
Thank goodness for to do lists or I would be in BIG trouble!
Yes, because neither NC nor CO residents are allowed to participate in the Amazon Affiliates Program!

I'd like roller coasters more if they didn't mess with my head.
Valerie Gamine said…
I agree with you about the spider and the bat. Those are 2 cringe-inducing things I never want to get too close to.
Making lists is an excellent way to bring a bit of order to chaos. Thanks for sharing yours, and thank you for visting my blog. :)
stacey said…
I am a list lover as well! The other day my son asked for a piece of paper & a pen because he wanted to make a list of all the words he could spell~so I think I have passed this on to him as well:)