N is for Nature

*Fitness Color: Greener than Green, Nature Beckons

I love nature; when I'm stressed a peaceful walk, listening to the birds, smelling the pine scented air, or
honeysuckle, seeing  the quilted blue sky, with white batting clouds, brings me comfort.  I see squirrels scamper and hear birds chirping amongst themselves, and bees humming, brings me peace. Then there is the peaceful whisper of the leaves blowing in the breeze, or the gentle rain fall, or even the harsh wind and heavy
rainfall, I feel at ease. 

Nature nurtures me; I love to walk, hike, or ride my bike on the nature trail.   I use to live near the bay and
watched the tide ebb n' flow; this gives my mind and body a sense of calm.

 I took this test once, it is to find out about your fitness personality, it is called the * 8 colors of fitness.    You can take their test, to see which one you are.  Can you guess, mine?   Green, was my color; It fit me so well, too much time indoors is stressful to me. Greens enjoy the outdoors in all conditions; This also applies to me.  I have walked many nights in snow falls and rain.   I walked 3 miles  to rent a movie,during a major snow storm. My family and I had played games, made cookies,we wanted a movie...I went.  When I returned, I had to laugh, I had snow, ice globs in my hair.  I was offered rides, but didn't take them.     I love the peaceful feeling of tuning into the gifts of nature.  

Do you love nature?   What color are you, fitness wise?


Lisa said…
I am red! I love your description of how nature affects you. I love nature, too, just adore it. But I wouldn't have walked three miles in the snow to get a movie! LOL ;0)
Bud Ezekiel H. said…
yeah, i love nature too. now the desert is my favorite place. it amazes me how much life there is out there. one thing i have really gotten to enjoy is watching a moonset. i observe many beautiful sunsets. watching the moon set late at night is it's equal. i'm also storm lover. like to see them coming in from across the desert. my camera is always nearby.you know what i'm discovering here in this contest, Ellie? a lot of kindred spirits:) i don't know how to say it exactly...but it's pleasing to my spirit.
Becky Shander said…
Yep, there's nothing quite like getting outside to find peace, quiet, connection...inspiration. Nature nurtures (hey, another "n" word) my soul as well.
arlee bird said…
I was green efficiency. But I seem to be the opposite of the way you describe yourself. I like the outdoors to a certain extent but I don't exert myself much and stay inside a lot. I didn't look at my complete analysis, but I'm sure there are some more explanations to the scoring of this test.


Tossing It Out
I too am a nature lover, tohear the birds sing is wonderful, the wildlife is awesome, I could go on for ever,
Wonderful post.

Enjoy your week-end.
Jen said…
I love nature and I'm blue harmony... what fun quiz! Thank you so much!
chrissy said…
where in the WORLD have i been? i come visit this morning and BAM! there are all these wonderful posts that i get to read through. you are such a talented writer. i love jumping into all the places you.ve lived. your descriptions are delicious.
where do i start?
i think i.ll send you an email.
love the alphabet thing...i am a HUGE lover of letters.
hope you are feeling WHOLE today.
loves to you.
Grammy said…
hi, Ellie,
I just read your last two posts. I love movies! My nature color is purple...and red, too, I guess, with some blue thrown in. My favorite time of the year is spring, summer and fall. I'm not too wild about winter, though. I have put out my hummingbird feeders a week or so ago and saw my first hummer yesterday. The basket is beautiful.btw/
Candylei said…
Hi Ellie,
I saw your link from a comment on Crescendoh and came on over for a visit. I love the little stitched paper house on your blog banner. I have my sewing machine out to have some fun today!
hi, I love nature but with ticks it's gotten tuff and i took the test and I am silver harmony was not happy wanted a teal or somethign I feel like i got silver centrum for old people LOl no offense to anyone.
I love nature. Being outside takes preference over being indoors any time. I am a storm chaser, so of course I love that aspect of it all. Taking walks and going on jogs also helps with my stress.
Ellie said…
Hi Lisa, I will have to go read about red, does it fit you?

Bud-Yes, a lot of kindred souls/spirits in this
A-Z challenge. Well said~

Becky-connection, that says it all, connecting with nature and something bigger than ourselves.

Lee-I think in the book, it brings the colors down more, you can peek on www.amazon.com

Jen-Thanks Blue Harmony sounds so soulful~

Yvonne-Thank you-enjoy nature, go ahead, go on...I hope you, too had a great weekend~

Chrissy-Hi, thanks for all your kind words! I look forward to your journey! Great post and excited about your public speaking gig!

Grammy-Thank you! Winter can last to long! Hummers already; I'm jealous! I can't wait to see them arrive~

Candlei-Thanks, it is a card I made; I decided to use it as my banner. I hope you
have sew much fun with your projects~

Wasabi Mommy-Lol Silver Centrum...you crack me up; No think sterling silver jewelry! I will have to check your definition out~

Modern Day Drifter-I love storms, too just not
the destructive ones! I agree walks and jogs
really are great stress busters~