Q is for Quilt

There are so  many types of quilts, Crazy, Shoo-Fly,
Snail's Trail, Lazy Daisy,Rose Wreath, Wedding Ring,
Log Cabin, Broken Dishes, Moon Over The Mountain,etc.

 It is a great way to recycle, take what is old and make it new; great gift a memory quilt!

I have never made a quilt; I have made  pillows with quilting techniques, but some how the task was started and then we moved.  Military moves are daunting; you really have to be prepared.  They even try to pack your trash; it is crazy!   We would move and then you have to set up a new household, the last thing you feel like doing is working on a  quilt.  Setting up a household is is expensive, tedious and frustrating.  I have moved 17x in the past 25 yrs. Just thinking about makes me wonder how I did it.   I opened my cedar chest the other day; I found these baby quilts. A flood of memories flashed before my eyes. Friends and relatives made these gifts;  memories of my babies are interwoven within these security blankets.

  I can see my son, pretending one side of his quilt was a jungle for his army men and snuggling later with his favorite blankie.  My daughter wanted a tea party with her dollies on hers and also loved to roll up in the comforting cloth.   I think of my children as quilts; their patchwork comes from family members on both sides.  My daughter has my mother in law's hands, the blonde hair is from her and my sister in law. My Mom's smile, my Italian bump nose , my husband's wit and laugh, her Dad's full, thick hair, my eyes and a musical gift from the Jackson side.  My son reminds me of my husband, he sounds just like him, sometimes I honestly can't tell over the phone, til I listen for a while. The Navy quarterdeck calls to update my husband(my son is on the phone trying to get off).  My son has my father's humor and personality, so much it is like my Dad is still alive.   My children didn't know my father; he passed  away, when I was 19.   My son has his Dad's walk and stance, my coloring and eyes, and his Dad's height and shoulders and my brother's easy going nature and the gift of fixing things and technically gifted,  both Wilson and Jackson traits.  When my children approach me, it is as if a family reunion has arrived.  The genetics of generations are woven into their being, the fabric of our lives.   I have started watching the show," Who do you think you?" on Friday nights.
I think some of the similarities of the past that come forward are amazing.  There are common themes that
the celebrity finds out about their family tree, it is truly breath taking. I love how our memories bind us together as a family, how we can reflect back, by seeing our children grow up, and discover how we are all tied together.  The common thread being we all want to pass on positive memories and traditions to our families, like a quilt with it's similarities there is also the contrasts.  Families are like crazy quilts, all the patches together are unique.   No matter how different or similar the patches are, together they stitch a whole lot of memories.

Thanks to Lee, of Tossing it Out  for fabricating this challenge and bringing us together.  I now have an
A-Z quilt!


Lisa said…
Yes, thank you Lee! It's been so much fun getting to know such a diverse group of people - people I might not otherwise take an interest in in blog land (sad to say). And I adore quilts! There is just something so wonderfully quaint about them. Great post!
arlee bird said…
Ellie, that is a truly wonderful and inspired post for Q. And it makes some very true observations. Make sure you read my reply to the comment you made on my site today-- this quilt analogy would be a great one to weave into your May 3rd Reflections post.

17 times in 25 years! I hate moving. Your experience sounds more like the years I was on the road doing one-nighters. Might as well leave your suitcases packed.

A to Z Challenge Reflections Mega Post
Thank you for sharing your wonderful quilts.
I wish I was just as clever but I suppose everyone is good something.
Most enjoyable blog.

"I have moved 17x in the past 25 yrs."

ELLIE, Hokey-Smoke and Unholy Trousers!
I once found myself moving something like 6 times in 9 years and it almost did me in. I can't even imagine moving 17 times in 25 years. Sheesh! That would just depress me.

Hey, thanks for stopping by my Blog with your words of encouragement. It was truly appreciated.

Best Wishes 4 Ya!
~ "Lonesome Dogg" McMe
Shannon said…
You are one movin mama! Wow 17x in 25 years...Yeesh, I cannot imagine..We all have an A-Z quilt don't we!
ellie I love the reflective post I have moved 17 times in my life and i am not or do i have a military father or husband. I really enjoyed the take on the quilt and weaving, and you thinking about each child and what they have of others, I have not totally figured that out with my son my husband is adopted but I think he has my mothers eys. speaking of my mother where do you live in nC? HOW FAR away from wilmington NC? I dislike moving so much, but this post has me thinking-i wish i knew how to quilt- I am not the best sewer, going to post a corsage t shirt i made after seeing gerber days do it, and it's ok- but like i said i am not the best sewer.
chris weigand said…
Love it. I like to quilt although have done very little. I keep thinking I'd like to get back to it, but procrastinate it away like many other things in my life. I even started a historical fiction novel based on a crazy quilt and a family album quilt. The novel is in a file right now waiting for the day when I will take the time to finish it.
Linda said…
I totally love the comment about families are like CRAZY quilts - some crazier than others but still patched together in love.
Jen said…
What a wonderful post and I love the idea of the A-Z quilt!! If I took the time to make one I would give it away to one of the fellow A-Z bloggers!! Actually that's something to think about for me, I have quilting store right across the parking lot from my apartment!!

My favorite quilt is the one that was made in the movie Step Mom. It's one I'll never forget, very well thought out!
Wanda said…
Ella, I really like your analogy of kids and families being like quilts. This is a really good post.
Grammy said…
Ellie, Your post is so very creative and wonderfully expressed. The last thing you wrote on it reminded me of something my oldest daughter gave me and her sister several years ago. She had taken a piece of a quilt that my mom had made and cut a heart shape from a piece of card stock and placed the quilt inside the open heart shape and framed it. In a matching frame, she had framed this saying: "Families are like quilts; lives pieced together with smiles and tears, Colored with memories, and bound by love." She made a set for herself as well. What a wonderful way to use pieces of a quilt that had been used so much it was not usable any longer.
We now have quilts with many new friends and blogs. How exciting this is for me. Even with a full load at school and finals I try to keep up. In a couple of weeks I'll look at all the new blogs to read and think what a fine quilt Lee has fashioned.
Kathleen said…
Ellie, I love the line..."When my children approach me, it is as if a family reunion has arrived." My mother-in-law makes quilts and I love the hand-made treasures she has given to our family to inherit.
Kathleen...thanks for stopping by my blog :+)
What a lovely post. I love the idea of quilting, and have always wanted my personal history on a quilt. Unfortunately was never disciplined enough for one :-(

~ Rayna
chrissy said…
i LOVE quilts. but i love the OLD quilts...not the ones i make...until they are loved and used and worn out.
you have been on a blogging feast my dear.
how wonderful and look at all the new friends you have made.
i love your writing!
happy wednesday girlfriend.
Hi Ellie!
I love this post, so very sweet. It reminded me of one day when I noticed that my brother had our father's mannerisms - I had never noticed it before and it blew me away. It also reminded me that up until recently I thought I bore no resemblance at all to my parents and now I see them looking back at me in the mirror so distinctly!
Oh gosh, I can't get over how many times you've moved and moved yet again! That's such an adjustment. How many states does that encompass? (I'll have been in this house 30 years in October - I'm not good with change.)
Happy week to you!
P.S. I'm loving "Who Do You Think You Are"!
Ellie said…
Lisa, Yes, Lee really pushed us over our boundaries and visit blogs, we may never have found...it is fun~

Lee, Thank you, I do think I should use some Q post in my May 3rd reflection.

Yvonne, you are clever; we all have something we are good at, sometimes it takes a while to find our niche.

Lonesome Dogg, Yes, moving makes you tired and sometimes depressed. I do enjoy seeing new places and meeting people, but not moving during a hurricane, that was the worst.
Thanks for stopping by~

Shannon, we all do have our own stories to weave, craft. Yes, we all have our own quilt(story to tell).

Wasabi Mom, Wow, you must have some stories to tell. Keep at sewing or whatever you love to do, it takes time and patience, but if you love it is worth the time. I'm about 5hrs from there.

Chris,Love the premise of your novel; you need to keep at it, sounds great! We have to make the time, carve out so many minutes here and there.

Linda, Most of us, have a little crazy in our quilt; Thank you!

Jen, that is a wonderful idea, ambitious project! You could start with a pillow, easier to mail to the lucky winner~

Wanda, Thank you; I am always in awe of what you write!

Grammy Ruby Thanks for sharing that was so beautiful and touching! I love your quilts!

Debra, Thanks for visiting me; You are right, Lee is our master crafter, bringing us all together to weave a web of intrigue.

Kathleen, Thanks for visiting me; I will visit you again! Thanks for the compliment~

Rayna, you still have time, I think sometimes it is easier to start small a memory pillow, would be a great beginning!

Chrissy, you love Velveteen Rabbit quilts, worn with love and extension of our memories!
Thanks Chrissy, you meant Wacky Wednesday right?! lol

Hi Sally, I hear you; I was always told you look like your Dad. Now, I see my Mom in the mirror! I have lived in Maine several times, Florida, a couple of times, moved several times while there, out in town, base housing. I said, I would never get pregnant there, too hot. Never say never, went back 10yrs later and became pregnant. I have lived in Alaska, two times, Hawaii, Virginia,
North Carolina. Sometimes, it was moving
a few miles, but it was still a move. Tug, pull, carry and reset up your home, then go back and clean your space. I understand, I remember my son started middle school, 6th grade in Maine, we moved to Hawaii, he went to school for 5months. My husband's orders changed and we ended up back in Maine. My son
finished 6th grade with the class he began it with. CRAZY!!! Hard to have a career!