S is for Sew

Fitting it would be S today, I started having sinus pain, when I returned from Virginia, yesterday.  I am behind on commenting on R posts, but I will catch up. 

So, S is for sewing; I have been sewing on paper now, for a while.  I started to make a journal out of a
calender, due to this amazing class on line.  Patty has other classes, as well.  I haven't finished my book,  it is still a work in progress.  One thing she mentions in class as you gather supplies and begin your page, is to work intuitively.   Sometimes a theme will present itself.    I love sewing paper and have made cards as well.  My blog banner is from a card I made.  I was thinking of Spring and we had to reset our clocks.  I always think of the line Spring forward, Fall back.  This is why there is a 4 on my house, 4ward.  I am trying to start over, with my creativity, not look so much back.  There have been a lot of signs that this is the path, I should take.  I should at least explore finding a creative job.   The ones in my past seem to lead me to this door.    I am going to make some items and submit them to the calls n' challenges at www.stampington.com

They have many magazines, the ones that really speak to me:  Somerset Life, Sew Somerset and the
Green Craft magazine.  

Serendipity moments have occurred that make me want to explore this path,  further.   My sinuses are a bit better, time to move.  I thought it would be appropriate for S to keep this short n' sweet!

*Happy Earth Day; off to clean up the neighborhood, trash that is!


Bud Ezekiel H. said…
i like that bottom photo/painting. that would look great underneath a glass table:)

spring pollen bothering you? btw...thanks for your encouragement. yesterday, i crashed and burned.
Shannon said…
Great photos! I never heard of sewing paper! Very interesting!
You must be very clever to sew on paper.
Is The Somerset Life a US magazine or English as there is a Somerset here in the UK? just being nosy I guess.

Take care.
Becky Shander said…
Serendipity is one of my favorite words. With an open mind and a willingness to follow your intuition...anything is possible.

How exciting that you're focused on looking forward. Enjoy this new path.
Ellie said…
Bud-yes, I was told when I moved here, if i didn't have allergies, I soon would. A lot of
farming done in this area. We all know the pollen count is highly elevated! btw-You are welcome, we all have moments. Hang in there!

Yvonne-I found this link..looks like it:


Shannon-Thanks for visiting me; I will stop by again, I heard you have done more with S!

Becky-great word; I loved the movie! Thanks for those gracious words! It is fun to try a new venture(new path) Thank you!
Lisa said…
Sweet post! I don't think I've ever heard of sewing on paper, but I like it!
Never heard of sewing on paper. Of course, I don't even darn socks!
i want to know what class you are taking on line about sewing paper, I love the idea, and I tried sewing a shirt check mine on line did not come out that great. I like the alice in wonderland piece you have sewen , I was thinking of doing a blog swap of anything alice in wonderland in JUNE would you be in???? let's chat.
lori vliegen said…
great post! i love it that you've found your path.....and that you have your creative backpack filled with all kinds of art goodies to play with! thanks for stopping by my blog....i've enjoyed your sweet comments! :)))
Grammy said…
How neat to be able to do such creative things! I like your sewing on paper pictures. Good post.
arlee bird said…
Ditto me on never having heard of sewing on paper and "serendipity" being one of my favorite words.

A to Z Challenge Reflections Mega Post
Wanda said…
I tell you I'm learning so much new stuff from the challenge. I didn't know you could sew on paper. May your new found sweet spot lead you to much success.
Jen said…
Happy Belated Earth Day!!! Sewing is so much fun! I would really like to sew a blanket for my neice to show pictures of her mama and her papa and her aunts and uncles!!! Ooo I think I've found a project.
Ellie said…
Bud-it is actually a painting I resized it the artist is on the print, at the top. Don't think is shows in my pic. Good eye~

Shannon-it is fun; you should try it

Yvonne-I read about it a few yrs ago and then
tried it. Trial n' error and a size 14 needle work best. Thank you!

Becky-great word and thanks for your kind words

Lisa-Thanks, it is really fun, you should try it

Alex-you are funny!

Wasabi Mom-I posted the class I am taking. I saw this in a magazine and thought I would try it with a cheap sewing machine. The right needle is key, size 14. I will let you know about June. I have 3 projects I am trying to do right now. I did an Alice tag swap in March. Email me and tell me the details.

Lori-Thanks for stopping by; I love that term
creative backpack! You are the one, wearing that, your lettering is amazing!

Lee-It is a great word, Thank you!

Wanda-me,too! I am learning a lot, surprising some of the subjects that have come up and great convo!

Jen-I'd love to see what you make; You can buy
iron on paper at your local Big Box store. Print it and then iron it on fabric, great look! What a wonderful gift of memories!
Hi Ellie~
thanks for visiting the blog. i love your sewn artwork and you should definitely pursue the somerset series. i too have thought about submitting, but feel intimidated. maybe we should make a pact to do it together and see what happens!
Ellie said…
Hi Cindy,
Yes, maybe we need to remind us other to keep
trying and what do we have to lose. Nothing, I don't want to regret it someday! I will visit
you; Thank you for your kid words! I, too feel
intimidated~ Okay, I will make a pact with you!