U is for United

* This  the house, my Dad grew up in and the street I lived on...I can't find a pic of my house, yet)
The house I had tea with my Nannie Nonnie, it has changed some, this tree wasn't in the front, but not
much different. 

I remember when I first found blogging; I had that aaaahh, feeling.  A feeling that I had found my people.  Creative people that understood me; people who shared similar traits. Online I found kindred souls, people who posted about their passion to create and make things.  Yes, I have had encounters with like minded people, but not to this degree. 

 I grew up in a neighborhood of mainly boys and two tom boys;I was the only girly girl.  I did play baseball, collect baseball cards, if not, well, I would of been alone. There were times, I would have tea parties and play by myself with my dolls ,under the umbrella of two huge maple trees.   I did find creative outlets, I had a neighborhood store, once a week, through the summer, I was nine when I started my business.  I would make cupcakes, cookies,  had a mini coke machine, sell baseball cards and wrapped candy.  Later, I added  to my inventory and made fudge.  I received a mini grill at Christmas, so I made mini toasted cheese sandwiches.   My store became, so popular, I needed help.  I had no problem, all the neighborhood kids took turns weekly and I paid, them off in food.   Mmmh, is this where the culinary gene began?!   I found a way to unite myself with  kids, that I really didn't have much in common with.  A united front, if you will.  .(This was my Mom's idea to help me find a way to fit it!  Thanks Mom~)

Food does unite people and brings them together.   Think of all of the functions you go to, bridal showers, weddings, baby showers, birthdays, wakes, funerals, what unites us, a celebration, death and social activities.    Maybe this is why I have toyed with the idea of being in the culinary industry, it reminds me of bringing souls to together in hopes of providing joy.

When I became a Type 1 diabetic, I truly found out how much food, brought people together and how I again, felt left out.  I had to find other ways to unite, while watching others eat birthday cake, while I enjoyed my apple or diet soda.  I was bitter n' sad for awhile.   I won't lie, I still have moments when it is painful to be
around some of these food gatherings.  I am probably the only person on the planet that dislikes Thanksgiving.
I bake and cook all this food and can't eat much of it.   Then there is the clean up..the whole day is celebrated with food.   I try to be thankful, that I survived and I am here to celebrate another year, but the coin can flip at any moment, especially, when I want real pie, not sugar free.   I don't want pity; I am fortunate, just it is
an internal battle I have daily.  I have to walk a tightrope of being good and then the human factor of wanting to be like everyone else and just have an ice cream or whatever, when I want it.  Some days are  difficult; I have walked this rope for 23 yrs. 

Blogging has helped me widen my focus;  I see souls sharing their passions, their words, and their lives.  I see beyond the plate of cookies and how people's feelings is what truly unites us.  It is the human condition of being heard and someone listening to you, even if they don't share your passions or your hobbies.
There is respect and compassion for what you enjoy!

When I began writing I was going to mention, my husband being in the United States Navy ,how the families I have met are an extended family.   They are, but somehow this flashback to my childhood, showed up.
I do feel a union with the A-Z blogging group; everyday we struggle to come up with something that someone else didn't think of.  If we did post the same word, it is always interesting to see their interpretation, their
spin on it!     We share a union of a theme; I am happy to be part of such a unique group~


chris weigand said…
Thanks for the word, although I had a different take on it. You are right about unions though and what a great post.
KarenG said…
What a charming home in the pic! I love how blogging unites people from all over the world. Some days I just can't get enough of it!
Raquel Byrnes said…
That was a super sweet post. I see what you mean about almost all the get togethers being about food and how it would be hard for you.

So great you found other ways to connect with people.
Lisa said…
What a great house! I agree -- this has really been lots of fun and eye-opening at the same time!
Wanda said…
Ah, how great that you had your own little enterprise as a kid. It's been a pleasure visiting your blog.
Grammy said…
Hello, Ella,
What a beautiful house! You know, I think culinary school might be a good thing for you. Never be afraid to try something new like that. You may learn a lot of recipes for good stuff that you can eat and enjoy. I really enjoyed reading about your childhood, too.
hi, ella, miss you drop me a line at me email if you have time eatmywords40@yahoo.com I have a lot of books that have recipes for type 1- when i host a party I always have things that others can eat, My son is not allowed preservatives or color and it makes things hard when I bring him to a play date or a party. I have hyperglycemia and lupus so I hear you on that. I am so happy to see you had your own store at a young age, that must have been so fun, I wish I had had that.... I hope you follow your cooking dream, my old boss always says food and celebration is why people over eat or are overweight, but that is an entirely different post. LOL
Bud Ezekiel H. said…
i thought it was really neat as well how enterprising you were as a youngster. i can understand social occasions being difficult for you in regards to food. especially when you hear the ooo and ahhh comments concerning how delicious the food is. i no longer look at the Z as the final destination. i think it as more like a beginning. NO WAY am i going to stop following those i've interacted with during this challenge!:) you're stuck with me, kiddo...
Anonymous said…
How cool about your childhood business!

I struggle with the cultural aspects of food, too -- I don't want to be the weirdo, but I want to eat what I believe is most healthy, but I also want to eat what I crave and what I think tastes good.
"Blogging has helped me widen my focus; I see souls sharing their passions, their words, and their lives."

Yes, yes, and more yes! Very well said. Blogging has been a huge eye opener for me, too. How interesting that opening yourself up to others can help you find yourself.

Love that picture of your childhood house. Looks like it must have been a wonderful place to grow up.
arlee bird said…
You were quite the industrious youngster! That was pretty cool.

I agree about finding unity in the blogging community. I took me a few months to figure it out, but now I'm getting better.

May 3rd A to Z Challenge Reflections Mega Post
Linda said…
You really put a different spin on the lemonade stands of our childhoods. And the unity we have found in blogging. . .unbelievable! I feel a unity with you because I was an Air Force wife for 11 years - it has been a while but the military bond is still there.
Becky Shander said…
Yes, I agree that food brings people together. And yep, so does blogging - glad to see you've found your gang. I enjoyed your childhood food/beverage stand story. Seems like you were a hard working entrepreneur with bright ideas.
chrissy said…
i am a huge eater. one of my best friends was diabetic as we were growing up...you.ve made me wonder if i was EVER considerate of what i ate in front of her?
my guess is....i wasn.t.
that makes me feel bad. since i don.t know how to find her, i am going to apologize to YOU for HER...in behalf of those who may have done the same thing to you when you were younger.
i am sorry!
hopefully i can make it up in our blogging friendship...
(still checking the mail...it always seem to be slow when im really excited for something to arrive.)
loves to you.
Hi! I absolutely love your layout here- it's so fresh. Like a garden teaparty. I know how you feel. In my little world in france, few people understand what it is to be a writer. But the blogging community completely 'gets it'. I keep asking myself why I didn't start sooner! Thanks for visiting my blog!
Watery Tart said…
I'm so glad you've found a new Uniting Outlet! I agree, so much bonding happens over food and it would be so hard--especially for someone who'd loved to create and share it, to have to so severely cut back, or at least be really careful about it. I also love this online writer's community, but then... I have limited social skills in real life--I've ALWAYS bonded better in writing. I love that blogging gives us such an easy way to expand our friend and support networks!
Shannon Wyman said…
First time visiting your blog, and I was very touched by your post. I think you've got the right mind set though, in finding other ways to connect with people, we all need some form of connection with others.
I know just what you mean about blogging. What a wonderful community we have found!
Ellie said…
Chris-Thank you; I liked your union post, as well!

Karen-Hi, I so agree, it is such a unique way to connect.

Raquel-Thanks, you connect with people in your writing, a profound gift.

Lisa-hasn't it; I love how different and similar we all are!

Wanda-Thank you; I feel the same way about your blog~

Grammy-Thanks, I may just do that; I love reading what you write; keep sharing,so heartfelt, it is great to read!

Wasabi Mom-There is some truth in what your boss says! Thank you, yes, mine is autoimmune; sounds like you know a bit about that battle. You are sharing so much, fun to read!

Bud-I love your take on the A-Z blogging; be sure to put that in your post! I totally agree, it has been a wake up of the soul~

Prochaskas- I share the same view; I am willing to eat clean 90% of the time; but when I want chocolate, whatever, i want it!

Carolina-Thank you; I did have a pretty good childhood; the house was my grandparents. I lived 5 house up on the same side of the street. You are so right, isn't it amazing, what sharing online does; it opens doors to amazing friendships and seeing new worlds!

Lee-you are amazing and have such a following and now, even more so!

Linda-We are bonded; you know all to well, the moves, the struggles of military life. I use to live on Elmendorf AFB in Alaska. The Air Force is more compassionate about keeping their families together. Tell me about some of your moves, sometime!

Becky-I have always found a different way to do things! I don't know if always the right way, but it wasn't dull! I had just started my career at the hospital and I know I would of probably ended up going back to school, for
x-ray or other dept. Then I fell in love and moved away, and away, and away...

Chrissy-loves back to you; It is okay, no one
really knows, how it feels unless it is them.
I remember when they brought me in an orange and a syringe to practice on. I was scared to death of needles...so I know if I can do this, anybody can. No need to apologize, i get where you are coming from. Everyone wants to offer me orange juice. Juice is quicker than eating a candy bar, instantly absorbs. If someone is having low blood sugar, liquid sugar is almost best, soda, juice, etc. Thank you dear friend!

Creepy Query Girl-I know, I thought the same thing, "Why didn't I start, sooner?" I will visit you again!

Watery Tart-You are right, is is easier, we don't have to dress to impress or worry about stumble over our words. Isn't it great!

Shannon-Thank you; We all do need connection; this way seems a bit more intimate. I think we tend to open up easier, people aren't so likely to judge.

Karla-Well said, we are lucky to have found so many unique souls! Thanks for adding so much to this community~