V is for Vintage

I love vintage items the idea of recycling older items with a past life or lives.   I wonder as I look at these items, whose hands have touched them, what where their lives like?   Did they endure hard times, were they happy or sad?  Were the frail or strong,...did they know the gifts of love and family? Did they live a full, happy life....

I think of the book the "Velveteen Rabbit", written by Margery Williams, where the rabbit was worn and torn, but knew he was truly loved, by the little boy, who cherished him.   These items remind me of being worn, torn, loved and real.  How many birthday cakes were made by the use of this sifter? How many cups of tea were enjoyed, or made to calm someone's nerves? Who was the lucky recipient of this candy tin...were they in love or just a gift of friendship? I can think of all kinds of stories, that these items could evoke.

I go searching at random and usually just happen upon vintage items.  It is a treasure hunt, finding unique things, from the past.  You can go to thrift shops, flea markets, auctions, estate sales, antique shops, or sometimes they are just passed as heirlooms, to your family.     Vintage, is more about appeal, then age,but that's me.

When, I look at items from the past, it makes me want to write their stories.  I want to make an imprint of
a time or a mood that punctuations a classic memory.  One we all can relate to, a message of impact, I want to make these items real!


This was a truly different post altogether.
It was fasinating you writing about old vintage articles, it's something I'd never thought of before.
Thanks for sharing it was lovely to read.

i went crazy coming up with a V words and you got a good one, nice job on the post, and love the pictures to go with it.
KarenG said…
Vintage is a wonderful word that portrays the sense and vision of older items. It's so much more accurate than saying "old" or even antique. What a nice V word, and you did such a nice job with it!
Linda said…
Beautiful V word. I love vintage too - books like Found Style are among my favorites. Can you get those spoons clean? I hope so. . .
Bardot in Blue said…
loving all your antique treasure! makes me want to go to the flea market next weekend :-D

xoxo Bardot in Blue
Lisa said…
What neat items you found! I wish I had a knack for finding things like this, but alas, don't seem to. I was in a Goodwill store over the weekend in the hopes of finding something nice for cheap, but couldn't stand the smell of the place. I split quick!

Excellent post. You make me want to go Vintage hunting now. :O)
Anonymous said…
I really liked this post! Makes me want to go vintage hunting too... which is at complete odds with my other goal to declutter my house! I love idea of knowing the story behind items... it gives me the idea to write down my memories from some of my mom's kitchen items from childhood (and to get stories from her as well!)
Berlin Deluxxe said…
Lovely post, I can really relate to what you've written. I too wonder about who cherished these items and often come up with stories behind these old treasures which are new to me.
Thank you for visiting my blog and entering my contest :)
arlee bird said…
Very nice post. I like vintage stuff for the same reason. My wife does not. She likes living in a new house with all new stuff. I'm cool with that too except when I look at the new stuff I can only think about the life of the Chinese person that made it.

A to Z Challenge Reflections Mega Post
I used to love going to the weekend fleamarket in this old abandoned mill. I was like you in that I always wondered where the items came from and who used them. If something really really sparked my interest, I'd buy and make up stories in my head about where it came from. I stll have a few items from the imaginary home of heathcliff and catherine..
Becky Shander said…
I like that you take time to ponder the history behind vintage objects, and imagining the background stories sounds interesting.
AchingHope said…
Ooh! Me too! I love vintage things, with stories oozing and leaking out of them.
Ellie said…
Aching Hope-it is fun to imagine, isn't it!

Becky-It makes you pause and reflect, how many
stories of life are entwined with these gems, from the past.

Creepy Query Girl-How fun and spooky! You need to start writing those details down!

Lee-You always throw a curve ball in and make me laugh! You are funny~

Berlin Deluxxe-Fun contest! I think we should journal or write these details down, may inspire us later in crafting, writing or
creating a vignette.

Melody-I am in the same place; Spring cleaning, sorting through piles of fabric, books and craft items. I have to take a break and be inspired to continue, so I can have my space to create!

Lisa-Wish we could go now! It is hit or miss, you had a major miss, that time! Don't
be discouraged! (top 2 pictures are heirlooms passed down; then finds)

Bardot in Blue-I know, I need to go find me
a huge fleamarket; I have been dying to go!

Linda-Hi, those spoons were passed down to me; I have fond memories of my Dad polishing them every Thanksgiving and Christmas. Yes, I can get them clean. I kind of like the patina on them.

Karen G-Thank you; you are so right, it is
a visual stunning word, where old conjures up dust. Antique has a mixed message, to me.
I have seen junk be considered antique. Thanks for visiting me~

Wasabi Mom-Thank you; it was a fun V word to do! Your new blog glows~

Yvonne-Thank you; I think the story part came when I inherited a spoon. It was only known as the fudge spoon, really big and had a special curve from all the use. It is my baking spoon, cookies and muffins, mainly. Fudge is once a year in my house~
Valerie said…
I really need to visit you blog more often. Your posts are always interesting and the pictures are gorgeous...even the spider. :)
Ellie said…
Hi Valerie, Thanks for stopping by! I so want some of those cookies, but then the brownies look fudgey n' rich. I love dutch cocoa powder!
Bardot in Blue said…
j'adore vintage! great pics the little ting are so cute

xoxo bardot in blue