X is for Xylitol

I pondered over this one, started writing about Xanadu, didn't like it, then thought X marks the spot.  I use
to make a lot of treasure maps for my brother and his friends, when we were younger.  Then I thought about
X-ray, have had a lot of those-nah!

 X is for Xylitol, I see this product in a lot of the sugar free gum/candy, that I eat.  What is it? It is a sugar alcohol sweetener derived from fruits and vegetables.   It does seem to have some health benefits, but also side effects if  one over indulges.
   Xylitol is clinically proven to:

                          Fight and Reduce Plaque
                           Fight Cavities
                            Reduces the secretion of Plaque Acids
                             Facilitates the Remineralization of Tooth Enamel
                              Fight and lessen the occurence of Inner Ear Infection
Increae Bone mass and density in animal studies

I some how don't think we ingest enough of it, to get these type of benefits, but who knows. (some scientist
does)   Just looking at the stick of gum I just popped in my mouth, somehow I don't think this is a cure all, but
it all adds up.  I read that xylitol  is actually produced in our bodies, up to 11 grams a day...interesting.  I wonder who discovered this?   I imagine there are lots of studies and research, but anyway, I am thankful.  When I first became diabetic there weren't many choices; Now it is crazy how many choices we have.

I am reading a book, now called Fat Cat, it is a YA fiction.  I bought it to tuck away, a summer read for my daughter. She is at a normal weight for her size, but the impact is about more than how you look, it is about how you feel and how others feel around you and pushing yourself into new experiences and eating healthier.
The choice word, is why I decided to discuss the book.    I didn't choose diabetes, I don't think anyone does. I have Type 1, the Juvenile kind,my disease is autoimmune, my body attacked my pancreas.   It effects a small amount of the population; Type 2 is adult onset, you gain some weight, likely less active, perhaps don't eat as you should. The  pancreas gets a bit tired and over worked and needs a vacation(medicine).  In my opinion the food pyramid in 1986, had a lot to do with this.   Lawyers wrote this pyramid, not dietitians, to benefit the country.   The farmers were losing money in wheat.  New pyramid was written, then wheat sales are up...the bottom of it should of explained in more detail.  The differences between simple and complex carbs.   Simple really doesn't have a lot of nutrition; Complex has nutrition and fiber, which helps the body function, in a more efficient manner.   In this book, the MC,  Cat, has to do this year long science project, you go before the teacher and pick a photo, can't show it to anyone or discuss it. She picks a photo of a cave woman, she is torn how to do this project, til it hits her.  This woman is lean, Hominin,  more of a vegan type diet, some meat, but not much. 

 There is even a diet similar to this Paleo ; Cat is over weight and could lose a few lbs. It is her Senior year in high school, she is evolving.  She goes all out for her project, no TV, computer time aloud in school and for homework only, no make up, no hair products, no cell phone, she walks everywhere.  There are a few exceptions.
Isn't it all about choice, what we eat, what we wear, what we do, when we do it and Why?!

I am just thankful we have so many choices, we aren't so limited, though sometimes we think we are.    I know a lot of the sugar free stuff I ingest, isn't as healthy, but my alternatives are a lot worse.  Perhaps I will try the Cave girl diet , see how long I can go without my artificial sweetener....wish me luck~     

I am also thankful I chose to do this A-Z blogging challenge, it has been sweet, but not in the artificial way. 


KarenG said…
I'm amazed at all the x words everyone has come up with. I never knew there were so many. And thanks for your supportive comment on my blog post today. I really appreciate it :)
Bud Ezekiel H. said…
wow Ellie! you really wrapped the Y up in a great packahe. just twooooo more!
Bud Ezekiel H. said…
oops...package i mean
Lisa said…
Very good post about Xylitol. I've done research on it as well and really like Zellies. Have you heard of them? It's mints or gum that you can purchase online. If you google Zellies, you should get there. It's a bit expensive, but they work beautifully. I used to eat them at work all the time and after meals, didn't have the "need to brush" feeling. It keeps the bacteria from forming on your teeth as plaque.
I love the sound of this book! Sounds like it goes way beyond just exploring image for teens, I like the the way the protagonist goes through a whole lifestyle change. This would be a great social experiment in the classroom, really open kids eyes to the excess we have in our lives. It sounds like if you'd like to have a go at writing something this would be a good area for you to address.
I should probably embrace the xylitol too, I'm afraid my jellybean habit is starting to take its toll. sigh.
Being a diabetic this post was very informative. I'll think of you now everytim I eat something sugar free or see the word sugar alcohol.
arlee bird said…
That was very informative. I have diabetes 2, but I am not very good about my diet. I need to but I just don't like to take the time. Probably a bad idea.

May 3rd A to Z Challenge Reflections Mega Post
I had no idea that lawyers wrote that pyramid. I'm shocked.
Rae said…
Hi, Ellie! thanks for visiting my blog. Your post was very "sweet" today! :) I will certainly be back to catch up on your alphabet.
Way to go!
i want to look for these I have never seen them, I will be out today all day so I will email you this weekend or tommorow, aren't you sad the A to Z post is almost over I have Z left and A and D.
I am going to do a book one or a number one if you are interested.
Linda said…
Totally new information about the X things and about lawyers writing the pyramid! Who knew? Not me - I am a total Weight Watcher's fan for the nutrition and good habits.
Raquel Byrnes said…
I had no idea...wow. This stuff sound both great, and bad. Whatever happened to good old-fashioned refined sugar?
Watery Tart said…
That BOOK sounds fabulous, and I LOVED your insight into the food pyramid--you are totally right. I bet we can point a big fat finger at agricultural politics for the country's obesity problem (and the increase in Type 2 diabetes).

I don't know what the OFFICIAL cave girl diet was, but I suspect it is actually a lot like the Atkins--a lot of protein, fruits, some veggies, FEW grains, except the roots that grow wildly, nearly no sugar. Low on grains--grain use came with agriculture. That said, I think the scarcity of food in some seasons was BAD for longevity...
Ellie said…
Hart-I had found it online and now I can't, but yes lawyers wrote the guidelines. I think it has a lot to do with creating more illness(Type 2 diabetes) in our country, IMHO. There is so much money to be made in the diabetic world, strips, special candy, ice cream, foods, syringes, insulin, meds, meters. It is a huge industry! Cave girl diet, lean proteins, not a lot of them, lots of veggies, some fruit, nuts, no grains, unless they chewed on oats or wheat shafts( a lot of rotten meat, more fish) while dinosaurs chased you(I don't know that, just kidding). Zone plan works best for me or South Beach phase 2. The book is good; I like the small lead ins and the way the author is setting us up, so far.

Raquel-I would eat sugar if I could in small doses. It is addictive for me; legal cocaine, because of my illness. When I'm not in control, I crave it.

Linda-Good for you; I hear that is a great program!

Lisa-email me more, that sounds interesting!

Rae-Thanks, I will visit you again, too!

Allomorph-it was written 85-86, so the farmers could make money on their wheat, grain crops. I think if some revisions would of been made, less disease today. IMHO

Lee-try South Beach Phase 2, pretty much =Zone diet. SBD phase 1 is to restrictive for me. Good control=being more productive, at least for me~ How long have you been Type 2?

Debra-Thanks! How long have you been diabetic? Take Care~

Charmaine-I am intrigued by this genre and I also have a great sounding board, my daughter is 14. She loves to read and tells me like it is. Good or bad... I so agree, I think it would be a great project for science. The author stresses the MC is overweight due to her love of junk food and then the transition.
It is the MC that thinks this experiment might work, looking at her own body vs. the cave woman's. I think it has a great health message, without being preachy. We are talking about the YA "Fat Cat".

Lisa-I have never heard of Zellies, but I am
interested, I will check that out! Thanks~

Hi Bud-I know it is hard to believe, isn't it. I didn't think about the home stretch til it arrived. There will be a void, for a bit. Wasabi Mom, was talking numbers that would be interesting.

Karen-Hi, thanks for stopping by; I will visit you again! I know isn't it amazing; X was hard, but everyone did really well with it!
Beth said…
I gave refined sugar up entirely for quite a while. Bought some sugar free jelly beans one time early on and ate the whole bag one evening while scrapbooking. I wasn't a happy camper! I've never eaten another sugar free jelly bean and I'm really cautious with other foods!
Ellie said…
You have to be cautious with sugar free products. You can only have small doses. Sorbitol has side effects; there is a side note usually on the bag, lower rt corner. Sorry, you were sick!