Be Present

These are the coupons my daughter made for me; Really sweet:
Wild cards will probably be used, when I am running errands.
I will call her up and ask her to start supper/dinner.   I usually
asks her to make pizza crust or line up ingredients for me. We need to have some more cooking lessons this summer.  My plan is to make her favorites, first...she won't forget these! 


I also received, the usually, $, but some books and this
cute journal.  I found it online at Rebecca's Thrift Shop.  I love
Rebecca Sower's work.   One book is by Elizabeth Berg on how to write true, be authentic.  The other book is" How to Think Like Leonardo da Vinci"  this was recommended to me in an art class.    It looks interesting..

I also received a gift of torture, well I don't know yet, but it sure looks like it has the potential..
Cake, books, a journal, $ome money and torture, sounds like an ideal
birthday to

I will share some of the exercises from the books, with all of will be interesting!  


A lovely selection of gifts, I usually get gift tokens as I often go and buy an album,
Hope you enjoyed your birthday.....I did.

Take care.
Swimmer said…
Happy Birthday and enjoy your gifts!
Happy birthday, then!
KarenG said…
Lovely gifts! To-do cards-- very useful! Journal-- awesome!! Elizabeth Berg? I just added her book to my to read list.
Will Burke said…
Happy Birthday! Are you sure you want to think like DaVinci? If I had that many ideas floating around my noggin, I'd be running red lights all day!
Lisa said…
Sounds like you had a wonderful day. The gift cards from your daughter are the best!! :)
wolfie 402 said…
Sorry I didn't say happy birthday yesterday.
Sounds like it went well. ;)
lori vliegen said…
it sounds like you had a fabulous mother's day! you received some great gifts.....and those coupons from your daughter are SO sweet!! happy birthday to you.....i wish you much happiness!!! :)))
p.s. thank you for your sweet comments on my blog.....i appreciate you stopping by to say hello!! :))
Shannon said…
Great gifts. Coupons are the best to receive!
Ellen said…
Hope you had a fabulous birthday....have a great week!
Bud Ezekiel H. said…
those cards from your daughter were fantastic! ...hmmm:) those of us here in Bloggerville might start getting ideas with that concept. isn't it amazing that children can teach/give lessons to/for adults?
Beth said…
Lovely gifts! I love it when kids do something like that! :)
Watery Tart said…
Looks like a GREAT birthday! I especially love the coupons from your daughter. What I wouldn't give for "stop talking back" on a card I could just redeem. Books and money rank high for me too (the torture stuff I already like... it is my only fitness strength--that I love to GO) Glad it was great!
Ellie said…
Hart-I love that a sass card; yeah, that would be amazing!!! lol Thanks so much!!! Isn't your daughter, also 14?

Beth-Thanks for stopping by; I will visit you soon!

Bud-I know I should ask for some computer lessons or some techno gadget! Great point!

Ellen-Thank you; love your name by the way...tee, hee and your hankie books~

Shannon-I agree coupons are heartfelt and always well received!

Lori-Thanks, for stopping by! I love your recent gift, from your brother, so much thought and detail, really beautiful! I love my gift cards~

Wolfie-Thanks for visiting me; I will come by soon! Hope you are doing well!

Lisa-Thanks, yes, they made my day! The poem she wrote was great as well and funny~

Will-I'm pretty scattered,these days! Da Vinci
would be so fascinated with technology, he would probably climb up to the red light~
Thanks for visiting me. I will post some of the exercise. I will let you know, lol!

KarenG-the book looks great so far; I believe she use to write for Parent magazine! You will like it!

Alex-Thank you, for visiting me;I will be by soon!

Swimmer-Thank you, so sweet of you!

Yvonne-Yes, I did enjoy our day ;-D Thank you!