Birthday Blessings

I am not photogenic; I love to be behind the camera, but today, I'm  in front, something I will never get use to!
I turned gulp...49 today!    30 didn't bother me, 40 didn't bother me, I think the next number will.....
I feel fortunate to celebrate, today!   My Dad only made it to 45...   There are a lot of family illnesses, that took people, very young!     I want to thank all of you, that have wished me a Happy Birthday!!!  I feel blessed to have so many kind friends!    I am so happy I did the A-Z blogging challenge and met so many new people~  It is amazing, the kindness, support and compassion, from people...Blogging does bring out
the best in most of us!

I think we need to celebrate every year, we have lived, it is a rite of passage, but also a wonderful way to
mark the day, to create memories with your family and friends!    Everyone deserves cake!   I am known to be the Cake Nazi...see I love to bake.   If I make you a cake, you better eat it by a certain time or I start cutting it up and take it to the neighbors.  My brother nicknamed me this,  one year; I made him a cake and told him to take it home.  Oh no, it will be fine at Mom's house; I was temporarily living at Mom's house; My husband was away on deployment.    The kids and I had decide to stay in the area.   He came back the next day, I left him one piece of cake and had given it all away.  I can't have it in the house, I will eat, YOU better eat it or take it with you(think soup nazi on "SEINFELD", except for me, it's cake).    I have a lot of cake left and I sure wish I could give you a piece!    German chocolate cake with rich dark chocolate icing with the coconut n' pecan is too rich.  One bite really is enough....  I tried to give it away....a few took some, but there is a lot left.     I won't eat anymore, but I don't want the temptation in the house!

You start to think at what age, were you at your best, or felt your best, if you could go back for a week, what
age would it be...for me, it would be 25yrs old.   On my birthday, the Navy celebrated 75 yrs of Naval Aviation we were in Pensacola, FL.  They had fireworks that were like the grand finale all evening long...Don and I went to a show, saw Bob Hope, Brooke Shields, Sammy Davis Jr. and Jonathan was
thrill! It was the year, my brother mailed me a dog.  I wanted one, so bad.  He mailed me a stuffed pound puppy.  I had fun with that, I hooked him outside, collar and leash and took photos and mailed them to my brother.  I even took other pictures, it was one of our jokes!   One of the hardest birthdays to top, so far.....What is your favorite birthday memory?!


Stacey said…
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! I must say you look AMAZING for 49, I HONESTLY am shocked! I think you need to write a post on your beauty secrets!?!?!? I hope you had a great day:)

That is funny about the pound puppy!
Shannon said…
Happy Birthday! You look great! :) Have a great day!
Lisa said…
Happy Birthday! You are gorgeous Ella!:O)

My favorite birthday HANDS DOWN was my 40th. My boyfriend threw me the surprise party to end all surprise parties! He gathered friends and family from all over and rented a restaurant room and I walked in to a HUGE surprise. Good times.

Glad your day was good my friend. You deserve it. And I agree with Stacey - share your secrets to the fountain of youth! :O)

Valerie said…
You're 49! Wow! You look 20 years younger than I would have guessed (honestly.) Happy Belated Birthday! :)
Happy Birthday Ellie! It's fun to see a picture of you, you're beautiful! Make sure you check your email for a special birthday wish!
You don't look 49, I wish I didn't look my age, but I'm alive, my dad only made it to 42, mum lived until she was 87. I think the birthday memory that stand out in my mind was 2 years ago on my birthday I was on the Golden Gate Bridge at San fransico. It was a fantastic day, not bad from someone who travelled all the way from the UK.

Have a lovely day/
Rayna M. Iyer said…
Who would even suspect you were 49- you look at least 10 years younger, and I say that because that is how old I am, and I put you as being "my age". If I looked half as good as you did, I would be happy happy happy.

You are just the opposite of me when it comes to cake. I eat any cake available, and I so wish I could dig into your amazing cake.

Happy birthday, again, and I am so glad I met you through the challenge.
Well First girlfriend Happy Birthday I thought you were 39 or 40 from the pictures on you blog from before, and now today I still think so, The one of you where you are smiling, is so fun. I don't enjoy being in front of the camera much anymore, did in my 20's and 30's. I loved the seinfield soup natzi so funn. I have never made the german chocolate cake ever, but I love coconut and pecans, wish you lived near me.
My favorite birthday memory would be my 30th my dad let me have a party at his house, and I got my hair styled for the picture and it was a great night my dad was still alive and he did a shot of something alcholic with me, first and only time. I miss him. He did too die young 52. I thank you for your post and maybe on my birthday next week, I will post about my best birthday.
KarenG said…
What? You're 49?!! No way!! You have natural beauty. Happy Birthday!!
Becky Shander said…
You look very lovely in these photos (who's behind the camera?) And your birthday cake sounds delish! Having birthday cake for breakfast is one of my favorite treats and actually, I usually have three slices of cake (not all in one day though) before I'm through celebrating.
Ellie said…
Thank you everyone; I should of put on more make eyes, look droopy. Oh, well...My daughter encouraged me to do it! Thank you for all the well wishes! I had a great day, now I need to go move and burn off that cake! You don't see me everyday...I probably look 5yrs younger, but thank you! I use DHC products, their samples
are great, mild soap and this olive oil wash.

My teeth were drove into a tarred road on my 10th birthday. I had a bike accident, I have nerve damage. I tried to focus on the Good birthday! My daughter said, be glad you have teeth! Kids really know how to set us straight!

I drink a lot of tea and water. I try to exercise daily, but had an injury for 6 months and now need to bust my butt to get my fitness back and shed some extra lbs.
I stopped receiving samples from DHC and made my own products. They have this wash, that you use with rosemary in it. I bought 2 little spray bottles, mix a good olive oil with some rosemary extract. You spritz some of the rosemary/olive oil in your hand, rub them together and put it on your face, it tingles. Let it set for a few minutes, you don't need much. Then wash with a mild soap, any mild soap will do. They sell this stuff, but it is expensive. After the samples ran out, I came up with something similar. I probably put 5 drops of rosemary oil to 1/3 cup olive oil. In the other bottle you put olive oil and spray some in your hands after you face is washed. Just a bit will do and then dab lightly where you need extra moisture. Then put on your moisturize. I do use toner, but not everyday...use to when I had oily skin.

You are all so sweet!!! Loved the birthday that you shared, wonderful memories!
Surprises are wonderful!!! Celebrating is
necessary, we need to try to make
birthdays outstanding, etch wonderful memories on our hearts and those we love! I still need to work on making my families' special day, exciting!
My husband and daughter don't like parties and the fuss! It is only one day of fuss~
When is your birthday?!
Watery Tart said…
Ellie- you look great! And I seriously have thought you were a few years YOUNGER than me this whole time (I am coming up on 44).

The cake Nazi thing seems an effective coping mechanism with temptation... And I'm with you--celebrate the life we have--often!
Candylei said…
Woo-hoo! It's your birthday. I hope it's great. Remember you are only as old as you feel. You've added some lovely borders to your blog. Beautiful.
Ellie said…
Thank you all, wish you could come over we'd do
olive oil treatments and eat CAKE!!! The Cake packing herself, lol! I think I'm turning into the Ice Cream Nazi, now...

My daughter took the pictures; She also took a lot of goofy, ones!
Ellie said…
I meant pacing herself...I need caffeine!!!
arlee bird said…
You look absolutely lovely, and that settles it--I'm never going to put my picture up cause I'd look so old next to beautiful young women like yourself. Okay -- maybe someday-- Halloween perhaps?

We do know a lot of nice bloggers don't we!

Belated Happy Birthday, sweetpea!
Alyice Edrich said…
Happy Birthday to you! You LOOK AMAZING! I had to reread the numbers a few times cause there is NO WAY you look 49.
Jennifer said…
I love seeing you in front of the camera.