Catching up

I did well, keeping up with the A-Z blogging challenge,during the month of April.  I'm still behind leaving
comments to those who crossed the finish line....    Rayna of Coffee Rings Everywhere included me in a Tag you're it.   My 1st one, so here it goes; Thanks Rayna for thinking of me~

She's tagged me on this Fun Game where you get to answer 5 questions 5 times-
Question 1 - Where were you five years ago?

1. Here in North Carolina
2.Volunteering; art lessons at my daughter's school
3. Working part time at the Senior Center
4. I was a single parent while my husband was cruising on a USS destroyer(I'm teasing him) He was on a cruise, but there is nothing easy about it.
5. Planting my garden

Question 2 - Where would you like to be five years from now?
1.  I would like to be published(YA fiction)
2.  I would love to have our home projects finished, start one, then another, etc.
3.  I would like to be on the cover of a craft magazine
4.  I would like to be teaching craft courses online vimeo style
5.  I would  help my daughter prepare for college in the Fall

Question 3 - What is (was) on your to do list today?
1. Continue to comment on all the blogs that finished the A-Z challenge
2. Finish cleaning Frog(Furnished Room Over Garage)
3. grocery shop n' other errands
4. Finish up planting the garden and a few other container pots
5  walk and do yoga dvd that arrived from Netflix

Question 4 - What 5 snacks do you enjoy?
1. popcorn( my comfort food from my movie childhood)
2.  sugar free Liquid Brownie(it is a frappe, with sugar free chocolate and caramel syrup in it)
3.  Greek yogurt n' berries
4.  sugar free fudge pops dipped in peanut butter, tastes sinful
5.  Iced tea or Iced coffee

Question 5 - What would you do if you were a billionaire?1. Make a donation to scientist trying to find a cure for Diabetes.
2. I would start an Art Center, for those who wanted to pursue their dreams
3. I would buy seasonal homes, one in Maine-for the Fall, Hawaii-for the Winter, Alaska-Spring
Summer-not sure yet...need to do some research, perhaps out of the country.
4. I would make a huge donation of books to less fortunate schools and computers
5. Help my family( these are in no particular order)

Rayna Thanks this was fun~   I loved your answers, off to check others you gave this to!

I want to pass the Tag to:
     Wasabi Mommy

*Thanks to Creepy Query Girl for my Lovely Blog Award~  I love it; Thanks for your comments during the challenge, it meant a lot!


Loved your answers.

Take care.
Bud Ezekiel H. said…
...liked the photo of the popcorn and thought the "frog" was a great name for it. we named two spare bedrooms after our kids(4 legged). iced coffee will be on my list too. oh! that's right....gotta go do my tag list!

i hope all of you're wishes/dreams come true for you in relationship to question 2 because they are "down to earth desires of the heart." that make sense to you? it's not like you were saying...I want to be President or...
Watery Tart said…
Hey, thank you, Ellie! Fun list! I will have to put together mine, too! Thanks so much!
arlee bird said…
I guess these "tag" lists are all over the place. I plan to put mine up tomorrow--I've decided to just step out of my normal blog format and do post A to Z activities. I'm still reading and commenting on Reflections posts.

Liked reading your answers-- it helps me know how to approach mine.

Blogging From A to Z April Challenge
Lisa said…
I enjoyed reading your answers and really loved your snack list! Now I want something icy and chocolatey! :O)
ok I was tagged so I am in now and I will tag a few friends and come read the answers LOL
Ellie said…
It feels like we are still in A-Z mode! It is
hard to drop and go back to the normal routine!
Ellie said…
Hi Lisa, I so want Mexican food...guess I'm making fajitas for dinner.

Lisa-It is hot here in NC today, 85! It is a great day to make iced mocha. I make a cup of
hot chocolate, then add a heaping tsp of coffee and chill it over ice. Add more sweetener and/or is good!

Lee-I can't go back to my regular blog, yet.
I think A-Z blogging became a habit, at least for me~I look forward to your comments.

Hart-I thought of you, while looking at Writer's Digest mag today. Key point I remember is "show, don't tell us!" Good issue, I had to run to meet someone, but want to go back and get it! Anne Lamont is on the cover~
author of "Bird by Bird"~

Bud-I look forward to your list; Go make some
iced coffee, it is sooo good! Thanks, I was
realistic, I guess! Cute named after your
4 legged friends, I like that. I have rooms
decorated, after states. Our living room is Maine like, lots of nautical stuff, light houses. One bathroom looks like Hawaii/Florida....silly, but fun~

Yvonne-Thank you; I'll be visiting you, soon!
Your posts are always inspiring; you have a way with words~
Wanda said…
Hi Ellie, enjoyed reading your list and so glad you explained the frog thing :0) I'll be getting mine up tomorrow or Friday, if all goes well.
Thanks for the tag. I didn't know I already posted something. It will have to be the weekend. LOved your answers, what a sweet person you are. And I'm still going through the A-Z blog list. PHEW!
Hi Ellie, great to meet another Taurus. Both my mom and I enjoy Mother's Day birthdays from time to time as well. I'm totally enjoying the tagging game that's going around. I'm not getting much else done as I try to catch up on my blog-hopping, but at least I'm having fun.
Kathleen said…
I recommend Minnesota as a favorite place to hang out in the summer. That is where I grew up and where I would love to be in the summer at a lake (it is the land of 10.000 lakes)!

Ellie said…
Kathleen-that does sound wonderful! I guess
I will just have to go to the Outer Banks, instead! It is a good time of year to go...maybe I will talk my family into it! Thanks for visiting me~ I grew up going to
Swan Lake, it was magical!

Patricia-I hope you have a wonderful birthday!
Your Mom, too~ I know, me, too...I am still behind, playing catch up, but I agree it is fun!

Debra-Do what works for you! Your last post was so righteous and strong!!! I look forward to your billionaire plan! I too, haven't caught up yet...

Wanda-Whatever works for you; I look forward to reading your answers! I am going to go check, though, just in case~