Fifteen Fantasy Albums

Thanks to Lee of Tossing it out there blog and Stephen for putting this together!  I attempted this last night, had to shut down, we had a bad thundershower.  I am late getting to the Fantasy island with my fifteen, better late than never....  We had to pick fifteen albums/cds that we would bring to an island. Music we would not
 want to be without. There are many favs, but my picks help visualize memories from the past.   Memories that are marked by our senses.  Hearing these tunes, I can travel back as far as the 60's and up and relive
the hopes, dreams and keynotes of the past. 

 Music was always part of my life, my Dad had a motorcycle, had speakers on it, we went to camp, music, also went, he speakers, stereo, etc..  He played guitar, we had music parties..  Movies and music is ingrained, in all my childhood memories... It is the universal language...I mean, come on, in the movie "Close Encounters of the Third Kind", we used music to communicate with speaks to us on so many levels.

#1 PETER PAUL AND MARY-In The Wind:: Yes, the answer my friends is on this album. Not really, I was raised on it, "Hush-A- Bye" was sung to me many nights; I later sang this to my babies.  Dylan's songs are on this album.  It is a grassroots type of folk music.



#2 JOHNNY CASH-The Essential: I can see my Dad, playing the guitar and singing this song, "Jackson"  combing his hair while strumming and singing, with this big grin on his face. My brother recently remarried, he asked me what song would be a fitting tribute to your father.  I chose "Jackson"....he said, they played it at the reception, everyone sang and maiden name is Jackson.  My Dad passed away before VHS, DVDs and CDs; He would of been amazed!

#3 HOLLYWOOD'S GREATEST HITS-I practically grew up in a movie theatre, this takes me back to going with my Dad to the movies.
The anticipation, the build up of the next blockbuster.  My Dad was the projectionist. My Mom worked the concession stand. They met fell in love.  I later worked in their meeting place; I was the ticket girl.   These themes take me back to lazy summer matinees and date nights! FUN...

#4 BREAD-The Best of Bread:  My  neighbor, played this album, til I became hooked, didn't take long.  We use to play this in between, playing board games, making crank calls, and playing in his Mom's beauty salon, after hours.
I was a year, between the brother n' sister, my next door neighbors.  I had more in common with him, the older of the two. I grew up in a baseball neighborhood, only 2 girls, the rest boys.   The brother saved me, from baseball, we made candles, did hair.

Carry on my Wayward sun...spoke to me, Once I rose above the noise and confusion...lots of that in the teen yrs. This music spoke to me...They have a unique sound!

#6 CHICAGO-The Best Of Chicago-love the horn section with the soulful was a unique sound for the time.   Every 4th of July, I have to hear
Saturday in the Park,( i think it was the 4th of July)  This isn't the vinyl album I have, I couldn't find it.  The cover was all red?!
#7 BILLY JOEL-The Stranger:  My Dad didn't like my music much, til the piano man, showed up...he loved his song, "Honesty". the lyrics were read at my High School Baccalaureate.  Billy Joel and another fantasy fav..coming up were performing Piano Man...Amazing!!!


#8 BRIAN SETZER ORCHESTRA-The Dirty Boogie:  My son and I just loved to dance to this, when he was young, so did my daughter.  We would try to dance the jitter bug and be silly.  I can see my daughter, about 3 yrs old, getting ready to leap into my arms, so I can toss her about.   If I  put this on now, they would appear and start dancing "Jump  Jive n' Wail.

to be continued....


arlee bird said…
I can listen to all of these-- especially Kansas, one of my all time favorite bands. Don't know about Brian Setzer or Peter, Paul, and Mary-- never really listened to either of them too much. Off to a good start.

Tossing It Out
finally had a minute to read your albums... I loved Brian Setzer was he originally from stray cats?? I have to get some of that music on my playlist on the bottom of your blog... I am going to answer your anniversary questions in an email so I dont' give away the answers... LOL
Ellie said…
Hi Arlee-I love Kansas; I still know all the words to a lot of their songs! Unique sound for the time! Thanks for stopping by...i still have a lot of the list to go through!!
Thanks for hosting again; You are great at it ;-D

Lisa-Yes, he was a Stray Cat; You are good!
Okay, that will work, as well! I know I need to update my playlist, after going through all of these!!!