Got Art?

How many of you have support, in your creative lives?!   I think my daughter is my biggest supporter.
 Her kind words, yesterday, warmed my heart, making me want to continue on this journey.  This path of putting myself out there,
the good, bad and ugly!    I bought and made items for her to take to a sleep over, birthday party.  She said, "all my  friends, love what you come up with; they look forward to your creations."   It was so nice of her to share this with me and nurture my creative edge.   Did I do this with her and her creative endeavors?  My son?   I think we do this with our family, friends?   When you go in an art gallery or see art, even if it isn't perhaps your style, are you inspired?!   Does this get your creative juices flowing,  inspire you to try to paint, draw, make jewelry, etc?  Or maybe when you go out to eat and the food is artfully arranged on your plate, do you hesitate and see the effort and think, I should try that.   Are you open to art all around you, in your everyday life?  Art is everywhere,  look at your grandmother's hands, think of the art, she has touched, making jam, crocheting a sweater or afghan, a friend's  kind words, a caress from a loved one, a pat on the back,  a smile, a song that evokes a  mood,  poems, a gorgeous photo, our child's art work!   Art can allow ordinary moments to become exclamation marks in your life.  We all have the ability everyday to touch people, with a kind word.  Words are art, the way they are presented and arranged.   I am considering doing some guerilla art.  I might go to the library and put,  fortune cookie sayings in random books, to inspire or maybe write a poem in colorful chalk at the park, near the waterfront.  Then sit back and observe, who notices.  Or maybe I will leave a notebook, with a pen and my blog site and write the big question, "What inspires you?" Please write something and pass it on.  Nature inspires me, my family and now the Warblers.   I did see them this morning, checking out the boot, no eggs, yet! Just went out into the garage, one of them was sitting on the treadmill.   I will try to capture a new photo this afternoon.

It says:  Plant Seeds Of Kindness; See What Grows....      Got Art?



Lovely post,so enjoyable to read. our children do inspire us more than we realise.

Enjoy your week-end.
Ellie said…
Yvonne-Your poems inspire so many, putting them out there on your blog!!!
Will Burke said…
I likied the food example -- my wife watches the Food Network & gets creative. I like listening to Soundtracks to movies I haven't seen, and letting my imagination fill the blanks.
Mary McDonald said…
You are so right. Creativity comes in so many forms, be it with paint, decorating, cooking, crafts, fashion and music. Excellent post.
Bud Ezekiel H. said…
tomorrow i need to go back downstreet. yesterday the kids from a local high school were painting beautiful murals on the sidewalks. on this particular street the concrete pads are HUGE. i felt bad because i was very late and had other appointments to keep. this post just spurred the memory:)
Hi, Thanks for your visit, when Arlee Bird suggested this one day blog the limit was 15 albums. that's why I wrote about the 15.

Enjoy your Sunday.
Watery Tart said…
This is beautiful, Ellie. I'm so glad your daughter and her friends appreciate your creations. Sadly, my creations are in writing, and NOT kid stuff--though there is a following for my pancakes... and my dispersal of the insult MOTOTARD (yelled loudly--has made me a favorite with my daughter's friends)--not very admirable, but there you have it.
Stacey said…
That is so sweet that your daughter is proud of your creations:) I can completely relate to this post right now. For the last few months I have been crafting, painting & sewing like crazy . . . its like I took years off & forgot how much I missed getting creative.
I agree it is very very very nice to hear words of encouragement & also to be inspired:)
Wanda said…
Love this one Ellie. You've just stirred me to be more concious of the art all around as I go about my day. blessings to you and your family my friend
I do so admire creative people. I would rather get something "made" than "bought." Your kids inspire you and you inspire them. What a blessing of the greatest gifts we give our children.
no one appreciates my creations, I loved your post. I want to send you that book from a previous post the memoir I wrote about... please email me your address so I can mail it.
Ellie said…
Lisa-Thank you so much, you made my poem come true. Your kindness will be repaid ;-D

Debra-Thank you for your kind words! It is a great gift to share. I have read several gifts
over at your site. You have a special insight that is unique~

Wanda-You have stirred me in many or your wonderful posts! Giving me points to ponder and reflect on! I would love to hear what you may have noticed! Blessing to you~

Stacey-I feel this way, also! I was really getting into a routine of it, it is like I had it bottled up and it needed to be released. My husband is home now and I have to make different use of my time. He is a go and do person and I tend to want to linger and unearth treasure I have packed away in the Frog(furnished room over garage) It is like a trunk of memories up there. Enjoy your creative time, it is important!

Hart-Pancakes and being known for certain expressions are wonderful! YOU would make a great character in a book...perhaps YA. You sound like a fun soul, with a lot to give! I look forward to getting to know you better! Thanks for sharing!

Yvonne-I remember, just made me think are there 15 genre of music. No, there is more..right?! I look forward to your post and musical picks!

Bud-You noticed, you were aware...that in itself is beautiful! You will go see the beauty when you is everywhere!!!

Mary-Hello, thanks for stopping by! It is everywhere, we just need to remain open! I will visit you soon! I miss making the rounds like we did on A-Z blogging.

Will-I love that you and your wife have neat ways to be inspired! I love thinking about musical soundtracks and filling in the blanks!
It must be wonderful, i must try that sometime. I bet your wife is a great cook!
It always seems that my blog friends are my biggest supporters but lately my family has been stepping up and encouraging me too. Thanks for all your blog love and support Ellie, I'm glad we both have wonderful supportive daughters. :)
Ellie said…
Hi Jenny,
I agree, it is wonderful, our lovely daughters also cheer us on! I see you are growing, stretching your wings! I am still intrigued by your next journey ;-D
Diane said…
Great post to start my week out--thank you!!
Really nicely put. You're right- art is everywhere and it and creation go hand in hand.
Ellie said…
Hi Diane-I will visit you soon; thanks for coming by!

Creepy Query Girl-Well said, as always! I will visit you soon, too!