Great Escape

What is your great escape; your passion, your hobby, your talent?   Do you write, perform music, cook,  create, paint, sculpt, take photos, run, walk, cycling, sew, garden, read, listen to music, journal, knit, crochet, write poems,movies, plays, etc?      I enjoy exercise, but my great escape is quieter, a way to recharge my batteries.   There is plenty of noise in my life, with a Master Chief, the phone is constantly ringing, a college bound student,my son and our daughter 14, lots of loud music and chatter, and a crazy beagle; he loves to howl!    I don't mind any of this, I embrace it, unless my sinuses are acting up(like today).   I do though, need quiet, reflective moments through out my day.   Sometimes when I can't create or walk out the door, a cup of tea will quiet my nerves.

Usually walking or cycling will be my great escape.  I enjoy walking in the early morning or evening, as the morning unfolds or the evening begins to spread.   One year, when I needed to lose some postpartum lbs.; I
made a fitness plan called "The Tour de Pants" cycling so much in the evening to get into a certain size jeans.
Everyone thought I was funny, but I was serious.  I posted my plan on the fridge; cycling became my way
to escape; find time for me.  Yes, it did work...(need to do that again)

I have escaped with music, but lately I'd say blogging and crafting have been my way to rejuvenate.
And watching the Warbler family...I sat in the garage this morning, watching for some activity; all is quiet!

 I also enjoy taking photos of nature, check out the visitor I saw today:

 I love to hike, too, just at a faster pace, then the Tortoise ; I love how he carries his snack food with him as he strolls along!   Oh, yes, we do get rabbits(the Hare) in our yard.  My beagle always sounds off, when one is in sight or been in his yard, he howls, yips and yelps!  Don't worry, he doesn't hunt them, it isn't his hobby.
His hobbies are long walks, naps and howling at hares, tortoises and owls, (when they hoot in the evening)!   

What is your great escape and how do you fit it in your day?!

*Sally Annie gave me an award; I'm to pass it on to 10 blogs..Thank you, it is really neat; I love trees!
Thank you, so much, it is such a wonderful award and you said, I don't need to give a speech ;-D~

 Okay, Trendy..I think of fashion or trends, mmh... 

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I want to list blogs, that I haven't listed prior, though a lot of those, could fit in this category!
This was a tough one, I think these are a great mix of new and old ideas that can inspire~


I love to get up at sunrise and walk along the beach, let the sea air soothe any problems that may come my way. Or read or write blogs.I love to read how other people's lives are unfolding. Music plays a large part of my life,
I love most genres of music an find it relaxing. But the "Great Escape" for me is to visit my son in Spain,warm air day and night
visiting friends that I made whilst living there. Oh I also love my concert going.
Life can be great if one gets motivated.

KarenG said…
Hello, can I please have Yvonne's life? Please? I want to walk along the beach and visit Spain. Seriously though, my great escape is reading books.
Hi Ellie!
You're so cute, love the Tour de Pants! I used to walk a lot through the neighborhood but my back has been killing me for what seems like forever now, so it's hard to sustain it.
We have a Golden Retriever and she's getting quite the workout, chasing our bird seed munching squirrel visitor. Boy can that squirrel move - and leaps from our house to the tree tops to get away.
I'm having the worst allergies ever this year. Hope you're feeling better!
Happy Thursday,
"The Tour de Pants"

Ha! :o)

"What is your great escape and how do you fit it in your day?!"

Wild Turkey 101.
I fit it in my day usually first by pouring a shot and a half of it into my morning coffee. Then at break time, I'll slip some into my glass of orange juice. Then I'll usually have a couple ounces of it to top off my three-martini lunch. And then, of course, at home for dinner, I generally cook with it, and have a big tumbler full for dessert before going to bed. Works for me.

~ "Lonesome Dogg" McD-Fens
arlee bird said…
With all my kids moved out of the house it is almost always quiet here. I escape from the dead silence with music, blogging, reading, and occasional TV (usually movies). And I do try to take a walk every now and then.

Tossing It Out
I have lots of ways to escape - watching a movie, playing a computer game, listening to music - but my great escape is practicing my guitar. It's my moment of serenity.
Lorena G. Sims said…
Singing is my great escape. It is nice to learn what other people's great escape. If I know how to play guitar, that would be my greatest escape.
Tour de Pants!!! OMG, I love it! This is hilarious, Ellie. You should trade-mark this and sell something...really. My quiet time is before I fall asleep, reading some wonderful book. I'm all alone except for my 2 precious doggies and we commune with life, nature, the stars & moon, and quietly fall asleep. You are such an adorable woman, I admire you so much.
And thank you thank you thank you for the award. I've never had an award so this is super special. xx's Marsha
I have a blog crush on you... seriously you are good I love the tour de pants... and I love your ideas... Quiet time. I get little but it's reading in bed at night and now, blogging only the dog snoring at my feet. Now i will check out the blogs you awarded and go to bed....
simon said…
great escapes? Um...well it was music, (singing), now its getting into the australian bush and bird watching, or riding a mtn bike with my son, or walking. I do love solitude!
Julie@beingRUBY said…
Hi Ellie
Well thank you so much for thinking of me with this award.. it's always so special when it comes from a new blog friend!!! I will add it to my awards page and post on it soon...

Well this year I have taken a break from the corporate world so luckily have a lot more quiet time.. but last year working 80 hour weeks I was at breaking point and found blogging.. and through that.. playing with photography and alterations.. it's my zone out thing now!!!

Thanks again for thinking of me.. you are so sweet!!! Have a great weekend.. xx Julie

OOhh forgot... The Tour de Pants!!! excellent!!!!!.. and it is almost that season again... I have a blog series on Tour de France.. might have to sneak you in this year!!! xx
Thank you so much sweet Ella for this lovely award!
I am honored :-)
Hey Ellie!

I saw your tag but it has been a crazy busy week for me, I will get to it though. :)
This made me smile, I really like the tour de pants. One of my great escapes is movies or a little me time to actually sit and read a book. One outdoorsy thing I love to do is feed the squirrels at the park, they're so cute! Love to you Ellie, hope all is well!
Watery Tart said…
Though I can't abide pants, the 'Tour de Pants' is BRILLIANT! I love it. My escapes are walking and writing. I walk to and from work and find it leaves the stress by the the side of the road, for whereever it originated... gone. I read while I walk, so I don't even have interfering thoughts! I also POWER walk to exercise--faster, and no book.

But my bath and notebook are my real escape... the fan drowns out family noises and I just WRITE!
Coleen said…
Like everyone else..."Tour de Pants" got me chuckling.....

My Lar and I try to go for a walk everyday...we take pretty much the same route, but, notice something different everytime....

Heart Hugs,
Ellie, I have two surprises for you today!
stephanie said…
Thanks so much for the award!! It's my first one and I am so touched that you thought of me...I guess right now my escape is exercise---never thought I would say that!
Ellie said…
Stephanie-You are welcome; Exercise is a great escape! It looks like you are doing really well! I'll visit you soon~

Alex-You have my attention; I will stop by soon!
Two,huh?! Intriguing~

Coleen-Heart Hugs to you! I like that always
have a fresh view! It is nice you both enjoy walking together~

Hart-Thank you; Impressive, reading while you walk! I love your great escape, as long as you don't drop your work in the tub ;-D

Jenny-I see you have a lot of new friends!
How fun; Thanks, I like your escape...movies.
I should of put that. It is in my blood~
Love to you, too <3 I love seeing the animals in nature~

Deb-You are Welcome; You have a wonderful sense of style!

Julie-You are Welcome; Glad you made time for you and your art! It is amazing~ (((HUGS)))
I will email you soon~

Simon-All of your escapes, sounds wonderful!
Solitude does allow us to downsize our thoughts and be in the moment. Thanks for visiting me~

Lisa-I love that, so cute! It all adds up; I know how hard it can be to carve out me time! Sounds like your dog was enjoying his~

Marsha-I love how you and your dogs are so tuned in to nature! How fun! You are Welcome! You have an eye for fashion! Thank you~ (((HUGS)))

Lorena-I love that; you still can still learn to play the guitar! YOU would love it~

Alex-All great ways to decompress! I need new strings for my Gibson. It really does sooth the soul!

Lee-All great; I'm not looking forward to the empty nest syndrome, but we all go through it!
You forgot juggling~ ;-D

Lonesome Dogg-Your name should be Wild Dogg! are funny~

Sally-I know your squirrel pics are great!
I am sorry to hear about your back! My Dr
said, walking was the best thing I could do.
What about short walks, often?! Back pain is
so terrible! I had back surgery! I hope you are feeling better! I always wanted a Golden Retriever.

Karen G-I know, right Spain on the beach, that would be amazing!!! I love books, too!
You are right, a great way to escape~

Yvonne-Karen and I want to escape with you, ;-D
Hi Ellie if you go to my blog entitled
Welcome to my world of awards, there is something for you.

Ellie said…
Hi Yvonne,
I will stop by; Thank you for visiting me. I'm going to do a warbler update, soon ;-D