Happy Birthday Baby Birds

Last night, my husband spied 5 eggs in the boot; I was busy helping our daughter get ready for her "Formal"
that is what they call it in middle school.  Eighth grade Prom in reality, seventh graders can only attend, if asked by an 8th grader.    We were in route, husband sent us a "tweet" there are eggs in the boot.   When I returned home, Mama bird had returned to the boot, she had flown out and he had a chance to peek in, while I was peering in at the dance to see how it was set up.  It was an Asian theme, really fun;  Another Mom and I took kids to the Dragon Buffet, out to eat, before the main event.  Great group, they were funny and well behaved!  A few of the parent stopped by to check and see how things were going and take photos. We are so bird like, we allow our kids to leave the nest, let them test their wings.  We pace and call our friends and/or parents, and relive our memories of days gone by.   Now, we twitter and tweet ; I posted about this awhile ago:    We act Bird like~    I let my little one, test her wings, last night, while the Warblers gave birth. Four eggs have been hatched, one left.   This is the update, as of this morning.   Mama bird had flown away and my husband snapped this with a pocket sized camera.  I love how he got the outside of the boot!

There were two nests built; one in each boot.  They chose the home on the right.  The Daddy Warbler is out in another tree and together they gather and prep food for their new additions!  So sweet, I mean tweet...

Oh, I should show you how my baby looked.  Here she is preening; her friend stopped by to discuss their
plans.   I heard a lot of laughter as they chattered.

        Mother Nature was included in the fashion statement, delphiniums, lilies with touches of yellow and mini carnations.  I wanted sweet heart roses, but they were out of white.  The boyfriend and her broke up a week, before the dance.   We decided to get her flowers!
The first to arrive, were 5, later others strolled in. ( I swear, I didn't do this because of the 5 eggs)
I only knew there were eggs in the boot, didn't know how many.  They had a wonderful evening~  Yes, she gave me something to tweet about! (my daughter is on the right).

Hubby and I will do our best to get more pics~   Husband came home from his fishing trip with great photos!
He and his friends had a relaxing retreat; I am happy he has returned~

We are happy for the Warbler Family!  


i love how you tie things like birds to parents.. I wish I had a knack for that... I love it.. can't wait to see more photos of the baby birds.
Keep us posted on those warblers!
Lisa said…
You do have a wonderful way with words and tying themes together. Love it!

Your daughter is very pretty and I can't wait to see more pix of the warblers!
Becky Shander said…
Lots of things happening huh? I hope that your daughter and her gang enjoyed the dance.
Swimmer said…
That is such a cute story!
Watery Tart said…
Yay for baby birds--both the real and the human kind! I remember my daughter's 8th grade dance. I love that kids here almost NEVER go in just pairs. I don't know if that is location or generation, but it is nice for the 'singles'. I love how you ran these two things parallel--very cute (and fitting)
Rayna M. Iyer said…
One beautiful girl you have out there.

And there is something for you on my blog.
Pixie said…
I love baby birds and nests! However, the only birds I see are large scary pigeons that like to sit on my fire escape and make piegon noises at 5am. THOSE I don't like so much. lol