Happy Mother's Day

Here are some flowers for you, a Pinata rose !   Hope your day was wonderful!!!   I went and had
special coffee, walked a nature trail and my family gave me this beautiful beauty~    I also
was given a touching poem by my daughter and a card and ice cream from my son.    My husband
built me a garden bench and then gradually moved the boots out of the garage.  The Wilson Warblers have adjusted to their home being moved and we are pleased.    My husband said, he will wipe out his boots, when they are done.   The funny thing is...he kept saying how they must have another nest.    We found, Plan B nest, in the
in the other boot.  We both  thought there was only one nest in one boot...not the case!   It  is
Boot A and Boot B, instead of Thing 1 and Thing 2.    I  loved that, my Mother's Day gift involved saving 
a bird families home and their soon to be babies.  Now, he is thinking bird cam in the bush near by with
umbrella....  I thought he was kidding, now not so sure!

 I had to give them the silk sunflowers as a house warming gift.  They are attracted to yellow.

   Here is the bench moved out to the side of our garage!  See the Warbler is checking it out and
seemed happy and dove into the boot, with a mouthful of straw.  My husband later, saw a beetle
crawl out, wondering where he was?!   

Yes, I made a little sign for them, it says, "Home
Tweet Home".  It has a musical note flash card at the top.   Yeah, we have adopted them, should be fun to watch~


Lisa said…
That is so cute and so sweet! I love the boot nests and the flowers tucked in them.

Happy Mother's Day Ms. Ellie!
Stacey said…
Very cute nest, I agree that will be fun to watch!!!

Happy Mother's Day:)
Bud Ezekiel H. said…
that's really neat the way you've provided for them. they gonna be dry enough? cats ? you gonna build a bird ladder for the babies to climb? don't you know we all want weekly updates too? :)
Ellie said…
Hi Lisa-Thanks, yeah, I had to stick the yellow
sunflowers in there! A house warming gift, lol!

Stacey-I don't know yet, if there will be a bird cam, but If there is, I will provide updates! Thanks for stopping by! Happy Mother's Day to you~

Bud-Funny, you should ask, there is corner part of the roof, that will prevent some rain, but my husband is going to build them
a roof. It is suppose to rain, Wednesday, so
hopefully this will get done tomorrow! I don't know about the ladder, I have an orchid trellis, perhaps?! My husband doesn't think
a cat is likely to get to them, I am more worried about snakes. Last summer, my husband left his sneakers on the front porch of the house. He later went out to get them and a snake had taken over his sneaker. I don't know what it is about his footwear that
wild America loves?!
chrissy said…
This was a GREAT mothers day story.
i LOVE it.
i am envious that you have a bird family living in your boots...
how perfect.
i look forward to following along their warbler story...
loves and huge hugs to you.
Lovely flowers which I loved very much.

Have a nice day.



what a fun story to watch unfold, I love birds in nature- Have you ever read the children's book about a girl and a rabbit and the girl is looking for something to give her mom on her birthday and the rabbit suggests a bird and the girl says my mom doesn't like birds in cages. So funny that is how I feel. I love the yellow color for them, and I love how you catch him on camera. Is it your birthday day too???
B. Miller said…
Happy Mother's Day and HAPPY BIRTHDAY as well! I wished you a happy birthday on my blog - hope you have a great one!
Happy birthday, Ellie!
Lisa said…
Happy, Happy Birthday, Ellie! I hope your day is everything you want and more!

Watery Tart said…
I've been gone for several days, but I hear it's your birthday! I hope you have a great one!
Lorena G. Sims said…
Happy Birthday! I wish you all the best!
I'm glad you had a wonderful Mother's day..That's really cute and sweet!
Is that rose from your garden? it's beautiful
Hi Ellie!
Sorry to be a day late wishing you a Happy Mother's Day! I hope you had a wonderful one!
I got smacked by a crummy head cold and am so behind with my blog visiting. I look forward to catching up on all of your news.
Love that a birdie family has taken up residence in those boots - how fun and cool is that?!
Happy week to you,
Home Tweet Home. I love that.
What a happy Mother's day post Ellie:-)
I wanted to also thank you for your words of kindness that you left for me on my Crescendoh article.'Thank you so very much, I appreciate you.
Ellie said…
Deb-Thanks for stopping by; I also have a story
over there in March under Readers Share! I am glad Art Saved you!

Patricia-Thank-you! aren't they cute~

Sally-Hope you are feeling better! Cute isn't it boot house for the birds~

Lorena-Hi, new rose I received for Mother' Day! I will stop by and visit you!! Thank you!

Hart-Hello, Thanks for stopping by, I will visit you soon! I love to laugh and your blog always makes me smile, giggle or gasp!

Lisa-Hi, Wish you lived close by we could start an Animal Shelter! (((hugs)))

Alex-Thank you so much; Can't wait to see your book on the shelf..so exciting!!!

B.Miller-Thank you so much; It was a really nice surprise! I am rarely surprised...I will
visit you soon!

Lisa-When is your birthday? I know it is sometime this month?!

Yvonne-It was nice to share a birthday with such a gracious lady and your grand daughter...my Father in Law, also is born on this day!

Chrissy-(((hugs))) Thanks for stopping by and
brightening my day!