It has been a year...?! Time for a Give-a-Way

My Blog is a year old today; I am stunned by how many members I have now!  I started with 3, then it slowly grew.  My members rapidly increased when I signed on to do the A-Z Blogging challenge in April, hosted by Lee of Tossing it Out!    I really didn't know the direction my blog would take.  I started out with gardening and recipes, then slowly add some crafts, then my writing seemed to be more my focus.   I submitted my
Art Saves story to Crescendoh, to the Readers Share section. It was published online, in March.   I believe this was a pivotal turn, as well.   I have only just begun.  I have so much,  I want to say and do.  Time management is where I need to put my focus, so I can accomplish my new goals.   I won't list them, as of yet...don't want to jinx myself! 

I can't thank you all enough for your kindness, suggestions, encouragement and support!   I wish I could
have a party and have everyone over!!!   I am in awe of the talent I have encountered so far!  Published artists, writers, photographer, and many up and coming talents!  My followers excel in the human condition of compassion and kindness!   If anyone is still hemming and hawing about blogging;  Just Do It!!!

I want to have a give-a-way, to show my appreciation, when I hit an item on my goal list I will have another one and another.

You have til Sunday evening, May 23rd, to submit your comments, towards the drawing for these items: 
I will count the comments under the True Colors blog post, today!   I am behind in doing this; Hubby and I went shopping in Virginia today and I had to go to the hospital for a retina scan, standard, yearly
eye appointment.  The tech putting drops in my eyes, didn't think it was enough and gave me more.  I had to have my pupils dilated, it took awhile for my vision to return.  My appointment was later this afternoon.

I will put all comments in a hat for a drawing, if you want extra points, then you need to answer these questions, for every question answered, I will write your name and throw it in the hat.  So, if you comment that is one point, answer the 5 questions, 5 points, so you have 6 chances in the hat, if you
answer the questions correctly!

Where am I originally from?   What branch of service is my husband in?    What is my maiden name?
What is my real first name?...that one is tricky, I seem to have 3 on this blog.    How many kids do I have?

Here is the prize:

Creating Vintage Style: Stylish Ideas & Step-by-step Projects  by Lucinda Ganderton, 

a small notebook, made by me, a couple of cards and a few extras.   Guy don't be shy, your wife might like a surprise gift!   


treasurefield said…
Lovely prize!
I just started following your blog, so I don't know your real name. Hazarding a guess... Ellen?
But you have 2 kids, you're from Maine, and your husband is in the Navy.
Is this the first time you've lived in the south? I'm a Carolina girl. We're in for some hot and humid weather, I can tell ya!
Alisa :)
arlee bird said…
Congratulations on your first year of blogging! I still have about 4 months to go to get to my 1 year anniversary. It's been so good getting to know you during the A to Z Challenge and I will be checking your site regularly.

Tossing It Out
Congratulations, it's a lovely prize, good luck yo all that enter.

Becky Shander said…
Happy Blog anniversary...I'm glad that this outlet has helped you to blossom and grow.
Congrats on one year! (Don't worry about entering me.) You have a very unique blog voice and I enjoy visiting.
Shannon said…
Congratulations sweetie! That is so awesome...I tagged you on my blog post today!
Just wanted to say 'Congrats'! One year - that's really exciting. I'd totally throw a birthday party!
Watery Tart said…
Ellie-Happy Blogday! (I gave you a plug yesterday in the Pay it Forward and then came and did the color quizzes, but it was quittin' time before I had time to comment!) I think you're doing GREAT! (but I have memory issues and trouble with questions, and ethical issues answering because some of your commenters might be right and I saw some answere... so just entered the once is probably fairest anyway...)
Julie@beingRUBY said…
HI Ellie
I just popped over to say.. Happy Blog Birthday.. Happy Birthday Birthday and Happy Mothers Day... haha you are right May is 'the Month'.. thanks so much for popping over my way and entering my giveaway.. always lovely to meet another blogger!!! and seeing I am new.. I know none of the answers to your questions.. except!! You have 2 children.. haha .. read the profile!!! Congrats on your 1 year.. xx Julie
Hi precious, Happy Anniversary to you! I think just sticking with this blogging thing is the most difficult task one must do in the beginning. Well done, Ellie. I'm so happy to know you. xx's Marsha
Ellen said…
Yeah...1 year...wowza!!!! Happy 1 year blogiversary to you! Have a most wonderful weekend!
Hello my friend!

Happy #1 and many more to come! Now, lets see what I know about you...

Where am I originally from? Maine
What branch of service is my husband in? Navy
What is my maiden name? Is it Jackson?
What is my real first name? Ellen
How many kids do I have? 2

How'd I do? I'm thankful we found each other in blog world Ellie and I'm thankful for your friendship. ♥
hometown girl said…
a wonderful giveaway, congrats on your anniversary! susan