Listen to the Whispers...

Do you listen to the wind, the song of the birds?  Do you go on walks, do you find moving meditative?
When I do, I listen to the whispers of my heart.  When I walk, random thoughts, ideas and sometimes problems will resolve themselves. Whispers for me are strongest, when I am alone, but not always. Sometimes during a walk, I will have a sign or thought come to me.   A soul stirring to try, ponder, or create.
Even if your whispers seems silly or odd, it is at least fair to reflect on  the messages you are being sent. 
Write them down when you walk is over; See if anything comes to you, later on. Maybe you hear them
at random, while folding laundry, checking the oil in your car, or mowing the lawn.   Be aware of them;
like your dreams, they are signs, some are, like seeds that blow in the wind.  Every once in awhile a seed will be carried and dropped and grow into a beautiful bloom.   Maybe one of your whispers could also be
beautiful if allowed to develop, to grow, to blossom.

I think writing in the morning, helps the whispers come through, walks can and listening when your soul stirs!
You may define this a sign, God or your soul speaking soft whispers to you!  However you define it; I think
it is important to be aware and tune inward.  Pay attention, to the whispers of your heart n' soul, they speak to you daily, but it is only a few that truly listen~

*update on the Warbler family:  My husband said, the female is in the toe of the boot, the eggs have been laid.
I probably won't get any more photos til the babies have hatched.   Til then here are a few more pics:

Here we are with Wilson Warbler(yes, I named him, lol) We think it is this
variety.   I call him Wilson, so am I right?! Or is he....the female has a gray cap on her head.
         Here is more proof, the Warbler with white between their
wings is.....  I would say this is the male, the female has less yellow on her.  Oh, I named her Winona.      The Blue Winged has the colors between it's wings.      They make a sound it sounds to me like
bzz bzz bzz         Maybe A Blue Winged and a Wilson Warbler
had babies and this is the new breed.  Blue Wilson Warbler.

are some
June 09 pics!
Can you see the babies, aren't they sweet, tweet...cute!                             Here is one of the proud parents
                                                                                                                on a feeding frenzy!
Don't you love the colorful nest~
                                        The Warblers' Home for now....waiting and watching for the Wilsons to soon
have new additions to their family!  It is very quiet, for now...

Alex commented that there is an actually poem about the whispers!  I had no idea...I googled Listen to the Whispers and found this.  Wow, I am stunned in a good I thought I would share it with you! Thanks Alex for telling me about this!  I have never heard of this~    It is really beautiful!


A most lovely title and blog to match. I love to walk along the beach nearby and sort out any problems I may have. It is so relaxing , The pics are wonderful also. Thanks for sharing.

Becky Shander said…
The unexpected combination of worn-out boots with sunny flowers is really gorgeous. This is a great example of how pretty blooms can perk up just about any old thing.
Will Burke said…
My, what an odd place to nest! Probably the safest place too.
Bud Ezekiel H. said…

thank you for the update on families!:) you gonna name the kids too????
Clever birds! They know a nice, safe place when they see one.

And, yes, I always listen to the whispers...

Hi Ellie!

Stopping by to let you know that I have given you an award on my blog.

I love hearing about your birdies in the boots!

Happy Tuesday,
Glad he let the bird nest.

And do you realize the first part of your post is a poem?
KarenG said…
I LOVE this post!! I LOVE your blog!! It always inspires and calms me at the same time.
Ellie said…
Hi Karen G-Thank you! I am trying to catch up with everyone; Sinus problems-I am blaming the dentist appt, yesterday! The dentist cleaned my teeth; I haven't had this happen, ever...okay
maybe when I was child! Thank you for the compliment! I'll visit you soon! ;-D

Alex-Really, part of a poem... I haven't read any poems like this. Have I? No...that is strange. I guess I will type it in google and see what comes up. I swear, I had no idea...
Yes, we are happy,hubby sacrificed his boots for awhile~

Sally-Thank you; I'll be by to visit you soon!
Thank you so much~

Colette-I would suspect you would and your dreams!!! ;-D Thanks for coming by~

Bud-You make me smile; We will see...

Will-the boots were in the garage; they kept flying in and popped in and out of the boots.
Hubby decided to move them outside on Mother's Day! It is really a unique place to nest~

Becky-I agree, punches of color really do draw the eye in! They love the color yellow, camouflage for the Warblers.

Yvonne-I, so love the beach, too! I think some of my best ideas, have come on long walks on the shore. The peaceful waves rolling in and out. The gentle rhythmic sound
mimics the heart beat.
love the new petunia header and purple too- I love updates on warbler. I am trying to do the morning writing starting tomorrow. I have a summer job, so feeling like I will loose a bit of my time in the am... but I will email you about that. I have little time for whispers as my son is so small and wants me most of the day..but maybe i should walk at 530 am ??? I am going to look for the poem alex found...
Stacey said…
That picture of the girl is GREAT!!!
Rayna M. Iyer said…
What a wonderful, wonderful post!

I got this in my inbox today - "I think I'm probably avoiding something pretty big in my inner life, she said, because I'm keeping pretty busy"- which sort of described life as it is for me right now.

BUT, you have inspired me!
Watery Tart said…
I LOVE the whispers idea... I am a serious walker and it seems my speed goes with the whispers generated. Power walking is my VERY best plotting stance... the ideas meld and merge in new and surprising ways. It is too fast though, for the new ideas to catch me. That requires maybe poking in a pond with a stick, or hiking by a waterfall--something I have to do more slowly.

Love the Warbler-Boot family!
Lorena G. Sims said…
I love to walk and listen to whispers. Sometimes I walk with empty head and let what I see and hear fill it up.. I love listening to birds too specially when I'm in bed trying to fall asleep and when I wake in the morning.
I love your photos and your petunia header looks good.
Wanda said…
I find the nice quiet of morning walks provide some of my clearest reflections/inspirations. Love the pictures you shared. Everytime I pop over I find something new here. Lovely petunias :0)
Watery Tart said…
Ellie-i just answered at my blog, but wasn't sure you'd see, as it was yesterday's post--PLEASE join us for the BuNoWriMo! We'd love it! At Facebook just plug in that word to groups and you'll find us--request to join and I will approve!

Never fear on nerves--it is a super supportive way to do it. And the NICE thing is, going so fast releases the inner editor--you can fix THAT stuff LATER, once the story is released!
Ellie said…
Hart-I will check it out; Thank you! I do think, that is key...get it out on paper and
all the fixing, can come later!

Wanda-Thank you; I'm like you, I like the peaceful morning walks. It is a gentle way to start the day!

Lorena-I agree it is nice to hear the birds, begin and end our day! Thanks~

Hart-I like to power walk,too! I agree, a slower pace is a better zone for the whispers to appear. Power walking always included my Ipod, the whispers are distracted then ;-0

Rayna-You inspire me; Your book post was wonderful! I will try again today, but am having trouble commenting for some odd reason.
I will attach a link here, so others can join in! I love books and encouraged my kids. They grew up in libraries and book stores!

Stacey-Hi, My husband took that one. I left the camera out in the garage. This way, either one of us could grab it, if the Warblers appeared. He caught a great freeze frame moment! The only other thing he has taken photos of are fish and us.

Lisa-Just small moments in time, can work! It is hard when your child is small. I do remember those days! They go so fast; Seems like you do a wonderful job of filling up the day, with creative moments-looks like some whispers appeared!
Anonymous said…
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