Power of your will

I had an injury and couldn't stand straight for 6 months,I have put on a few lbs; I am better now.  I gained weight and  lost muscle, being inactivity with an injury, has taken its toll.    I have struggled lately with 15 lbs I'd like to lose.  I was was so mad, still mad, I haven't been talking much today.  I went to the Dr recently and my blood work for my diabetes came back in the normal range, If I didn't have any willpower, it would of been high.  I resist so many things.  I couldn't get a word in, remember I had an injury...I have never been down this long with an injury or surgery.  It was an unusual situation.
I found this book and thought, why not?!  I have been dabbling with writing, maybe this would help, couldn't hurt.   Maybe I'll write a novel, while I am trying to pen myself thin.  WIP, could be walking, inches and
pilates or weights, intensity and power walking, instead of work in progress.  I guess, I'm the work in progress, now aren't I!    Julia Cameron may be familiar to many of you, she is the author of The Artist Way.
In this Writing Diet, you are given tools to work with, morning pages, the journal, walking, 4 questions,
 a culinary art date, Halt, and a body buddy.  The morning pages, help you grow and change.  At first you write complaints, rambling, and what you need to do, then it becomes more insightful!   The pen, not the spoon or fork, becomes your way to deal with your emotions.  The writing becomes a way to reconnect to your soul. You will dig and sift through what works and what doesn't.     Writing it all down, makes us accountable and own the truth, doesn't the truth set us free....and maybe shrinks our waistline a bit, in the process!


Swimmer said…
That sounds great!
Beth said…
Fascinating! I'm really glad you wrote about this! I may look for this book.
Ellie said…
It is really cheap on Amazon.com the cheapest
I have seen it!
Stephen Tremp said…
I put on a few pounds while writing. Too much sitting. I'm buying a super juicer that does just about everything. This should help shave off those unwanted pounds. Good luck to you.

Stephen tremp
Bud Ezekiel H. said…
i was wondering where you went to:)
didn't know if the tweetie family had you out scouting for earthworms or you decided to put out a birdbath for them....
Ellie said…
Bud-I went out yesterday and picked up the sign and a sunflower that had blown off the boot house. One of the warblers came in the garage and started scolding me. I didn't touch the boot. I didn't see them again; husband glanced and no eggs, yet. We weren't home much yesterday. He hasn't built them a roof yet. I was going to put out a bird bath ;-D I'll try to do an update today~

Stephen-Yes, blogging and writing can definitely do that! I hope you love your juicer and come up with some incredible recipes. We bought the Lecithin Granules, per yours n' Lisa's recommendations. Sounds like super supplements! I am just trying to figure out how much, since it is soy related.
Taking it in small doses. Good luck to you!

Beth-I will let you know, how it is working, regarding writing instead of over eating.
She does mention, that she decided to write this book, when she noticed a lot of people in her classes(The Artist Way book) started losing weight. She recommends the morning pages, walking and an artist date in that book. I think either way, if you reach for pen and paper or keyboard..getting the feelings out that create the binge or over indulgence, will help!

Swimmer-Have you ever read the first book?
It is good! I think you would like it!

I think you could glance at these books at your local library, if you are curious!
The pen is mightier than the fork...
Interesting concept.
From everything I know about you, you're not lacking in willpower.


Ha! I enjoyed your comment. Thanks! (Left a reply for ya.)

This book you mention would never work for me. I'd just spend day after day writing about ice cream until I finally gave in and bought a half gallon (or 30).

~ "Lonesome Dogg" McD-Fens
Ellie said…
OMG, I did that once, it was brownies for me...
rich, dark fudge, morsels! I am going to try,
but no food writing for me! I remember
that day, write it instead of eat it, ran out to the kitchen and made me a pan of gooey, goodness! I will try the other tricks, but I, too, can not go down that slippery slope!
Thanks for sharing; off to check out your blog~
do you like the artist way better than writing diet>>??? LOL
Ellie said…
Lisa-I don't know, yet...I do know with the Writing diet, it is a Culinary Artist Date...I will let you know!

Lonesome Dogg-Stay away from food writing, it is dangerous!(me, too)

Colette-Thank you, for that! I love your art work, the houses really speak to me. I can see you used your stamps, really unique!

Alex-It is interesting, I guess, if the weight doesn't come off, a food critic career could come into play?! Nah....