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Check out Lee of Tossing it Out Blog to see others, Fantasy Fifteen Favs!
I found this challenge harder. than the X post on the A-Z blogging challenge.  

                  #9 QUEEN-Classic Queen:  I think of how much their music impacted culture.  How frontman Freddy Mercury's voice is timeless and legendary.   The song "The Show Must Go On"   is a shadow of Freddy's death and battle with Aids


#10 HEART-DreamBoat Annie: Amazing Sister act, The Wilsons.
Unique blend and groundbreaking for the culture at the time!  A talented
sister duo.   One of my favs, "Crazy For You"


#11 SEAL-Seal:  My daughter was born, when I received this cd.  It
soothed both of us, when I would slow dance with her, to the song, "Don't Cry".  We both instantly became calm.   Music helps us match our feelings and express our soul.

#12 ELTON JOHN-Elton John:  A true showman, in every sense of the word.  I remember the lst time I heard "Crocodile Rock".  We asked our
band leader, if we could sing it in our 6th grade chorus performance. Mr. Bender was cool; We were allowed to sing this and Three Dog Night songs.   It was the end of the year and he wanted us to sing songs, we liked.  This had never happened before; Yes, it was a great performance, everyone wanted to sing!  Yes, he was like Mr. Holland in "Mr. Holland's Opus".

#13 METALLICA-Don't Tread On Me:  My husband brought this cd home.  I wasn't sure, if I would like
it; I loved it.  "Enter Sandman" spoke to me, who doesn't remember being scared and sleeping with one eye open; gripping your pillow tight.

 #14 EVANESCENCE-Fallen:  Amy Lee's voice is hauntingly beautiful.
There music is a bit dark with spiritual elements.   Unique sound.  "Bring
Me to Life" is a fav.   Their music reminds us, how precious life is and
how love can transcend.                   

#15 MARVIN GAYE-Gold:  Marvin you are a friend of mine!  Seems like your music is always playing when I go to pick up my husband.
When we were first married and lived in Orlando, FL; I would have to pick him up at night.  He had C school in the evening; Marvin was always
playing.  When he goes out to sea, deployement for 6 months, I hear Marvin.   When we go to Home Coming, Marvin is playing, while I'm in route. " Mercy, Mercy Me"

I must apologize; I was suppose to do this in one post!  I tried, last night we lost the power.  I lost all my work.  I tried again, later in the evening, had to get off, thundershowers all around us.   Today, I tried again,
I goofed up and it wouldn't post. 

The rest of my pics are in prior post~


Lisa said…
Great list Ellie and I enjoyed the commentary that went along with each. I also have "Fallen" by Evanescence on my list. Amy Lee is incredible!
Bud Ezekiel H. said…
i must really be livin a sheltered life because i'm only able to pick an average of two albums of everyone's list.

btw suppose the "extra family" in your garage might be from last year? those extra birds might be in fact "actually....home again."
think about it:)
arlee bird said…
These are all winners in my book--especially Evanescence.

Tossing It Out
Ellie said…
Lisa-I will be by soon to visit you on the island! I really do love her voice!

Bud-I will post soon, no eggs yet! I agree you might be on to something. Funny thing, is my husband found another bird in the garage building a nest in a Tide box. Huh?! I like your idea, Bud...home again, sounds nice!

Arlee-I typed this 3x's; I messed it up, but
I was tired of fighting the arrangement and the sizing. If I recovery from Island Fever, I might do it right. I'll have to check out your post,about resizing!

Swimmer said…
I like that Bring me To Life song it is very haunting like isn't it?
Great list Ellie! Go Marvin Gaye. You're the first to list him :) Second 'Heart' fan too! Cool :)
Great list,I knew 3 but as you will appreciate living in a different country there are artistes that we don'tget to hear and vice versa.

Have a good day.
I'm only just now getting over here because you're at the bottom of Arlee's list and I went down in order, checking out everyone's Desert Island selections.

I really LOVED the commentary you wrote for "HOLLYWOOD'S GREATEST HITS". What a perfect choice for your list (and island). You probably have a great book-length story you could come up with involving the movie theatre theme. Kinda makes me think of the movie 'Cinema Paradiso', which I'm sure you've seen. And if you haven't, YOU must! Run - don't walk!

Yeah, Chicago's 'Saturday In The Park' always makes me think of the Fourth of July, too, and the park in El Segundo (just south of Los Angeles International Airport) where we had the best "4ths" in the mid-1970s.

And finally, your BRIAN SETZER selection... Oh! You would have made my Mom so happy with that one! Maybe in the year 2000, I played her a couple of tracks from that album just because she grew up listening to Swing music and liked Louis Prima (who doesn't?)

Anyway, she kinda liked what I played her but probably thought it would have been better sans the "Rockabilly" influence. Then, just as I was about to remove the disc, on a whim, I decided to play her one more song - which I didn't think she'd much care for: "Since I Don't Have You".

She totally flipped, fell absolutely head-over-heels bonkers in love with Setzer's voice and the way he sang that song. I mean, seriously, it became one of her all-time favorite songs, right up there with the best of Tommy Dorsey, Count Basie, Frank Sinatra, Bobby Darin and Ralph Marterie. She couldn't get enough of it!

My Ma passed away in 2005, and to this day, I play a handful of her favorite songs every year on her May 13th birthday, and I ALWAYS include Brian Setzer's 'Since I Don't Have You.' Which means, of course, that I heard that very song just 6 days ago.

Nicely done, Ellie. Thanks! You've got my Ma smiling in Heaven!

~ "Lonesome Dogg" McD-Fens
Ellie said…
Lonesome Dogg- I love the song your Mom loved!
How touching; so happy you shared that moment with her! I love that you play her music on her birthday; Quite a tribute to Mom! I am happy your Mom is smiling down at you! My Dad is smiling and reaching for my cell phone and
Blue ray movies..LOL I am so glad you shared this with me! Yes, I have seen that movie and now I want to see it again. YOU know I have started a book, my Mom's story. Now, though all this movie talk, makes me want to write my Dad's. I don't have Mom's done, but I have a good start. Thanks for pointing me in that direction, I have been thinking about it. I would have to research the equipment and lingo of the area. I know some... Mom gave me a notebook, he wrote down the movies he ran with notes. It was a neat find and I'm happy to have it! Here's to your Mom and my Dad! Their love of music...

Yvonne-Impressive that you know 3! It is fun to see what others are inspired by! Thanks for visiting me~

Jessica-I love some of yours! It was a fun list to do! You reached 200, Congrats!!!

Swimmer-It is isn't it; she has such a emotional voice, she can really make you feel the mood!
Thanks for your comments!
Hmmm... Perhaps a book about your Mom's AND your Dad's story?

Back in the early 1980s, I had an idea for a story about a guy living in Los Angeles who decides to move to New York. Simulataneously, and unbeknownst to him, a girl living on the East Coast decides to change her life and move to the West. Both of these characters just happen to pull into the same roadway motel in the middle of the country on the same day, and they meet. This changes EVERYTHING!

Well, I'm obviously never going to write this story, so you can have it if ya want it. Only you could take out the road trip stuffs and just make it one chapter about your Dad and one chapter about your Mom - alternating back and forth until fate brings them together in the book.

Well, just an idea. Run with it if ya want, but either way, I wish you good luck with whatever writing projects you pursue.

~ "Lonesome Dogg" McD-Fens
Ellie said…
Stephen-That is a wonderful concept! Thank you for the idea! If I attempt it, I will let you know! You sure, you seem like you really could make it happen! ;-D

Thank so much; I will visit you soon~