Wilson Warbler

Here is the finch, no, we were wrong; the Warbler  They have taken over my husband's boots, in our garage.   I put out some more yellow, while my husband was working in the yard. He had moved his John Deer, one landed on the yellow center of the wheel base.
There are two of them, this time..both have been in the boots.
  Husband has spied on them, more  then me. He thinks this is plan A, not B.    I did manage to capture a few pics.
We discovered the Flip camera needed to be charged.   I have never seen 2 of them, only one bird.  They are on to me, one goes in the boot and when I try to get close enough,  it pops out and flies away. I went out a minute ago, both were on the boots, but my camera was sitting on the table, by the time I reached it, they had flown away.

They hop about, before they reach the boot, hanging and perform circus like
stunts on ropes.  It is a riot watching them, feels like a side show!    Hoping for better pic, later on....for now, these will do and proves I'm not just squawking.

Don is fine with it for now, but I know he wants them to have plan B.   No, B isn't for boots...lol   Maybe this is their plan B?!

This type of Warbler is either Wilson or Blue Winged...
Don said, he spied blue on the wing.  I am kind of
leaning toward Wilson, since this is our last name.

A nest is being woven, will the bird family have to relocate and start another nest?  Will Don sacrifice his boots for the birds.... stayed tuned, for another chapter of   "Home Tweet Home"~


Tell him to sacrifice the boots!
Ellie said…
I'll tell him one vote for Bird family!
Most interesting post. I enjoyed the read.

Have a wonderful week-end.

How funny! I love the photographs.
this is such a fun story You should turn it into a children's story keep it in the boot
Lisa said…
How cute! Great picture of the Warbler perched on the chair, too!
Thanks for stopping by yesterday with wonderful words of encouragement; I appreciated it so much!
Beatnheart said…
Hi Ellie, Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment to enter into my giveaway....You seem so sweet and your post is adorable...I shall enter you for 3 votes because right now I'm going to post it on your blog....

Cynthia is having a Giveaway...!!! Go to Beatnheart and win your choice of Necklaces made by Moi!! There we go...Have a wonderful weekend with you hero of a husband and those adorable birds...
chrissy said…
How come i never get cute visitors like that in my boots?
i LOVE this story.
i wanted to wish you a very HAPPY MOTHERS DAY.
you are such a dear friend to me and i am so grateful for the love you bring to our friendship table.
enjoy tomorrow.
huge hugs.
lyptis said…
Aw, thats so cute, they are living in the boots!
Bud Ezekiel H. said…
i vote for the birds!!! :) they gotta love the flowers too!!!
Ellie said…
Hi Bud-The birds won; my husband really helped out!!! They love yellow~

Lyptis-Thanks for visiting me I will stop by soon!

Chrissy-Thank you; I sent you a note! Hope you
had a wonderful day! You are one of those inspirational, thoughtful people that deserves the best!!! (((Hugs))) to a great friend, who I hope to meet someday...

Beatnheart-Cynthia, Thank you; Great idea, I like the way you think! ;-D

Lisa-Thinking of you, today, Hope your day was
wonderful, like you! (((Hugs)))

Wasabi Mommy-Lisa, great idea, since you threw that back at me. If i do it, you want to help me with it?! Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day!(((Hugs)))

Ginny-I will visit you soon; hope your get away was a great escape!!! You deserve some fun~

Yvonne-Happy Mother's Day to you and maybe
Happy Birthday!!! Thanks for visiting me~

Alex-Thank you for helping sway the vote! We won! The birds keep the boot house! Thanks~