A Winner, Tagged and Pay it Forward....

I would of posted sooner, but we have had several thundershowers, since 12:30pm-7pm.  We have flooding in our area, 4 lane roads in Elizabeth City, became 1 today.   I have never seen that much water on the roads in the city, since I have lived here. 

I want to start with the winner, of my Give-a-way!  I had my daughter select the winner from a vintage hat....

Congrats go to Lisa of Bombastic Bandicoot!   Lisa email me your address so I can get your gifts off to you~

Shannon of Faith, Hope and Love Tagged me, so I will give this a try:


If I were a MONTH:  I would be October:  I love Fall, the changes in the air, the weather, the leaves turning
color, and the seasons involved.  I love the crisp cooler air, wood smoke and evening walks.  I love the
food, apples in season, fall veggies, pumpkins and squash, cranberries, etc.   I love homemade soups and stews, they taste better, when the air has changed.

If I were a  DAY:   I would be Friday, I love Friday evening, the beginning of the weekend.  Time for family and fun!

If I were a TIME OF DAY:   I guess, it would be 1pm, two meals done and time for me to create.  Morning errands and chores done.

If I were a SEASON:  Tough, I love Spring and the rebirth of flowers, plants and trees, but I would pick Fall.
When I was growing up, always hiking, apple pickings, Halloween parties and town parade.  Love this season, cold weather fashions, caramel apples, snuggling, watching movies, etc.

If I were a PLANET:  I would be EARTH, I love it here, but we need some work...

If I were a DIRECTION:  North(east)  I want to go back to New England for some lobster and beach combing!

If I were a TREE:   MAPLE, they wear a beautiful fall gown~

If I were an ANIMAL:   I'd like to be a Koala bear,but the claw, oh my...okay, I'll chose a beagle!
Velvet ears, big huge eyes, cuddly with a big heart, likes long walks and treats~ yeah, that's me, alright, LOL

If I were a MUSICAL:  "Phantom of the Opera"...it is a haunting, love story of passion, deceit, and despair.

If I were an INSTRUMENT:  guitar, I love plucking the strings.

If I were a FRUIT:  Tough, I love berries, but I would be an apple, sometimes sweet, sometimes sour.

If I were a FOOD:  Pizza-ooey, gooey cheese, with a chewy crust, with an spicy, tomatosauce with plenty of herbs.  I like loaded and cheese.  I haven't met a pizza, I didn't like.

If I were a COLOR:  Green, but I also love turquoise, isn't that kind of in the green family?!

If I were a BOOK:   Can't pick, I love so many, if i had to pick, probably "Simple Abundance" by Sarah
Ban Breathnach.

If I were a SONG:    I can go the distance,  I keep trying, have been derailed by illness a few times, but I will persist!  

If I were a MOVIE:   whoah, this is tough, I grew up with movies...can't pick

If I were a FLOWER:  I'd be  lilacs...they remind me of spring time in Maine

If I were a FACIAL EXPRESSION:  I'd be a smile ;-D

I'd like to pass this on to:  Jenny, Wanda and Chrissy~

Hart of  Confessions of a Watery Tart passed a Pay it Forward to me.   This means I will suggest
3 blogs that my followers might want to check out, in turn you can list 3 or more on your blog to your followers.  Pay it Foward; Here is my 3 picks:

This was difficult, but I wanted to try to pick blogs, that I have not mentioned recently or before:

Dawn of  ~The Feathered Nest~   Dawn is a gracious soul, she uses nature as her muse and is very generous in sharing and inspiring others!

Jennifer of  Giggling in the Rain  Beautiful photos and lyrical words and poems!   She refreshes your soul~

Stephanie of Stephanie Boman  Stephanie is getting her YA fiction published, you can read more about it here with sneak picks of her MC.    I look forward to reading it~

B. Miller is having a Pay It Forward giveaway....check it out, nice prizes; Good Samaritan award should
go to B. Miller~

Thank you Hart, for including me in your list, it means a lot;  I always find your post have something of interest, that makes me think, laugh or say OMG!   ;-D


Lisa said…
YAY! I'm so excited to be your winner - thanks Ellie!

Great job on the tag - you and I have some of the same picks!
Congrats Lisa! Great questions and answers Ella!
Congrats to lisa and to the excellent answers.I was tagged on that one last week but requested I do it in poetry form.....it was fun.

Take care.
Julie@beingRUBY said…
Hi Ellie
Congratulations to the winner!!!

Love your answers there... it's funny as a kid I loved Autumn and Winter [we don't say fall here] perhaps as that was when the family would all be snuggled up inside a warm home!! as an adult i think i prefer spring and summer.. but your words here have me thinking i should enjoy this season more... cold and wet here now!!

Have a lovely week xx Julie
I was pizza as well.

It was raining a lot across the Carolinas yesterday, wasn't it?
Wanda said…
Hi Ella,
I'll work on getting my answers to the tag up this week. Congratulations Lisa on your win. Have a magnificent Monday!
chrissy said…
that was sooo much fun to read all about you my dear.
i LOVE that you included miss jennifer in your 3 blogs...i LOVE her.
she is such a beautiful person with a heart of gold!
(much like you!)
hope you dry out soon over there.
Niki Jackson said…
Hi Ellie, thanks so much for your encouragment on my art saves story. Niki xxx
You've made some lovely and eloquent choices!
Stephanie said…
Thank you so much Ellie! I'm so enjoying your blog!