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I frequent this city to do most of my errands, shopping, garden and home improvement supplies and my
favorite watering hole(Muddy Water's Coffee).  Hubby n' I like to go early either Saturday or Sunday to get our favs and head to our favorite home improvement store and work on knocking off our wish list.  I am lucky, I am married to a handy man!  He never hesitates and dives right into a project with 90% success; he really amazes me!    This is inside Muddy's; someone was sitting in my plush, blue chair, so I didn't get a pic, maybe next time. Don had a mocha frappe, I had a sugar free liquid brownie frappe; my daughter had a caramello one, regular.
Here is my daughter, we sat outside and then strolled around town to snap a few interesting pics! 

Here are some of the older building downtown; I love this aged blue one, it was  founded in 1887.

                  This gate leads into the historical walk of the city;
Some of the yards are marked, some aren't. The city has a
 Ghost Walk, every year in October.  I hope to go this year;seems like every year, we try to go, someone ends up


I love this old door with the patina letters, must of been part of a post office long ago?!       It is on a door...

See the brick road, what wonder adventures were had, here?!  Who walked these streets...

Look at this old beauty....time worn with so many stories to tell...

This is part of  an old jail; I love the old stars...this
is kind of creepy!

It is used today as an office building, all the windows and the doors have wrought iron bars on them!
It was built in 1910 and restored in 1986.

A lot of the buildings, downtown have a
Greek influence.

I love this vintage gate...look at the patina

I love these Coneflowers; they have a natural tilt towards the sun!  Another name is Echinacea; It is a medicinal herb.

I love the age of this statue; no clue how old, but I know it is near a sign, that states 1828.

Hummingbirds love these little gems~

A southern favorite, the Magnolia                               

I hope to find out more history of this area;  An adventure I hope to share with my daughter, over summer vacation.                                                 


Wow what a samshing post, I simply adored the pictures, they were awesome. I do love to take my camera out so if anything interesting comes my way I can snap it.

Take care.
Beautiful photos and post.. Thanks for sharing
Great photos.
And I would be your un-handy man I'm afraid.
love this so much.. I could add it to my late Your town Tuesday post... I was so sad to put it up because no one really did it.. but I guess I have to be patient and link up somewhere on a monday to get the interest or friday follow???
Stacey said…
Great pitures! Now I feel like driving to the city (mine is Philadelphia) & taking pictures:)
Very enjoyable tour! And a sweet daughter!!

The details on those old buildings are priceless. I hope they're preserved forever.

Carol Fleisher said…
What lovely pictures. I love old stuff. Thanks for stopping by my blog.
Carol Fleisher said…
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Carol Fleisher said…
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Will Burke said…
OMG, you have a beautiful town!
Watery Tart said…
I love all the old stuff! Your little town looks fabulous, Ellie. And what a kick to work in what used to be a jail. My buildin was a hospital... pretty sure my office was a bathroom *rolls eyes*
chrissy said…
dearest ellie...
this post spoke STRAIGHT to my heart.
i would have taken many of the exact same pictures...the old rusty gates and the beautiful door handles, towering old buildings with age worn carvings...and an old jail to boot.
love it.
thanks for sharing sweetheart.
Becky Shander said…
I'd love to take that old, blue door and use it as a tabletop. We've been looking for a new casual dining table for Maine and this would be perfect.
Hi Ellie,
Your daughter is darling! And I'm a weekend coffee drinker too - I'm pretty much stuck on Mocha's - hard for me to part ways from chocolate.
Oh! I love all the old flourishes on everything! Everything used to be so decorative and lovely.
I love Coneflowers, I want some for the yard - white for the back and pink for the front. I understand butterflies love them???
Wishing you a lovely week!
Pixie said…
Great post! I love the history and architecture of old southern towns. I think I'm destined to move back to the South one of these days. lol, you can't help what's in your blood.
Really gorgeous pictures, I'm going to have to take note, because I could learn a few things from you!

I too love that you take pictures of beautiful things, along with people. I just love taking pictures of things that peak my interest, doesn't matter if it is a doorknob or a brick! Can't wait to see more of your photography, and enjoy your summer,

arlee bird said…
I really enjoyed seeing these pictures. When I used to travel a lot I really liked visiting different towns in the U.S. and seeing the old buildings. I wish I could travel more like I used to.
This was an enjoyable post.

Tossing It Out
sharon said…
Love these picures of a real old american town.
Ellie said…
Hi Sharon-Thanks, I had fun taking them, so much history to discover! It will be fun to find out some of the background of these unique
buildings. Thanks for visiting me!

Lee-Thanks Lee; I know,I miss traveling, too.
We use to move every 1-3yrs. I don't miss the moving, but I do enjoy seeing new places. It is easier though to travel and come back and sleep in your own bed, instead of moving your bed across our country! Hope you get to travel again, soon!

Molly-It is fun to go to your town or the closet city and pretend to be a tourist. We sometimes, don't see things in our own back yards. This summer, my family is going to do
Daytripping. We each get to pick somewhere we want to go, yet we will end up back home in our own beds. I want to go to Williamsburg, VA to the old colonial village.
I think my daughter's pick is Busch Gardens or
King's Dominion...not sure what the other two, will pick yet! I look forward to seeing your pics on your blog! It is fun, you will enjoy it..whatever strikes you!!! Enjoy your summer, too~

Pixie-I totally understand, how you feel! I miss Maine. I do love it here, though...maybe someday, I can have a home in both worlds! I am fascinated to discover some more Southern Charm~

Sally-Thank you ;-D! Wishing you a lovely week; I love your idea of pink in the front n' white in the back! I love butterflies and hummingbirds! Yes, I love mocha-nothing beats coffee n' chocolate mixed, to me and now I know, to you!

Becky-How fun that would be; I can see lobster on your table, too ;-D! How vibrant that would be! I bought seafood last week and the man, that waited on me, went out front and told everyone beware, there was a yankee among them. I was stunned...I told him to be nice, I was from the land of lobster ;-D

Chrissy-maybe we should do a coffee table book, diamonds n' rust! We would probably have more rust in our books and turquoise instead of diamonds, lol! I love your photos...I see a book in your future!

Hart-You always make me smile...a bathroom, you are a rig! Come now, not the morgue...better story telling in there. No the janitor's broom closet...steamy scenes for your novel ;-D

Will-Thanks, it is unique! I see more and more every time I walk downtown! I will visit you soon~

Hi Carol-glad you stopped by; I will visit you soon~

Colette-I hope so, too! Thank you! I love some of the new things you have in the works!

Stacey-oooh, I would love to see your pics!
I will visit you, soon! Have fun, I can't wait...never been there! You are steeped in history!

Lisa-I almost did, but it didn't look like anyone was playing along! Why don't you try it again... Thanks for doing it, it sparked my interest and I am having so much fun discovering my city and town.

Alex-You weave magic, with words! Can't wait for your book to be exciting!!!

Queen Bee-Nice to see your name! My Halloween Swap partner...YOU made my holiday, special! I hope you have a BEEutiful day~

Yvonne-Your photos are always so heartfelt and/or fun!!! You do a marvelous job of weaving in your poems with your pics!
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