When I think of courage, I think of Clint Eastwood, no matter where he went, he faced the moment, the music, the onslaught.    Being creative takes courage, the fear your work won't be well received, the fear of no one understanding your view, the fear of putting yourself out there.   You now are open to opinions, comments and rejection.  Be brave and listen to your soul.  Lately, I have struggled with what my soul is telling me and the path, that my loved ones would prefer I take.  It feels like a battle...
They know I am creative, but they wonder...    There is something inside of me, that says, do it anyway...keep at it, no matter what, don't give up.   I think my family would prefer, I go back to
work and do something traditional, not trend down this path.   I think being traditional probably ended for me, when I was 14.   I didn't always follow my peers, I marched to a different drum.   I would hear, what do you want to do that for?  I would of never thought of that, etc.    I should be use to this view, but for some reason, living in this environment is different.    It is a constant battle to find, make, time to do what I crave.
I do think it is worth it, but it is a difficult path, whether you have a ton of support or not.  I have worn many hats and now, want to try a few more.    The hardest part for me is to truly listen to my soul, when others start to doubt you and your intentions.  You have to carry on and do it anyway, make time, if you don't make, write, or create what your soul  is wanting, then it won't exist.    You need to submit your work, send items in and be brave...what is the worst that can happen.   I think not creating, not putting the good, bad and ugly out there is worse.  Our mind needs to listen and face the music of our soul.  "What if the fatal wound, the one from which we never recover is regret?"~Sarah Ban Breathnach


Hi, ELLA ~
When I think of courage (in the modern world), I think of Senator Joseph McCarthy. No man or woman I know of displayed more courage in the face of extreme, evil, and woefully wrong opposition than did Senator McCarthy. Talk about a modern martyr, HE was IT! When I reflect on what he willingly endured in his fight for truth, I am thoroughly amazed; I shake my head, wondering how ANYONE could find THAT much courage within himself to stick his own neck out like that in the name of truth and patriotism. I would be more than satisfied to find even one-third that much courage within myself! Senator Joe, now THAT was a "real man"!

As far as the rest of your post is concerned, I leave you with the words of Tiny Tim:


~ "Lonesome Dogg" McD-Fens
chrissy said…
hi sugar...
i love clint.
he is a MAN.
my mom loved clint too.
one time she hung out with him in jackson hole wyoming as he was filming "any which way but loose"...they both arrived at the local health club at the same time only to find out it was closed so that sat and chatted...oh be still her beating heart.
i was just in "Carmel by the Sea" where clint was once the mayor.
it.s a beautiful little town if you ever get to visit there.
loves to you.
Ella, I agree with Sarah. Well done, sweetie, we all need to be reminded it's OK to be kookie. xx's
Loved the post very interesting to read.
Becky Shander said…
Taking risks is scary...I agree, but always living in the safe zone by sticking to doing what's easy and familiar...this isn't really living. I'm glad that you've decided to take chances and I hope that good things will come from it.
Ellie said…
Hi Becky-You are so right, the safe zone is a nice place to visit, but not stay. You aren't living or pushing your boundaries. Thanks!

Yvonne-Thanks, I will be by to visit you!

Marsha-You are back; Hope you had a great time away! Yes, Sarah is so right~

Lisa-Thanks! Clint earned those wrinkles, squinting and being a vigilante of justice.

Chrissy-Thanks for sharing; How fun!!! What a unique moment for your Mom! Your Mom reminds me of my Dad. They lived, they were quirky and interesting! <3

Stephen(Lonesome Dogg) Thanks for sharing!!!
It takes a lot of courage to face adversity, sounds like quite a man!