Fictional Friday....

I am working on writing...  I saw this exercise on this other blog, 52 flea, thought it would be fun to try. This is just
a playful exercise, I am working on a YA fiction, with no real clue what I am doing. I needed time out; I thought it would be unique, to put some photos up and write a bit about each or the one that speaks to you. YOU can do it however you like!

How would your begin to write his story?  Was he a man of privilege? Was he fair and just?  Would you want him to be your friend, etc?
Is he a pillar of the community or a pretty boy that gets what he wants?

   These two women are involved in his life:  Free images
are from Jamie she has a FIT-Free Image Tuesday

Are they sisters or best friends who both fall for this pretty boy
Floyd type or maybe he is Gorgeous George?!  I have seen a lot of vintage men photos. He is the George Clooney type
in this time period!

Jamie mentions on her blog, how she has found, actor, Luke Wilson's grandmother!  I agree...check it out!    Is this the mother of the young women or their grandmother...what role does she play
in everyone's lives...


Who is this beautiful lady and why is she so sad,is her heart broken or is she a damsel in distress?

Or maybe you rather write a few words about this happy group(I used their images for some Halloween items I made...creepy!)


Sure looks like a funeral home setting to me; except maybe they create their business..........
More images over at Abbie's at Vintage Moth.   There are more, then just photos, there's clip art and
projects in the For you section.  Check it out~

I wrote a random paragraph at 52 Flea blog and this is what Laura said, after...eerie~
It ties in with this post and that house.

Be sure to read what she put at the beginning; Then read won't make sense otherwise...

Have fun...I will also include my ideas, too... 

*The first 5, who want some southern perfume, type Gardenia in your comments, I will send you some petals and a note~ You can in turn pay it forward and drop a note or do a kind gesture for someone else. Smile when walking by, let someone out in traffic, let someone go ahead of you in a check out line or write a note to someone who needs a little sunshine in their day~ 


Interesting idea.
Think it would be fun do one on a house - one of those old houses that you just know is haunted.
Lisa said…
Those are great ideas. Some of those old pictures creep me out. :) But oh the stories that could be told about them!

Have a great weekend my friend!
Watery Tart said…
I love old photos. That first man definitely was either self impressed or a prankster of sorts. It was NOT part of early photos to smile--I'd always understood this had to do with very long exposure times required for a picture to turn out--they had to stay VERY still. So for him to look... amused, is definitely something,. As for the girls, they HAVE to be related. Pictures were rare--people had a handful in a LIFETIME.

I adore old photos. I have a BUNCH because when grandparents die I basically put in a request for 'whatever nobody else wants'--I figure with grandparents their kids have first dibs, but hey--and I LOVE the photos. But it was probably... I'd say 1930 or later when what we think of as photos, instead of formal photographs, started being taken. The smile thing came about after WW2.

It would probably be really inappropriate for me to claim that grandmother is really a man, yes?
Julie@beingRUBY said…
HI Ella....
Here goes.. Eighth Picture

Richard Dreyfuss finally faced the fact that he could no longer nab the juicy roles., the youthful characters of his early career. Resigned to his fate he returned to his childhood home and the sisters who gleefully mocked him for his dreams of stardom.....

Those same sisters seemed not to have aged... yet their demeanor and character resembled their spinster aunts more and more each day.. This would be where he would live out his old age. Memories of his fame and celebrity becoming yellowed and musty, crumbling under years of regret.

Just like the button down collar's grip on his neck.. this restrictive life would eventually choke away all of his dreams and hope..

Ok.. enough for one comment .. Gardenia was my mothers favourite flower... well one of them.. mine too.. but I don't think customs would allow them in... lovely thought though.. Have a fab weekend.. xxx Julie
arlee bird said…
I was wondering about the serious nature of the people in those old picture, but I think Watery Tart gave a good explanation. But I always wonder--did anyone back then ever smile?

Tossing It Out
Holly said…
It is too late for me to be too creative but those photos are wonderful...old photos seem to leave so much open to the imagination.
Ellie said…
Hi Holly-Thanks for stopping by; yes, you were up late, too many mochas, maybe?! I so agree...the tone of the pics, what were they thinking, how was their life?! Leave a lot to the imagination.

Lee-I agree, I had read this somewhere before;
Happy Hart brought this up, it does explain the somber, sad look. Tired of waiting for the exposure to happen.

Julie-Great story, weaving Richard in there; I,see it, a thinner, older version. I since a novel in the works ;-D YOU have skills~
Email me your address, I will send you a gardenia card... I know I thought of that, too. If you are out of the country, then customs won't allow it~

Hart-Thanks for sharing this info; I read this somewhere, years ago. I love vintage photos, the mood, the wonder of it all. How did their time pass, were they happen. It is the magic of wonder, that surpasses the image, for me. I so agree, "dude looks like a lady"~ Lots of shadows, on the old gals face. ;-D

Lisa-I agree, some of them do creep me out as well. I mean, they use to take photos of the dead, just the idea, of propping people up, gives me the willies. eeewww!

Hi Alex-I am going to start checking out the city, I frequent. There are a lot of historical homes. I think a story could come the more I investigate...won't hurt to try~
Yes, I so agree...
Ellie said…
Wilbur and Lovey Pool's son, George was the talk of the town. George was always gambling, flirting with the bar maids, and bragging. One of these days, George was going to get his comeuppance, if he wasn't careful. He was born into privilege, but knew of difficult times. His eyes had recently started to smile again, after losing the love of his life. Witnessing death changes a man, you either take more risks or retreat. He had fallen for one of the Culpepper sisters.
They both were lovely,from an upstanding family, with a backbone of pride. Ivy Culpepper's kindness and grace had captivated him from the start. She had strawberry blonde hair, she wore it swept up and cornflower blue eyes. She was timid and shy; Her sister, Rose had a dark nature. She had a sharp tongue, with quick wit,she could poke you like a thorn. Her name suited her well;she was pretty, withchestnut brown hair, and amber,hazel eyes. She had an abrupt nature, that ruffled a lot of feathers. Bold n' brazen were her well known qualities. Ivy was soft spoken, well received with proper manners. The Culpepper's household was never dull; There was a lot of gossip that one daughter was not Thomas Culpepper's, but maybe an Abbott. The Abbott family was not well bred; they lived on the west side of town. Lucy Abbott was seen working at the local Inn, as a chambermaid. She wore hand me downs, it was rare to see her wearing a coat. She had a lackluster, worn look, from sheer worry. Her warm,brown eyes framed a compassionate face, but it was rare to see her smile. She acted like a frightened lamb. Her father, a farm hand, worn a stern face, worn from the sun's harsh rays, of a hard day's work. Weather worn, but proud he still walked tall, earning his living, with blood, sweat and tears. He didn't swindle anyone out of their lively hood; He knew what it meant to earn a living, an upstanding citizen,he was poor, but he knew his place. He wasn't so sure, about his daughter. She was last seen with Gorgeous George. Talk was cheap in these parts; he'd have to remind her again, of her place in society.
The Zoller family is renowned for their photographic studio. William Henry and his wife Jeanette have made this a family business. It is rumored they take photos of the dead. The Twiford Funeral Service is located right next door. One hears the talk, that Fred Fearing use to be their business partner, now his ghost walks along the boardwalk, giving the locals more cause to sling back a few.
Bud Ezekiel H. said…

...i like your sense of adventure with this. we gonna get lots of "spice?"
glad i checked the comments you wrote more...there... Did you take the photo of the bee? if so I am impressed..... I like the idea of writing about photos and I never heard of free image tuesday... Alex has so many people doing the dirty dozen.. glad you are doing it too- it will be fun to see if you and I have some of the same or none... I am sad that every time I do a meme no one links up?? I was so glad you and holly from 504 main did but I wanted like 25 or more LOL greedy me, my hubsband is callign for food gotta run..
Ellie said…
Hi Bud-Thanks for stopping by; I think these photos may help me write that and doing research in my area. Yes, spice is nice~ ;-D

Lisa-Yes,I took the bee pic on my gardenia bush.
I am glad you are going to do it as well! It takes time, hang in there, eventually you will find the right one. I, for one, love the Tuesday your Town. I have meant to research my area and haven't found/made time!
Thank you; I'm enjoying it! Today, my daughter and I went to the city and walked by some of the historical homes. It is the city, I frequent, shop and do my errands. It was fun~Thanks!!!