Food Network and a Sweet turned Savory recipe

Okay, this is not my idea, but I loved it so much, I thought I would do my take on it.   Aria Kagan one of the finalist for the next Food Network Star is the creator of  this dish.   When you think of summer you think beach, carnivals and ice cream, okay, I know long walks, sand castles, etc.   When you were a kid, did your Dad try to talk you out of getting this ice cream confection, you can't finish it...the banana split.    Food network had a challenge, Sweet to Savory Carnival Food, which featured Zoltar, the creepy fortune teller. He gave up slips of paper with carnival sweets instead of fortunes.  Finalist  had to incorporate their sweet into a savory dish.  I felt bad for the cotton candy lady, that one was tough.

 Yesterday, as I'm loading up my basket, at the Farmer's Market. I think why not, make this, ;-D  I didn't say, I'd use everything in my basket.   I make meatballs, larger than the norm, then I made my family's red gravy sauce,  Aria used garlic bread, 2 thin slices for her banana part; I used summer squash and zucchini.  I think my family would of preferred the garlic time.  There are so many ways you could make this.   On the first meat ball, I put some sauce, then pizza cheese, sprinkle of oregano and garnished with a cherry tomato, 2nd meat ball I did a ricotta type sauce, think lasagna type meatball, I added a few herbs, with a couple tablespoons of milk and mixed in the blender.  I garnished with fresh basil and a cherry tomato...okay  it was a grape tomato, sliced in half.  The last meat ball was the traditional sauce, with Parmesan.  I wish I had fresh cheese, but I used what I had.  I steamed my summer squash, I loved that it was yellow and had that banana look.  I cut in quarters, steamed in water and then drained and used for my Savory Split. YOU could vary this in so many ways, use ground turkey or soy for your meat balls.  You could make different sauces on each meat ball.   Next time I will use garlic bread, I did have some dinner rolls that I heated up and  everyone was thankful.   I will say, it was a hit, at my house,  over all the pizza combo was the fav; me I liked the lasagna version.  Make it your own; whatever floats your boat!

 Here is my version of the Savory Split:

Most of the carnivals, fairs I went to had agricultural type events.  I thought I would share and pass on a few awards:

Thank you to Alex, for this award; Alex is a sci-fi writer, soon to be published this fall.  He also has a fun movie challenge coming out. Stop by and say "Hi" and sign up, it will be fun~   This one means a lot Alex,
I am on a journey and I want to thank you and everyone that follows me, your support means more than you know!     I didn't know when I first received an award, the unwritten rule is to pass them on:  ;-D  I know better, now:

First  nod to Bud of Being Transformed; He is on a journey of change.  We can all relate to change being difficult sometimes, I know I can.     I would also like to pass this award to  Will of Fatherhood&;othercommon terrors.  Will is a new dad,  a journey that most of us can relate to the trials of parenthood. Will has a lot of interesting subjects and a great sense of humor.
 Julie of Being Ruby, is dealing with a few trials and tribulations; she could use some well wishes

Rayna of Coffee Rings Eveywhere gave me the Sugar Doll award:  Thank you Rayna for thinking of me~

 Now to pass this award to a few dolls:   Tough one, I think there are a lot of dolls out in here in blog land~
I will pass this on to Kolleen of Heartwingsisters, a new blogging friend; she has an openness about her that is appealing, kindhearted and sister like~
Another Sugar doll, is Yvonne of Welcome to My World of Poetry Yvonne has a gift for weaving words and creating magic.
Swimmer of Books,Writing and More ; She has an interesting blog, lots of interests and has a lot of heart.   Check these wonderful gals out!

I have a few awards to bestow tomorrow, somehow I ended up with a cold and a fever.  I hate colds in the summer humidity, they really drain you, so I am bent on hiding indoors for the rest of the week...In my dreams!   Sweet dreams by the way, is late~



Alesa Warcan said…
That looks like fun and sounds tasty too!
Trick foods are such fun to make. I made vegetable sushi once for a small cooking contest my lover. ; j
Looks tasty - I'd eat it!
i already follow Alex but i want to check the others I will tonight... gotta go to water ballons with the little man.. I love the sundae.. twist so funny
Lilla said…
thanks for visiting me. I love to eat and some looks delicious, but no meat please.
I like to hear about places bloggers live and a
'slice of life' as it were.
Must be sick of me going on about my Islands.
aloha Lilla
Enjoyed your post Ellie, most pleasurable to read.

Thank you for the award, very kind to think of me, I accept it with honour.

Julie@beingRUBY said…
Hi Ellie

Thanks so much for thinking of me.. as you know things are getting a bit better.. and all the well wishes from bloggers helped tremendously...

I've just been flicking through your posts I have missed and so the lovely photo of your daughter.. how proud you must be!! She looks to be a lovely young woman... with the world at her feet!!!

Take care friend.. and thanks again!!! xxx Julie
Bud Ezekiel H. said…
hi Ellie!

Thank you for the award!!! i didn't know that we were allowed to pass them on. the blogger award committee never told me/gave me any details concerning them. been really busy here packin` things. after i get my office straightened out/cleaned out, i will be sure to pass them on. again, thank you!!
Guinevere said…
I love the idea of the savory splits! I love spaghetti squash, and long wedges of that would make for great "bananas" to top with red sauce - I can't wait to try this!
Swimmer said…
That looks yummy. Thanks for the award, and feel better!!
Wanda said…
Savory split..neat idea! Congrats on your awards. I have yet to post the lastest one you gave to be but will do soon. Things have been pretty busy around here.
Ellie said…
Thank you everyone for your kind thoughts!
I think it is fun to change up the menu. I think a lot of us,tend to stick with about 10-15 recipes and rotate. I like that you can make this fit for any diet.

Julie, my daughter is 14...going to high school this fall... Time sure does fly~