Guess, 6 facts; 1 lie...

I have some awards to share; still under the weather, but thought I'd poke my head out, for a bit and share these:
B. Miller passed on to me the Creative Writing(Liar) Award...what a honor, I am thrilled, but I know I need a lot of work.   The catch is, I have to list 7 things about myself; six truths and one lie...see if you can figure it out.

I worked in a hotel in Anchorage, Alaska.  Famous people frequented, often, The Smothers Brothers, David Copperfield, and other entertainers.   When the bell hop took, David Copperfield, to his room, he disappeared right before his eyes.  He said, he was the devil!

The first time I flew was on Friday the 13th, to London, England, it was a long journey from Maine.  There was no fog the whole time I was there, it was hot and  in the 70's.  We were told to pack for weather like spring in New England, it wasn't like that, at all.

My Dad learned to play the guitar listening, by ear.   He was always a picking an' a grinning.  I learned later to play, by ear, when my Dad didn't have time to teach me.  My Dad's friends nicknamed me spider, it was the way I strummed the strings.

I was dared to try out for Miss Bay Festival.  We had to go to a formal tea, with a bunch of stuffy socialites.   I hated every minute of it, except for the free chicken dinner and the parade I was in.  I rode in a fancy convertible, with the top down.   I didn't win; I was relieved, when it was over, not my style. 

I once dated a mortician; our first date, nice dinner,with mutual friends.  Second date, he took me to a funeral  home,discussing business, while a dead body was in an open casket, huh?!   That was our last date...creepy. 

In 1999, the film "Message In A Bottle" was filmed in Bath, ME.  My husband was stationed in Brunswick, Me.    They were building the ship, at Bath Iron Works, that would be commissioned to head to Honolulu, HI. I ran into Kevin Costner, while in Bath. He was coming out of the museum. He was kind and very, good looking!  The odd thing was I was reading the book, at the time. 

One Halloween, Hubby n' I went to a costume party.   I dressed up as man, no one knew me, til my husband walked in and kissed me...he was drinking and blew my cover.  He is easy to find in a crowd, auburn hair, almost 6'4.  

Swimmer, I will be posting the award you gave me tomorrow; I need to list 7 random facts about me~

*Yes, I live near the Dismal Swamp; so there are a lot of turtles in our yard.  Isn't this one adorable.  My
daughter found him/her.  I had to take pic; I do believe this one was newly hatched~

Thank you B. Miller, for this fun award~


arlee bird said…
One is a lie, eh? This is difficult cause they all sound kind of good. I've spent some time around Copperfield and I know he is a very quiet person and it could seem like he might have disappeared so I'll say that's true. I'm guessing the lie to be the morician date.

Tossing It Out
chrissy said…
that was sooo fun to read.
i need to catch up on some awards as well.
thanks for reminding me.
happy fathers day tomorrow to you sweet one.
Congratulations on the award,

Enjoyed the read,

Take care.
Not sure when you flew to London, but I can't imagine it hot there, so that's my guess.
Wanda said…
Let's see this is a hard one Ellie. I think I pick the Kevin Costner one.
Bud Ezekiel H. said…
well, i agree with Alex about England being the lie. another thing is i consider the flight to England as being relatively short after flying from Detroit to Hong Kong so many times and from LAX to Beijing. the flight from Boston to London is approximately 5 hours versus 13 hours to Asia. another thing is i consider the 70's to be cold. plus i WISHE the 5 days i spent in London were dry and sunny!

Dismal Swamp

btw...the upcoming post of "Meals on Wheels" is/was the beginning/birth of Sojourner Leather.

yeah....i love turtles:)
I enjoyed all the 7 things lists that were going around blogland a couple years ago, I miss those! Yours was one of the most interesting, glad you posted it.
Bud Ezekiel H. said…
was Dismal Swamp the one used in the movie The Patriot?
Oh, and looking forward to your Movie Dirty Dozen on Monday!
Swimmer said…
I think... this was the lie:

I once dated a mortician; our first date, nice dinner,with mutual friends. Second date, he took me to a funeral home,discussing business, while a dead body was in an open casket, huh?! That was our last date...creepy.
Ellie said…
I wished there were more guesses, but considering the day and all; I understand.

Swimmer-No, this is true, he thought because a friend of my father's was a Mortician,he thought,I had been around the business. He was wrong!

Alex-I will be finishing it up, later on. I am struggling, tough one...may have to sort them, like I hear a few of you are doing, age wise. Alex it was April 1977, I was in London, England and it was in the 70's. It was very rare. We packed for New England, spring time weather, which can be cold. It was humid and hot for that time of year. London is true~

Bud-I think that movie was filmed in South Carolina...will have to go research it. Maine to London wasn't short, then again, it was also my first time flying. It was in the 70's; April 1977...not the lie!

Karla-Thank you, I did try to add some spice!

Yvonne-Thanks ;-D

Lee-Yes, Copperfield is correct; I was the Hotel Operator, at this hotel. The bell hops talked about it for a long time. When it happened they were freaking out.

Wanda-You are right, Kevin Costner is the LIE!
They were in Brunswick/Bath area in Maine, filming the movie and later on in North Carolina. I didn't meet or see him, but my husband had friends that said, they drank with
John Savage, who was in the movie and had seen
Kevin Costner around town. I was reading the book,at the time. I wish it was true~
Ellie said…
Chrissy, thanks for your kind words~
i love this idea facts and lies
Wanda said…
Oh yeah! I can't believe I guessed correctly.
Ellie said…
Wanda you guessed, it right off! You're good~