Happy Father's Day

Here is my dad, back in the day...photo doesn't say, but I think he was in his teens here.    He was a character. When he wasn't being a joker, he was running movies, playing guitar or working at the Texaco.
He put the fun in family; my Mom was the sensible one.  He was the crazy one, let's go do this or that....
If life was dull, which wasn't often, he would BBQ in February, belly dance at my preteen sleep overs,embarrassing  the daylights out of me, or he would play his music real loud and threaten to blow up my favorite radio station..he was joking.  He loved to have a house full of people. He would show up at midnight, calling my Mom before he was out of work, telling her to have a few friends over and bring home a pizza, the size of a wagon wheel.   He would call himself "Jack of All Trades and Master of None!"  It wasn't true, he could sell ice to Eskimo.  I remember his first motorcycle, it was a BSA; His last bike was the Honda Goldwing 1,000...beautiful bike.   I remember he was the one who could tell the jokes, lots of wit, but everyone once in awhile my Mom would get one in on him.  They had company, and the bike came up.   I can hear him say," it is a BSA."   One friend said, "What does that stand for?"  My Mom pipes in real loud,  "I know, bull shit artist".    She could snap him to, every once in awhile ;-D.   My Dad's birthday was yesterday, some years, his birthday would fall on Father's Day(sometimes mine falls on Mother's Day).   It was extra special when it did.  My Mom n' brother are both born in September; It was fun, when had this in common.

He had a passion for living, people, cars, movies, music and photography.(and motorcycles and boating, etc)

                                       Here is the projector he learned to run at the Colonial Theatre~
 The theatre where my parents met back in 1955-56.  

My Dad is driving; He honestly, made my Mom take her shoes off, when he bought his red n' white Chevy Bellaire.  He was a perfectionist, it was spotless...  So, where his motorcycles.  Thanks Dad for all the wonderful memories of the lake, boating, the theatre, the late nights of silliness and being YOU!  He died in
1980, at 45.

Today, my kids are honoring their Dad;this is how his day began, fishing at 5am.  He listened to me and used the bait I suggested, Senko black n' blue ones.  I told him to get them, last time he went to Bass Pro.  I am not great at fishing, but I know what color to get.  He called me from his cell phone in Texas, he was on Lake Fork, to tell me the color I chose light blue, was working real well.  They weren't catching anything and then he remembered what I said.  He said, these really work; you were right.
I told him orange, recently... He doesn't have orange ones, yet.     His friends call me and ask me what colors to use.  Now, you think I'm a BSA~   ;-D

I didn't take this pic, He went out with some friends, this morning; I am still fighting a cold.  This was emailed to me(I take better pics).   tee,hee

Happy Father's Day Don, we will let you be a lounge lizard, you can have full control of the remote, I'll make your favorite dinner, the day is yours~XOX


Oh Ellie...this is lovely. My dad died at a very young age as well, he had the most fantastic sense of humor and loved to have people come to our house for cookouts. And, the story about fishing line...better watch out, the anglers are verrrrrrrry serious about this stuff. xx's
Ellie how wonderful, I can't remember my dad I was three when he died so I have never sent a card, I so much enjoyed your post.

Some great old photos you have, too!
Bud Ezekiel H. said…
...i really enjoyed reading this and seeing the pictures!
Ludid said…
i love the story about his car. my dad has a 1967 Ford LTD that he loves to pieces. great photos and memories.
Will Burke said…
I enjoyed the tribute -- it seems that Dads are traditionally the playful ones. I guess when they're expected to lower thje boom, they take what opportunities they can to be the clown.
chrissy said…
that was so fun to read about your dad. he sounds like he was such a fun, wonderful, outgoing character. i can tell the love you have for him. the photos you shared are amazing. and that.s the first time i have seen a picture of your navy hubby...so handsome, even with a fish in his hand.
KarenG said…
I gave you an award on my blog :)
Ocean Girl said…
Great photos and your Dad looks like he had a grand Father's Day.
Hi Ellie!
Hoping you're feeling better lickety split. Thank you so much for your visit and sweet words on my blog!
What a lovely and heart tugging tribute this is to your Daddy. I'm so sorry you lost him so very young, so heartbreaking!
Loved your fishing story about your husband, you must be the Bait Whisperer! :)
Happiest week to you!
Becky Shander said…
It sounds like your father was full of zest and zing...and judging by your fond memories, great fun to be around.

It's sweet that your husband sent you a photo from his fishing outing.
Ann Best said…
What a delightful tribute, to both dads. Glad I just found you through KarenG. You ARE a lively writer. As zesty as your father was. I'll follow you.
i love your old pictures.. my scan just died.. so life in old pic's has been hard. I love your tribute you your dad and husband...I am sorry to hear you are still sick... I had my ultrasound today I have 1 large cyst on my left ovary and 3 on my right. I cant' wait to see your dirty dozen list..