Honey of a Day

I was up most of the night with a sinus headache; but by morning, when my hubby kissed me good bye, all was well!   He left at 4:30am; I had hoped to get up, but couldn't move, as I heard a torrential downpour, begin.    I woke up again, thought I was dreaming, a man in uniform walked past me.  It was 8am and it was my husband, back from his command.  He is done today, starts at a new command tomorrow.   I didn't expect him home so soon, but he had said, his farewells and received his handshakes, awards and left.    We then celebrated and went and grabbed celebratory coffee and went to the Farmer's market.  I was going to take my camera, but it was still raining.   I took these pics, when I returned home.  Next time, I will take my camera;  She sells herbs, plants, sometimes trees, and lots of produce at this small stand.  Today, she gave me a basket, usually she will give me a random gift to try, last year a seedless, yellow watermelon.
She is a gem; I need to give her a gift, next time I visit!  Maybe some bread; She also sells amazing jams, jellies and pickles.

I saw the honey and had to buy it, I don't eat it very often, but it looked so yummy~

Look at these jewels, aren't these black berries, pretty!   I bought stuff for a stir fry and guacamole.  Also a few items for an experiment, which I will post about tomorrow~   It involves the Food Network and a summer dessert, that I am going to turn savory.   

After the rain, we had a guest visit us.  I took it as a sign to slow down and appreciate the rare time, with my family,even our son had today off.     This is the biggest turtle so far this year. My son said, when he was little, he wanted a turtle and a house with a green door.  We have many turtles in our yard and our door is green!

There is magic in those slow,down days that are rare and sweet like the honey~


We had that torrential rain this morning, too!
I hope your headache has gone. You know I have those too...

These are days to treasure.

Swimmer said…
Wow I love homemade jam.... ecspecially(spell check?) raseberry!

Kolleen said…
** sigh **

yes....definite magic in those slow, down days

sounds like you had a perfect day....honey, yummy black berries, turtles.....love it!!!

sending love and hugs
arlee bird said…
That honey and produce look so good--so much better than what I get in the supermarket.

Tossing It Out
Your shopping basket is a work of art!No wonder you love visiting the farmer's market.I love home-grown fruits and vegetables,too, and try to make a practice of stopping when someone is selling it off the bed of their truck, especially at roadside stands!Can't wait to see what dessert you are making:)
Hope the blackberries aren't going into the stir-fry, because that would be odd!
Becky Shander said…
Besides the terrible start (sinus headache), I'm glad that the rest of your day turned out wonderful. And I love your basket full of natural goodness.
my husband has an apiary i can bring you honey any time you like...I love the shot you got of it. blackberry smoothies are delicious. I love love love farmers markets. I love stir fry
KarenG said…
What a beautiful post! I love the picture of the honey, the expression "slow like honey" and your son's dream of a turtle and a green door.
sounds like a great day! I love farmer's market and those pics look yummy.
Lorena G. Sims said…
Sinus headache is no fun..when I get one, I had to take medicine to get rid of it or else it'll stay the whole day to the next day..I've tried it.

Yes indeed, that honey looks so good and the basket looks so yummy especially those blackberries. Enjoy!
Bud Ezekiel H. said…
well, that's good to know that you like turtles ! there's going to be more turtles in your future!

i love turtles and incorporated them into home and office decor. never got around to adding the legs, tail, and head though. you'll see what i mean befoe long....
carol gourley said…
Hi Elle, love the yummy farmer market finds. Cant' wait to see what you are cooking up.
carol :)
Watery Tart said…
Sounds like a great day! I love that you have turtle guests! Do you live near water then? We sometimes see them near ponds, but our house isn't close enough to anything they'd like. Our yard mostly just gets toads and bunnies... and the squirrels and chipmunks of course.
Amazing photos Ellie! I feel like I could reach in and grab that basket of goodies! I'd certainly like to. :-)
Hi Friend,
What a sweet & lovely blog you have! I look forward to following you through all of life's amazing adventures. Have a great weekend.