Mish Mash

                 I thought I'd show you some unique touches we put in my daughter's room.

 We made our own earring tree; we made a vase(yes, the movie theatre background comes out again)

Yes, had a roll of tickets and thought it would be fun to make a tribute vase...daughter loved it and
grabbed it for her room!

A shoe bag, we found took up to much space in the closet; Instead, she organized her jewelry by color.

Jim Hendrix needed some piazza; so we took inexpensive black plastic bracelets, with added musical charms to jazz, Jimmy up...   We think Jimmy would be pleased~

My daughter graduated from 8th grade, yesterday!  She received an award for AB Honor roll, for the whole year. I think there were 13 students out of 170 students.  We are proud!

I won the necklace she is wearing; It was made by Becky Shander.  Becky used driftwood from a beach in Maine.
It was featured in Somerset Life.
Becky made some jewelry for her daughter from treasures they found together at the beach;  A Mother’s love is as deep as an ocean was her theme.   A wonderful sentiment~

Becky also included a kit to make another necklace; I am going to make Angela the other one.  I wasn't sure if she wanted one, til she ran in my room, looking for jewelry and decided on this necklace.  We talked how it represented home for us. She is out of school; so next week, we will make it together.  It will be memorable and unique~  I am thrilled I won it!
It was nice to have Angela wear a piece of Maine!    She has been fortunate, we have only moved with her
from Florida to Maine, then to Hawaii, back to Maine,then  hubby received orders to Virginia, then to our home, now in North Carolina. She only had to go to two schools. 

She calls Maine, home, where her grammie lives!

*This pic is the small, coastal town I grew up in.  It is quaint and 45min from Stephen King's home!

I am behind I received some gracious, fun awards and I need to pass them on.

I want to thanks Yvonne, for the Sisterhood Award....Thank you so much!   I don't have a sister...fun to be allowed in the group!

I'd like to pass this award to:  (8's keep showing up, lately):
All of these gals have something special, how fun to have so many sisters ;-D!

Tomorrow I will be listing the rest of the awards: From Alex, Rayna and B. Miller-I have done something like this before, so this will be a great challenge!  I accept...


Diane said…
Congratulations to your daughter!! And I love what you did with her accessories --cool vase too!!
Congratulate your daughter on her degree, how proud you must be. The pictures are awesome.

Enjoy the week-end.
Vilhelm said…
Congratulations daughter ... continued success ... awards and only take to succeed in life.
Congratulations to her mother is a beautiful ... congratulations for the achievements on display.
Ella is a beautiful name ... I like ... no nickname.
To be loved and happy!
Congratulations to your daughter! And not to scare you mom, but she looks much older...
Bud Ezekiel H. said…
congratulations to both of you! i like your creativity too! the vase is really cool...
Ellie said…
Thanks everyone, she is in middle school, next year high school! Yes, she does look older in this pic! A lot of her friends do, it is the fashion, heels and a touch of eye shadow!

Yeah, I messed up, the vase was suppose to be a bowl. When you get the tickets, you push out in the middle and be brave, keep going...I went to far and said, now, it is a vase! I think I like it better; If is was a bowl, someone would of put food in it and ruined it~

Thanks everyone~
Thank you sister friend. Lots of love to you!

Angela's a cutie, love what you did with her room!
ps: cool new background

your friend
Rayna M. Iyer said…
I love the vase, and the earring tree.
Right now, I am in a one pair of studs phase, but when I do go back to my a couple of earrings a day phase (the two rotate), I am definitely copying your idea.

And I love you new blog too.
Ellie said…
Thank you Jenny and Rayna: Jenny, thank you!!! ;-D It was her idea to organize the jewelry, this way. It didn't work out for shoes, why not use it in a new way!

Rayna..I painted lace and then you can staple it or tack it on frame! I sponged the paint on; I found the idea online. If I could remember where, I would give credit. I know there are a lot of creative ideas on www.familyfun.com We are going to update her room and make pillows; she has a few, but it is an easy way to decorate the room. I would love to see it... I need one, myself...
Watery Tart said…
Oh, Ellie, thank you so much for the Sisterhood award! I love it! Your daughter and mind seem so similar it taste--it's fun to see--mine is less academic and FAR less organized, but the peace earrings and Jimi Hendrix poster ring true! (Natalie finished 9th grade this year, so they are just a year apart)
Ellie said…
Hi Hart, aren't they both blonde, too?! Mine has brown eyes~ It is fun to see how kids that
age, define the times with their love of certain symbols and music. Funny, though when you think, whose time are they defining with those symbols ;-D I wore a lot of peace sign jewelry when I was around that age~

Your daughter is adorable; Is she creative like you, Mom?!
treasurefield said…
Your daughter's so pretty & could pass for 18!!
Neat decor projects! How lucky being able to craft together. My ♥boys♥ were only game for that up till about age 10.

By the way, my blog-hopping has been few & far between lately, and I haven't said thanks for the blog award you sent my way or gotten it posted. But thank you!!
Ellie said…
Treasurefield-I totally understand; life gets in the way! I haven't truly been back to my daily routine since the lst week in May. Hubby had leave from the Navy, for 30 days. He went back to work, Monday, I had appointments. He had a chance to get off for a few days and so he worked only 3 days this past week. Two days of it, I was gone...Life is not back to norma creative wise. School is out now, time for a new routine... My son was involved, til about that age. We made gummy bugs, science projects and
outdoor stuff...prior it was great! His creativity is now computer generated, which is exciting, but different! Life marches on and we adjust! Keep at it~
Becky Shander said…
Your daughter looks very beautiful - she wears white very well...so pure and pretty. And I'm delighted that she chose to wear the necklace that I made. Enjoy your jewelry making session with her, and please post some pics when you're done.
Jennifer said…
I love the idea of you working together with your daughter on the necklace. How wonderful. I also adore the touches you put on her room. So special.
Wanda said…
Hi Ellie,

Thanks for the sisterhood award :) and congrats to your daughter on her graduation and good grades. Very creative use of the roll of tickets.
Love all of the creative ideas. I'm going to also have to steal the idea for the jewlery. I'm already using an old screen from a window, but yours just looks prettier!

Congrats to your daughter, and thank you for the award. I'm going to have to pass on the favor soon one of these days... when I don't work 10 hours a day... but your comments on my blog always cheer me, so thank you so much, you are always so generous!

Molly Kay
How wonderful that your daughter appreciates art jewelry at this young age!!