Oh, Hummingbird

I love watching hummingbirds, dart and weave among the flowers.   Their dance is unique; They dive bomb each other.  It is fun to watch them at play.    (I did put out new food, for them) It is humid where I live and I have to change the feeder frequently.    I love the look of this pic, it was a quick shot and I thought it was
amazing to see how they look, that close up!   It was a lucky snap~

see their little tiny feet!    Aren't they sweet....

Haven't you noticed the days
somehow keep getting longer
And the spirit-voices whisper in
us all
Haven't you noticed the rays
The "Spirit Sun" is stronger
And a "New Day" is dawning for
us all.

Hummingbird don't fly away,
fly away
Hummingbird don't fly away,
fly away
Alas here comes the "Gardener"
He's come to till the flowers
The draught of understanding,
wisdom, peace and love is ours.

      lyrics to the song "Oh, Hummingbird" by Seals n' Crofts

It is the only bird that can fly backwards; when I lived in Hawaii, I found out hummingbirds aren't on the islands.  So sad, all those gorgeous flowers~

Interesting facts:  They don't have a sense of smell...HUH?!  
They have the largest brain of all birds...
2nd largest bird family ...
more interesting facts at this site!


Wanda said…
Great shots Ellie and I learned some new facts about Hummingbirds
Those are some amazing photos. Hummingbirds are such fast little buggers.
Anonymous said…
I would love to see a hummingbird!!! So lovely!
Lorena G. Sims said…
what a great captures of the hummingbirds. I love those birds but we don't have them here in Alaska.
that really is an interesting facts about hummingbirds.
Kolleen said…
what amazingly sweet photos....you really captured their essence!!

thank you for sharing and i have to say i LOVED the precious hummingbird that was on the sweet gift you sent to my dear friend Chrissy! such a beautiful gift!!

no sense of smell???? very interesting!!!

thank you for this post!! it made me smile!

Humming birds are just magical. I love the pic that shows the tiny feet, soo cute!

Happy Friday to you sweet friend!

Ellen said…
what great pictures you captured...love them! Have a great weekend!
Oh hummingbird, Gibson Hummingbird Acoustic. :o) (it's a guitar)
Ellie said…
Jessica-I own a Gibson, but not the Hummingbird..nice!

Ellen-Thanks Ellen, you too, are you thrift shopping...I want to go!

Jenny-I know aren't there feet cute~ Happy Friday to you~

Kolleen-Thank-you! It took awhile, one last spring and recent pics! I try to just stand real still, then they don't seem to notice me!
I'm happy I made you smile~

Lorena-I remember, you are right, not in Alaska, either! What is your weather like, now?!

Michele-You mean you haven't seen one or do you mean, not yet this season?!

Alex-Thank you; it took time and patience, but so worth it. They dart and chase each other, fun to watch!

Wanda-I know, me too! Thanks for stopping by!
chrissy said…
you KNOW i LOVE LOVE LOVE this post with all my hummingbird loving heart. thank you for sharing...my humming birds are scarce right now...i might need to change the brand of food or just give a shout out to my mom to send more...their feet are darling and i learned so much i didn.t know about their smellers and their brains and their lack of ability to fly to hawaii...wow.
thanks ellie
and thanks so much for the award above...YOU ARE THE BEST!!!

oh oh.
and your daughter is a doll....please tell her i said so...happy graduation to her!
did you take the hummingbird pictures...??? I love them.. I have been trying but have no luck they are so fast and my son talks to loud and scares them...
Ellie said…
Lisa-Yes, I took the pics, it took time and patience and playing freeze tag! Thank you!

Chrissy-I know how you feel; it is so great you have a symbol that brings you joy n' love! You are welcome!!! You know how to brighten the day~